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ADELS, Wiert. Wiert Adels. Stuurman op het Hollandsch kofschip De Bloeijende Blom, die zig van dezen bodem, na dat dezelve door de Franschen genomen, met veel bravoure meester gemaakt en den 5 Augustus te Hellevoet opgebracht heeft. (Middelburg), W.A. Keel, (1796).Half-length mezzotint portrait by Charles Howard Hodges after Jacobus Perkois. Ca. 26,5 x 21,5 cm. (Margins trimmed). Wiert Adels was steersman for the ship De Bloeyende Blom which was bringing grain from the Baltic port of Libau. A Duinkerk privateer seized his ship but after a few days he managed to recapture his ship and to seize the chief of the privateers and to throw him overboard. Thus he succeeded to bring his ship into Hellevoetsluis in 1794. This fine engraved portrait of a brave sailor was done by the mezzotint master Hodges (1764-1837) after a drawing by Perkois (1756-1804). Cf. Van Someren 227; Muller, Portetten, 17; Van der Feltz 626. [Boeknr.: 21293 ]

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AFRICA. Africa. (No pl., ca. 1759).Allegorical engraving depicting white and black figures and two pyramids and a sphynx seen to the right, after G. Child. Ca. 24 x 16 cm. From: Thomas. Salmon. The universal traveller: or a compleat description of the several nations of the wold. [Boeknr.: 31968 ]

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AMBON. Het verblijf der schipbreukelingen van de gestrande stoomboot Willem de 1e op de koraalplaat Lucipara. Amsterdam, J. Vürtheim, (1837).Lithographed plate depicting the shipwrecked abode of the stranded steamer Willem I on the Koraalplaat Lucipara, in the background the sinking ship. Ca. 24 x 30,5 cm. The shipwrecked persons of the Willem I ashore on one of the Lucipara islands near Ambon after stranding of the steamship Willem I on a coral reef in the Bandazee on the night of May 5-6, 1837. Amongst them the governor of the Moluccas François Vincent Henri Antoine de Stuers (1792-1881) and his family. - Vivid scene.Added the rare booklet: SCHIPBREUK van den gouverneur F. Ridder De Stuers op de Lucipara's den 5 van Bloeimaand 1837. Ten voordeele van de gewonde en zieke militairen. Arnhem, T.E. Slot & Zoon, 1837. Original printed wrappers. 24,(4) pp. Muller, Historieplaten, 6969; Atlas van Stolk 7304; Indische Letteren jrg. 25, pp 194-207. [Boeknr.: 31088 ]

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AMERICA. The United States of America. Compiled and drawn in the Cartographic Section of the National Geographic Society. Washington, National Geographic Society, 1946. Coloured map. Ca. 63,5 x 101 cm. Gift of the Schools of the United States of America through the American Junior Red Cross. [Boeknr.: 36584 ]

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ANNA PAVLOVNA & WILLEM II. Guillaume II, Roi des Pays-Bas. - Anna Pavlovna, Reine des Pays - Bas, Grande Duchesse de Russie. Amsterdam, François Buffa et Fils, (ca. 1850).2 full-length portraits, mezzotint with etching, depicting Willem II after J.A. Kruseman and Anna Pavlovna after De Keyser, by Alfred Cornelliet, printed by Chardon Jeune et Fils. Each ca. 67 x 45 cm. Willem Frederik George Lodewijk (1792 - 1849), Prince of Oranje-Nassau, King of the Netherlands (1840 - 1849), with kepie and in military uniform and Anna Paulowna of Russia, Queen of the Netherlands (1795-1865), with curled hair, coronet, pearl necklace, and low velvet gown, holding pearls in right hand and with left resting on a table. - Two superb portraits.Not in Muller, Portretten. [Boeknr.: 35833 ]

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ANTISLAVERY CAMPAIGNERS. Abolition of the slave trade. 2007. 6 postal stamps issued by the Royal Mail Postal Service in England, after desig by Howard Brown. Printed in lithography by Cartor Security Printing, depicting portraits of six of the most prominent antislavery campaigners of their time. The stamps were issued on the bicentennial of the abolition of the slave trade in 1807 depicting Hannah More, Ignatius Sancho, William Wilberforce, Olaudah Equiano, Granville Sharp and Thomas Clarkson. Through their efforts, the passing of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act in 1807 became one of the most significant moments in British history. Royal Mail has issued these stamps to commemorate the work of these six remarkable campaigners on the 200th anniversary of the Slave Trade Act [Boeknr.: 31064 ]

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ARUBA. Oranjestad. Hoofdplaats van Aruba. - Landschap op Aruba. Haarlem, Kleynenberg & Co, (ca. 1911). Tinted photographic plate, depicting a view of Oranjestad, printed on heavy paper. ca. 60 x 73 cm. From the series of school plates by J.F.Niermeyer, e.a. Platen van Nederlandsch-Oost en West-Indië, published between 1911 and 1913.- The photographs of the East were mostly taken by Jean Demmeni a French/Indo European photographer, the photographs of the West were taken by Julius Muller, Soublette et Fils, Eugen Klein a.o. Fine view of Oranjestad, capital of Aruba and view of a well with local people and cactus hedges. - (Small part of blank margin restored not affecting the image). [Boeknr.: 34490 ]

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BANCKERT, Adriaen. E. manhafte zee-held Adriaan Bankert, L. Admiraal van Zeeland. (No pl., ca. 1650). Engraved halflength portrait with sea-battle in the background after H. Berckman by Jean du Bois (Johannes van Houten) with 12 line poem by W. Brest. Ca. 44 x 34 cm. Adriaen (ca. 1620-1684) was the oldest son of the famous Joost Banckert (ca. 1597-1647; 'Gesel der Spanjaarden, schrik der Portugezen'). Adriaen played an import role in the Second and Third Anglo-Dutch Wars, but did not receive the recognition he deserved because he was from Zeeland.Cf. Muller, Portretten, 203 a; Hollstein 3; Van Someren 241. [Boeknr.: 30879 ]

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BARTMAN, G.H. Fotografiën van Soerabaja. ('s Gravenhage, Thomas & Eras, 1975). Oblong 8vo. Wrappers (sl.dam.). With 17 photographic views of Surabaya. [Boeknr.: 313 ]

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BATAVIA. Die innere Aussicht des Castells in Batavia nebst der Schloss Kirche. - Vuë interieure du pallais de Batavie avec l'eglise du chateau. Augsburg, François Xavier Habermann, (ca. 1780).Contemporary handcoloured perspective view (vue d'optique or Guckkastenbild), with legend in German and French. Ca 29 x 40 cm. Collection des prospects. - Handsome view, after J.W. Heijdt, inside the castle depicting the parade-ground with on the left side the houses of the Raad van Indië and on the right side the castle-church, the house of the governor-general and the buildings of the government, in the background the sea with ships. - Fine.Feith 78c; Cat. 300-jarig bestaan van Batavia 208,3. [Boeknr.: 3942 ]

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BATAVIA. BATAVIA, die Haupt-Stadt, Festung und Residenz des Holländischen Gouverneurs am Fluss Iacatra in Ostindien auf der grossen und herrlichen Insul Java. - BATAVIE, la ville capitale, la forteresse et la residence du gouverneur generale des Hollandois, au fleuve Jacatre des Indes, sur le grande et superbe isle de Java. Augsbourg, (ca. 1780).Contemporary handcoloured perspective view (vue d'optique or Guckkastenbild) of Batavia by Bergmüller, with legend in German and French. Ca. 28 x 39 cm. The rarest of all Batavian optical prints depicting a magnificent bird's eye view of the town from the sea with a huge variety of warships and merchant-ships crowded in the harbour. - Fine.Feith 78 D; Cat. 300-jarig bestaan Batavia, 208,4; Brommer, Batavia, P 34. [Boeknr.: 7360 ]

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BATAVIA. Prospect des Rathhauses in Batavia wie dasselbige auf dem grossen Platz nebst der umliegende Gegend von fornen anzusehen. - Vuë de l'Hotell de Batavie come il se presente de devant sur la grande Place avec les environs. Augsburg, François Xavier Habermann, (ca. 1780).Contemporary handcoloured perspective view (vue d'optique or Guckkastenbild), with legend in German and French. Ca. 28,5 x 40 cm Collection des prospects. - Fine view of the square in front of the townhall, now Taman Fatahillah the History Museum of Jakarta; to the left, the New Dutch Church, now replaced by the Museum Wayang, to the right the Tijgersgracht. Feith 78 b; Cat. 300-jarig bestaan van Batavia 208,2. [Boeknr.: 35226 ]

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BATAVIA. Prospect von der Bastion Gelderland ausserhalb der Stadt Batavia, wie solche nach der Natur gege die aussern portugiesischen Kirche und dem blauen Berg zu gezeichnet worden von Johan Wolffgang Heyd. - Vuë de la Bastion de Gelderland .. Augsburg, François Xavier Habermann, (ca. 1780).Contemporary handcoloured perspective view (vue d'optique or Guckkastenbild), with legend in German and French. Ca. 29 x 40 cm. Collection des prospects. - Handsome view, after J.W. Heijdt, seen from the fortress Gelderland looking towards the Portuguese Church outside the city walls, the present Gereja Sion on Jl. Jaykarta, with the old belltower and the Jassenbridge. It is the oldest remaining VOC-church in Jakarta. - (Blank margins skilfully restored). - Fine.Feith 78f; Cat. 300-jarig bestaan van Batavia 208,6. [Boeknr.: 32265 ]

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BATAVIA. Vüe de l'isle et de la ville de Batavia appartenent aux Hollandois, pour la Compagnie des Indes. Paris, Daumont, (ca.1780).Contemporary handcoloured perspective view (vue d'optique or Guckkastenbild) of Batavia after Jacobus van Ryne. Ca. 26,5 x 41 cm. Very attractive bird's eye view of the whole city of Batavia with ships in the foreground. - Fine.Feith 78 a I; Cat. 300-jarig bestaan van Batavia 208-1; Brommer K 51. [Boeknr.: 1289 ]

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BELLIN, Jacques Nicolas. Partie de la Mer Glaciale contenant la Nouvelle Zemble et le pais de Samoiedes suivant les découvertes des Hollandois et les cartes des Russes .. par M. Bellin. Paris, 1758.Engraved map of Nova Zembla and part of the Northeast passage, with a decorative title cartouche. Ca. 21,5 x 34,5 cm. From: L'Histoire Generale des Voyages. - Fine map produced by the French hydrographer and geographer, Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772) detailing the archipelago of Novaya Zemlya, the Samoyeds, and part of the Northeast passage. [Boeknr.: 34209 ]

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BENTINCK, Wolter Jan Gerrit. Afbeelding der lykstaatie van .. Wolter Jan Baron Bentink, schout by nacht, ressorteerende onder het ed. mog. Collegie ter Admiraliteit te Amsterdam .. op dinsdag den 28 Augustus 1781, 's namiddags tusschen 4 en 5 uuren in de Nieuwe Kerk. (Amsterdam), Jacobus Kok, 1781.Broadsheet with engraving, coloured by hand, after H.P. Schouten by B. de Bakker and with explanatory text printed in 5 columns. Ca. 31 x 51 cm ( not including blank margins). Funeral procession of Wolter Jan Gerrit baron Bentinck (1745-1781), rear-admiral of Holland and West-Friesland, died after serious injuries during the naval battle of the Dogger Bank. Magnificent image of the procession on the Kloveniersburgwal in Amsterdam, going to the Nieuwe Kerk. Depicting the canal houses with on the right the Oudemanhuispoort, and on the left the Nieuwe Doelenstraat. In front the canal with several vessels with spectators.With circumstantial description of the participants and the route. The naval Battle of the Dogger Bank took place on 5 August 1781 during the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, part of the American War of Independence, in the North Sea. It was a bloody encounter between a British squadron under Vice Admiral Sir Hyde Parker, 5th Baronet and a Dutch squadron under Vice Admiral Johan Zoutman, both of which were escorting convoys. - Excellent condition.Muller, Historieplaten, 4463; Atlas van Stolk 4401. [Boeknr.: 33675 ]

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BENTINCK, Wolter Jan Gerrit. Wolter Jan Gerrit Baron Bentinck, Schout bij Nacht van Holland en Westvriesland .. overleden aan zyne wonden, bekomen in den roemrugtigen zeeslag, op Doggersbank, den 5den augustus 1781. Amsterdam, Allart, (ca. 1781).Engraved half length portrait of Jan Gerrit Baron Bentinck after Pieter Oets by Reinier Vinkeles. Ca. 33 x 24,5 cm. (not including the wide blank margins). Wolter Jan Gerrit Bentinck (1745-1781), rear-admiral of Holland and West-Friesland, died during the naval battle of the Dogger Bank. This naval battle took place on 5 August 1781 during the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, part of the American War of Independence, in the North Sea. Muller, Portretten, 337. [Boeknr.: 25788 ]

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