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MULKIRIGALA - CEYLON. Korte beschryving van Adams, en Evaas graf, en graf-zark. (Middelburg, Michiel Schrijver, first half 18th century).Large broadside with half-page engraving depicting Adam's mountain at Mulgirigala with temple and inscriptions below and explanatory text by Christiaan Hansz. Ca. 63 x 46 cm. With the arrival of the Europeans, Mulkirigala was named as Adamís Berg. Europeans confused Mulkirigala with the Sri Pada (Adamís Peak) and have believed that tombs of Adam and Eve were located here. The German author of the explanatory text is Christiaan Hansz whose real name probably is Christoph Langhansz. He served the VOC as a soldier for two years and nine months and stayed on the island of Ceylon in 1695. In 1705 he published in similar fashion as this account, his impressions of Ceylon: Neue Ost-indische Reise (Landwehr, VOC, 327). The printer is Michiel Schrijver, active in Middelburg 1720-1735, whose shop was located at the Beurs and was signposted Cicero. - (Lacking portions of paper at the bottom, with some loss of text (including part of the name of the printer), skilfully restored. - Extremely rare broadside, only one copy known in the Library of Middelburg. - Rare impression of the famous Adam's mountain.Not in Landwehr, VOC or Muller, Historieplaten or Atlas van Stolk; see De Silva and Beumer, Dutch Ceylon, pp. 189-201 for information on Mulgirigala. [Boeknr.: 21281 ]

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NEDERLANDSCH-AMERIKAANSCHE RUBBER PLANTAGE MAATSCHAPPIJ. Dutch-American Rubber Plantation Company gevestigd te Amsterdam. Opgericht bij acte d.d. 14 December 1925. Haarlem, Joh. Enschedé en Zonen, 1926.Printed 'oprichtersbewijs no. 139' with 'één talon met 21 dividendbewijzen'. [Boeknr.: 33950 ]

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NES, Aert van. Portret. (No pl.), 1805. Engraved portrait after Bartholomeus van Helst by J.C. Bendorp, with a sea battle in the background. Ca. 21,5 x 19 cm. Aert Jansse van Nes (1626-1693) was a 17th-century Dutch naval commander, notable for commanding the second squadron in the raid on the Medway in 1667, the first was commanded by De Ruyter. Muller, Portretten, 3827c. [Boeknr.: 35371 ]

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NEW GUINEA. Schetskaart van Nieuw-Guinea. Schaal 1 : 2500000. Batavia, Topografische Dienst, 1938. Coloured map of New Guinea with inset map. Ca. 63 x 107 cm. [Boeknr.: 34011 ]

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NOOMS, Reinier (ZEEMAN). Een vlodt, een onderlegger. (No pl., Johannes de Ram, ca. 1650). Engraving depicting a shipyard and ships for repair activities. Ca. 13 x 24 cm. From: Verscheyde Schepen en Gesichten van Amstelredam; second state. - Reinier Nooms (ca. 1623 - 1664), also known as Zeeman, was a maritime painter known for his highly detailed paintings and etchings of ships. He was one of the leading etchers of seascapes in the seventeenth-century in Holland. - Fine.Cf. De Groot & Vorstman 71-94 [Boeknr.: 34233 ]

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OORTHUYS, Geerardus. Geerardus Oorthuys, kapitein ter zee. Rotterdam, J. Krap, (ca. 1780).Engraved portrait after N. Muys by R. Muys, with large anchor and ship in the background. Ca. 32 x 24,5 cm. Geerardus Oorthuys (1741-1812) played an importnt role in the seabattle of Cadiz, Spain, 1781.Muller, Portretten, 3999a. [Boeknr.: 35360 ]

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PARAMARIBO. - Het plein te Paramaribo. (No pl., 1843).Fine lithographed view of the Gouvernementsplein (Government Square) from the water. Ca. 10 x 16 cm. From: Het Leeskabinet. - The Gouvernementsplein (now Onafhankelijkheidsplein - Independence Square) is a town square in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. It depicts: Paleis van Justitie, Paleis van den gouverneur and Fort Zeelandia. [Boeknr.: 30842 ]

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PARAMARIBO. - Vue de la rade et de la ville de Paramaribo. (Paris, 1798).Engraved panoramic view of Paramaribo with a large Dutch vessel in the foreground, by Tardieu l'ainé. Ca. 16 x 41,5 cm. From the French edition of John Gabriel Stedman's Narrative, of a five years' expedition, against the revolted negroes of Surinam. - Fine decorative view of Paramaribo with ships in the roadstead. [Boeknr.: 14147 ]

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PAULIDES, Hendrik. De Javaansche sawah. (1927). Original lithograph depicting a Javanese sawah. Ca. 32,5 x 25 cm. Fine lithograph depicting Javanese people and karbouws ploughing the sawah, made by the Dutch artist Hendrik Paulides (1892-1967). His style can be described as realistic, somewhat stylised, and always decorative and elegant (Haks & Maris p.206). This lithograph was published together with the memorial issue of 'De Indische Mercuur'. - Fine.Spruit, Indonesian Impressions, p.126. [Boeknr.: 30565 ]

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PICART, Bernard. Stranding van een walvisch van 70.voeten lang, tusschen Katwijk en Scheveningen, in de maandt van February, anno 1598. (Amsterdam, 1630). Engraving by Bernard Picart. Ca. 26 x 33 cm. From: Le Clerq. Geschiedenissen der Vereenigde Nederlanden.- Stranded whale on the Dutch shore near Katwijk, February 2, 1598. This engraving 'is particular important as a prototype for both whale print iconography and 17th century Dutch landscape. This particular depiction of a sperm whale was to be copied for two hundred years in European stranded whale and natural history prints' (Ingalls p.190). - Fine.Muller, Historieplaten, 1082a; Ingalls, Lothrop Collection, 360; Brewington, Kendall Whaling Museum, 532; See Sliggers & Wertheim, 'Op het strand gesmeten', p.52-56. [Boeknr.: 34074 ]

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PLANTATIONS. CULTUUR MAATSCHAPPIJ. - 6 shares of Dutch plantations in Indonesia. 1903-1928. Each share with decorated borders and coupons. Mijnbouw Maatschappij Kahajan, gevestigd te Soerabaia. 1903. - Naamlooze Vennootschap Cultuur Maatschappij 'Tjimonteh, gevestigd te Batavia. 1912. - Naamlooze Vennootschap Cultuur Maatschappij 'Soerowinangoen', gevestigd te Batavia. 1919. - Naamlooze Vennootschap Cultuur Maatschappij 'Melangbong', gevestigd te Amsterdam. 1923. - Naamlooze Vennootschap Tagalsch Prauwenveer, gevestigd te Batavia. 1927. - Naamlooze Vennootschap Cultuur Maatschappij 'Sambawa', hoofdzetel te Bandoeng. 1928. [Boeknr.: 31051 ]

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PONZA. Capture of the island of Ponza., Febr. 20th 1813. London, Whitemore & Fenn, 1820.Aquatint plate after Thomas Whitcombe by T. Sutherland. Ca. 13 x 21 cm. From: James Ralfe. The naval chronology of Great Britain. - Depicting two sailing vessels off the coast of Ponza, the largest island of the Italian Pontine Islands archipelago, located 33 km south of Cape Circeo in the Tyrrhenian Sea. In February 1813 William Mounsey supported Charles John Napier in HMS Thames in the capture of the island of Ponza. They landed troops on 26 February, after passing through fire from shore batteries. Neither vessel, nor the troops they brought with them, suffered any casualties. The capture of the harbour provided an anchorage and fresh water for Royal Navy ships patrolling the coast. - Fine. [Boeknr.: 34477 ]

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POORTENAAR, Jan Christiaan. Boeddha-Borobodur. (1926). Original etching/aquatint. Ca. 39,5 x 49,5 cm. Fine plate depicting the Buddhist monument Borobudur in Central Java with the large stupa at the center, surrounded by smaller stupas, with in front the statue of Buddha. The Dutch artist Jan Poortenaar (1886-1958) came to Indonesia in 1922. Haks & Maris p.212 a 'prolific graphic artist'. [Boeknr.: 30564 ]

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PORTUGEESE BUITEN KERK. Sion. De Nieuwe Portugeese buiten kerk. Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta. Jakarta, 1977. Calendar with 7 photographic views of the church. Ca. 53,5 x 37 cm. The Portuguese Outer Church was built between 1693 and 1695 and still exists today as the oldest surviving Dutch building in Jakarta. [Boeknr.: 34864 ]

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RHINE. Neues Rheinpanorama. Frankfurt a/M, P.H. Frey & Co., (ca. 1880).Original decorated cloth. Photographed leporello of the Rhine from Köln to Mainz. With 16 pp. text in German, French and English.- (One fold torn). [Boeknr.: 31877 ]

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ROTTERDAM. Het nieu oostindisch Huis, te zien van't oosten naar't westen, en 't Nieuwe Hooft. - Nova domus Indiae orientalis, ab oriente versus occidentem et Promontorium Novum. (No pl., ca. 1700).Engraving by Petrus Schenk of the East India House and 'De Boompjes' in Rotterdam with ships in the background. Ca. 16 x 19 cm. Rotterdam was the seat of one of the six 'chambers' of the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC), the Dutch East India Company. [Boeknr.: 34193 ]

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INTERNATIONAL RUBBER CONGRESS. EXHIBITION BATAVIA (JAVA) 8 SEPT. - 10 OCT. 1914. (No pl.), 1914. 4 identical picture stamps with text in English, Dutch, French and German depicting a native carving a rubbertree. [Boeknr.: 31062 ]

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RUYTER, Michiel Adriaansz. de. Michiel de Ruiter, hertog, ridder enz. Luitenant-Admiraal-Generaal van Holland en West-Friesland. (Amsterdam, Isaak Tirion, ca.1750).Engraved oval portrait of De Ruyter after J.M. Quinkhard by J. Houbraken. Ca. 18 x 11,5 cm. From: Wagenaar, Vaderlandsche historie. - Printed below: J. M. Quinkhard pinxit, naar 't Origineel by Mevrouw de Wilhem, Kleindogter van den Admiraal.Muller, Portretten, 4629 [Boeknr.: 34201 ]

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SAINT LUCIA. 150TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE ABOLITION OF SLAVERY 1834-1984. Saint Lucia, 1984. Pictorial leaf including 4 postal stamps depicting together a plantation scene in Saint Lucia. [Boeknr.: 31065 ]

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SCHEEPSTRA & WALSTRA. Schoolplaat met afbeelding van de hektjalk Op Hoop van Zegen. 1e serie, 3e druk. Groningen, J.B. Wolters, (ca. 1900).Tinted lithographed plate, by P.W.M. Trap, mounted on card-board. Ca. 75,5 x 58 cm. Fine coloured plate depicting a single-masted sailing vessel, Op Hoop van Zegen, off the Dutch shore. [Boeknr.: 30714 ]

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