ADELS, Wiert. Wiert Adels. Stuurman op het Hollandsch kofschip De Bloeijende Blom, die zig van dezen bodem, na dat dezelve door de Franschen genomen, met veel bravoure meester gemaakt en den 5 Augustus te Hellevoet opgebracht heeft. (Middelburg), W.A. Keel, (1796).Half-length mezzotint portrait by Charles Howard Hodges after Jacobus Perkois. Ca. 26,5 x 21,5 cm. (Margins trimmed). Wiert Adels was steersman for the ship De Bloeyende Blom which was bringing grain from the Baltic port of Libau. A Duinkerk privateer seized his ship but after a few days he managed to recapture his ship and to seize the chief of the privateers and to throw him overboard. Thus he succeeded to bring his ship into Hellevoetsluis in 1794. This fine engraved portrait of a brave sailor was done by the mezzotint master Hodges (1764-1837) after a drawing by Perkois (1756-1804). Cf. Van Someren 227; Muller, Portetten, 17; Van der Feltz 626. [Boeknr.: 21293 ]

€ 275,00

ALGERIA. Tractaet van vrede ende van commercie, tusschen de .. Staten Generael der Vereenighde Nederlanden, ende .. Prince van Orange, tereenre, ende doorluchtige heeren Ismaël Bassa, Hadgi Mahomed Day, Baba Hassan, gouverneur, Aga, de overige van de victorieuse militie, en de groote en kleyne van de stadt en van het koninckrijck van Algiers ter andere zyde, door de vlyt ende toedoen van Thomas Hees en Jacob de Paz, commissarissen van de .. Staten Generael. 's Gravenhage, Jacobus Scheltus, 1680.4to. Boards..With woodcut coat of arms of the States General, lion with sword and 7 arrows, in an elaborately decorated cartouche with military attributes on title-page. (12) pp. Treaty of peace and commerce between the Dutch Republic and the kingdom of Algeria. As a result of this peace treaty some Dutch sailors and merchants were released from slavery after having been obducted by Algerian pirates and sold at the slavemarket in Algeria.Knuttel 11731; Tiele 7759. [Boeknr.: 33633 ]

€ 225,00

BINDER, Franz. Die Zeeländische Kaperfahrt 1654-1662. Middelburg, Koninklijk Zeeuwsch Genootschap, 1976. Wrappers. (52) pp. - (Offprint). [Boeknr.: 24219 ]

€ 15,00

BLIGH, William. A voyage to the South Sea, undertaken by command of his majesty for the purpose of conveying the bread-fruit tree to the West Indies, in his majesty's ship The Bounty, commanded by lieutenant William Bligh. Including an account of the mutiny on board the said ship, and the subsequent voyage of part of the crew, in the ship's boat, from Tofoa, and the Friendly Islands, to Timor, a Dutch settlement in the East Indies. London, George Nicol, 1792.4to. Contemporary polished calf, gilt fillets round sides, skilfully rebacked with the original spine laid down, spine richly gilt with green morocco titlelabel, in modern buckram slipcase. With engraved frontispiece portrait, 3 engraved plates (2 folding) and 4 charts (3 folding). (10),153,IV,88, 247-264 pp. First edition; with armorial bookplate of Wiliam Lloyd of Aston, dated 1806. - Our copy is one of the very few known copies of the composite issue of Bligh's complete official account of the Bounty voyage, specially printed to incorporate the original printing of the Narrative of the mutiny, on board his majesty's ship Bounty, London 1790. Bligh, a man of almost pathological integrity, had a special state of the Voyage prepared which excluded the Mutiny chapters, so that those who wished might bind their copies of the Mutiny in with the chapters that preceded and followed that portion of the work (The Davidson collection 111). - In 1787 Lieutenant Bligh took command of HMS Bounty, hoping to win a premium offered by the Royal Society for anyone who could obtain breadfruit trees, seen as a cheap, high-energy food source which could be given to British slaves. Having obtained the trees in Tahiti, Bligh set course for the Caribbean but the ship never reached its destination because of a mutiny mounted by Bligh's protégé Fletcher Christian on 28 April 1789, during which he and eighteen loyal crewmen were forced into a tiny launch. Despite a brief landing in Tofua, where one crewman was killed by hostile natives, the rest of the crew survived the seemingly impossible 3,618 nautical miles voyage to Timor, the nearest European settlement, after a 47-day voyage. They visited several more islands before being transported back to Britain. Several of the mutineers, who had settled on Pitcairn Island, were eventually captured and three were executed in England. - A fine copy of the extremely rare composite edition.Hill 132 & 135 'an extremely important book'; Wantrup 62b; Du Rietz 93 'not seen'; Ferguson 126; Howgego p. 125. [Boeknr.: 36423 ]

€ 18500,00

BOER, M.G. de. Piet Heyn en de zilveren vloot. Amsterdam, P.N. van Kampen en Zoon, 1946. Half cloth. With plates and maps. 146 pp. - (Patria). [Boeknr.: 443 ]

€ 15,00

BRUIJN, J.R. & E.S. van EYCK VAN HESLINGA. Muiterij. Oproer en berechting op schepen van de VOC. Haarlem, De Boer Maritiem, (1980). Cloth, with dust-jacket. With many illustrations. 182 pp. [Boeknr.: 6150 ]

€ 25,00

CUVELIER, Jean Guillaume Antoine. De barbaarsche zeeroovers, of de man met twee vrouwen. Tooneelspel. Naar het Fransch. Amsterdam, weduwe J. Dóll, 1806. Sm.8vo. Old wrappers. 59, (7) pp. Volume 15,5 of the series publishd by the widow J. Dóll: Zedelijk schouwtooneel der menschelyke hartstochten en daaden, of Tooneelstukken van vernuft en smaak (1796-1808). - Dutch translation of A-t-il deux femmes ? ou Les Corsaires barbaresques, published in 1803. Jean-Guillaume-Antoine Cuvelier (1766 - 1824), a French author, wrote more than 110 melodramas, dramas, and pantomimes, many of which were met with great success. - (Small label with number on title-page and 2 library stamps). [Boeknr.: 36135 ]

€ 95,00

DAMPIER, William and Lionel WAFER. Reystogten rondom de waereldt; begrypende, in vier beknopte boekdeelen, een naauwkeurige beschryving van verscheyde nieuwe ontdekte zeeën, kusten, en landen, zo in Amerika, Asia, als Afrika; benevens veele nuttelyke aanmerkingen ontrent de stroomen, winden, havens, diepten, engtens en andere fraye waarnemingen en bysonderheden, zo van bereisde als voor dese, onbereisde gewesten. Alom doormengt met de beschrijving der inwoonders, aardt, zeden en plegtigheden derzer vreemde volkeren; midsgaders derselver landsdouwen, vrugten, gewassen, dieren, en andere seldsaamheden. Uyt het Engelsch in't Nederduyts overgebragt door W. Sewel. Amsterdam, Andries van Damme en Johannes Ratelband, 1717.4 volumes in 1. 4to. Old vellum (new endpapers), with morocco title label on spine, new ties. With title-page printed in red and black, 2 engraved allegorical titles, 16 engraved maps (10 folding) and 24 engraved plates (3 folding; few blank margins restored) by Casper Luiken and Jacob Lamsvelt. 12,394,(10); (8),284; (8),74,(5); 96 pp. Second Dutch edition; first published in Dutch in 's Gravenhage 1698-1704; first published in English in 1697 A new voyage round the world. - 'William Dampier (1652-1715) was the best known, and probably the most intelligent, of the famous group of buccaneers that tormented the Spaniards in the South Sea from 1680 to 1720' (Hill I, p.75). Dampier's descriptions of his wide-ranging buccaneering travels (he sailed around the world three times) include the account of the first English visit to Australia in 1688. His voyages marked the beginning of British scientific exploration of the Pacific. Countries visited are in America the West-Indies, Chili, Peru, Mexico, Brazil (including the earliest written description of Bahia), in Africa the Cape of Good Hope, Isles of Cape Verd and in Asia the Dutch East Indies, the Philippines and Formosa, Australia and various islands in the Pacific. - Age-browned, otherwise a fine copy.Tiele 290; Cat. NHSM I, p.135; European Americana V, p.214; Sabin 18388; Borba de Moraes I, p.242; Mendelssohn I, p.409-10; SAB II, p.10; Van Eeghen-van der Kellen 319; Howgego pp.294-298. [Boeknr.: 15995 ]

€ 1750,00

DU GUAY-TROUIN, (Réné). Memoires. Augmentés de son éloge, par (Antoine-Léonard) Thomas. Rouen, de l'imprimerie privilégiée, 1785.Sm.8vo. Original marbled calf, spine richly gilt with red morocco title-label. With engraved portrait, folding plan of Rio de Janeiro and 5 folding engraved plates depicting sea-battles by Meunier. XXXVI,338 pp. These memoires were first published in Amsterdam in 1730 as a pirate edition, extracted from an unfinished manuscript. The first official (and complete) French edition was published in Paris in 1740, after the author's death. Pierre Mortier, the well-known Amsterdam bookdealer, published in the same year an 8vo edition, which was reprinted several times. Admiral Duguay-Trouin (1673-1736) is one of the most illustrious French seamen and corsairs. He inflicted many defeats on England and Dutch warships and in 1711 captured Rio de Janeiro from the Portuguese. 'A popular autobiographical account of one of the most prominent naval figures of the Louis XIV period' (James Ford Bell Library D309). 'The glory and reputation of the famous corsair are sufficient to account for the number of editions which have appeared up to the present' (Borba de Moraes I, p.273). - A very fine copy.Sabin 29198; Polak 2854. [Boeknr.: 33484 ]

€ 475,00

FATAH-BLACK, Karwan & Aart RUIJTER. (Red.). Ten exempel van anderen. De processen tegen opvarenden van de piratenschepen Trompeuse en Resolution in Suriname en op St. Thomas in 1684. Ingeleid en bezorgd. Zutphen, Walburg Pers, 2019. Cloth, with dust-jacket. With 22 plates (some in colours). 183 pp. Linschoten Vereeniging vol. CXVIII. - The reputation of Captain Jean Hamlin and his crew was horrible at the end of the seventeenth century. Although Hamlin himself managed to stay out of the hands of the authorities, this did not apply to part of the crews of the Trompeuse and the Resolution. Various groups were brought to justice in Suriname and on St. Thomas. The collection of interrogations of crew members included in this book makes much clear about the background of the pirates, the life on board these ships and how these pirates determined their strategy and field of operation. [Boeknr.: 35698 ]

€ 30,00

FENTON, Edward. The troublesome voyage of captain Edward Fenton 1582-1583. Narratives & documents edited by E.G.R. Taylor. Cambridge, 1959. Cloth, with dust-jacket. With 21 maps and illustrations. LVII,333 pp. Hakluyt Society, 2nd series, 113. - First full account of the privateering voyage of Edward Fenton which proved to be a failure. [Boeknr.: 21031 ]

€ 30,00

FRANCKE, Johan. Utiliteyt voor de gemeene saake. De Zeeuwse commissievaart en haar achterban tijdens de negenjarige oorlog, 1688-1697. Middelburg, Koninklijk Zeeuwsch Genootschap der Wetenschappen, 2001. Wrappers. With illustrations. XXII,498 pp. - On Dutch piracy. [Boeknr.: 23000 ]

€ 30,00

FREZIER, Amédée François. A voyage to the South-Sea, and along the coasts of Chili and Peru, in the years 1712, 1713, and 1714. Particularly describing the genius and constitution of the inhabitants, as well Indians as Spaniards: their customs and manners, their natural history, mines, commodities, traffick with Europe, etc. With postscript by Edmund Halley. And an account of the settlement, commerce, and riches of the Jesuites in Paraguay. London, Printed for Jonah Bowyer, 1717.4to. Modern pannelled calf, spine ribbed, with red morocco title label on spine. With titlepage printed in red and black, 2 folding profils, 13 engraved plates (1 folding) and 22 maps (15 folding; the frontispiece map with offsetting of the titlepage). (14),335,(9) pp. First English edition; first published in French Relation du voyage de la mer du Sud, Paris 1716. The English edition is preferred because it contains a postscript which contains certain geographical erros made by Frézier. - An interesting account of the voyage from France, Madeira and the Cape Verde Islands, Santa Catarina Islands, off the coast of Brazil, Tierra del Fuego, through the Straits of Le Maire around Cape Horn and continuing along the coast of South America as far as Lima, describing the chief towns and cities. During his return from Lima, Frézier took the trouble to correct the contemporary charts of the southernmost tip of South America, discovering a new channel in Tierra del Fuego and suppressing many of the imaginary lands previously shown on the maps. His survey also included the Falkland Islands which for the first time were identified as being the same as 'Sebald's Islands'. The return voyage called at Bahia, the Azores and Gibraltar' (Howgego p.399). The observant Frézier brought back information of considerable geographical and scientific value. Much data is included about the native inhabitants, and the work also contains an interesting account of guano. Frézier introduced the ancestor of the modern strawberry to France from Chile (Hill p.231). The relation of M. Frezier has always been highly esteemed from his character as an author of great truthfulness, as well as for the numerous exact maps with which it is illustrated (Field). - Age-browned otherwise fine.Borba de Moraes I, p.329; Sabin 25927 'a production of unrivaled interest and beauty'; Hill 654; European-Americana V, p.216. [Boeknr.: 36427 ]

€ 2850,00

GOUW, J.L. van der. Claes Kniphof, kaperkapitein van Christiaan II in 1525 voor de Hollandse kust. Utrecht, 1949. Cloth. (86) pp. - (In: Bijdragen en Mededelingen H.G.). [Boeknr.: 27869 ]

€ 20,00

HONORÉ NABER, S.P.L' & Irene A. WRIGHT. Piet Heyn en de zilvervloot. Documenten uit het archief van den luitenant-admiraal Piet Heyn. Met toelichting en eene levensbeschrijving van dien vlootvoogd uitgegeven. Utrecht, Kemink & Zoon, 1928. Original printed wrappers (spine sl. dam.). With portrait and folding map. CLXXXVII,(1),239,(1),XXXIX,(1),308 pp. Werken Historisch Genootschap.. - Documents relating to the capure by Piet Heyn of the very rich Spanish Silver Fleet in the Caribbean area in 1628. [Boeknr.: 7513 ]

€ 35,00

KETEL, Jacob. Echt relaas van de muiterij op het Oostindisch Compagnieschip Nijenburg. Voor het eerst verschenen in 1764. Opnieuw uitgegeven en van commentaar voorzien door Nienke de Jonge, Leonoor Kuijk en Liesbeth Oskamp. 2e verbeterde druk. Amsterdam, Terra Incognita, 1992. Wrappers. With 31 illustrations. 91 pp. The Nijenburg was a Dutch merchant ship, built in 1757 for the VOC chamber in Hoorn. After a mutiny in the Atlantic, part of the crew disembarked in Portuguese Brazil; the others eventually ended up in Paramaribo. [Boeknr.: 11294 ]

€ 18,00

LOO, I.J. van. Profijt voor Daniël ? De Zeeuwse kaapvaart en het Spaans-Engelse vredesverdrag van 1630. Middelburg, Koninklijk Zeeuwsch Genootschap, 1990. Wrappers. With illustrations. (31) pp. - (Offprint). [Boeknr.: 24215 ]

€ 15,00

LÜTGEN, Kurt. Kapers, muiters, kapiteins. Historische zeeverhalen. Haarlem, Holland, (1972). Boards, with dust-jacket. 205 pp. [Boeknr.: 32313 ]

€ 18,00

MITCHELL, David. Piraten. Nederlandse vertaling Bab Westerveld. Amsterdam, Landshoff, (1977). Wrappers. With many illustrations (several in colours). 205 pp. [Boeknr.: 32366 ]

€ 18,00

MOLLEMA, J.C. Een muiterij in de achttiende eeuw. Het afloopen van het Oost-Indische Compagnieschip Nijenborg in 1763. Haarlem, H.D. Tjeenk Willink & Zoon, 1933. Boards. With 2 plates. 103 pp. [Boeknr.: 229 ]

€ 20,00

PIEKALKIEWICZ, Janusz. De boekaniers. (Bussum, Unieboek, 1974). Cloth, with dust-jacket. With illustrations. 199 pp. [Boeknr.: 7544 ]

€ 18,00

PRIVATEERING. Copy van een brief, geschreeven aan boord van het kaaper-fregat De Dolphyn, capitein Van der Linden, aan .. Matthys Ooster, te Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Mattheus Schooneveld, 1781.Folio. (4) pp. Congratulations to Matthys Ooster on the save return of the commissievaarders De Dolphyn, Triton and Spion after hijacking two English ships with a load of coal, The Mary, captain Josias Gibson and The Providence, captain Thomas Wright, off the coast of England. On the return voyage there was a short (12 minutes) confrontation with 4 other English ships off the coast of Texel. Finally the fleet came home safe. Written by Dion. Werner on board of the ship the Dolphyn on the road of Texel, September 16, 1781. - (Stained). - Rare. [Boeknr.: 36243 ]

€ 375,00

RAVENEAU DE LUSSAN. Journal du voyage fait a la Mer de Sud, avec les flibustiers de l'Amerique en 1684. & années suivantes. 2e edition (= 3e edition). Paris, la veuve de Jean Bapt. Coignard et Jean Baptiste Coignard fils, 1693.Sm.8vo. Contemporary calf, spine ribbed and richly gilt with red morocco title-label to spine (spine ends dam., lower part of hinges splitting but firmly holding). With woodcut printer's mark on title-page. (16),448,(1) pp. Third edition, first published in Paris in 1689. - 'A rare and charming book. Raveneau de Lussan, a young Frenchman who whished to see the world, sailed from France for San Domingue in 1679. His indebtedness led him to join the buccaneers in search of his fortune. .. Raveneau spent several months raiding in the West Indies, and several years raiding the Pacific coast between Guatemala and Chile. He details both the romantic and the bleak sides of the buccaneering profession, interwoven with colorful descriptions of the natives of the regions and a clear picture of the Spanish colonies on the Pacific' (Hill 1423). - An interesting account of buccaneering in the West Indies and the Pacific coast of South America, including details on the manners of the natives of the countries he visited. It gave Defoe inspiration for his Robinson Crusoe. - Final leaves waterstained in outer margin, otherwise fine.Sabin 67985; European Americana 693/142; Leclerc 487; Cox II, p.270: A very famous and entertaining work. [Boeknr.: 28511 ]

€ 950,00

SCHOKKENBROEK, J.C.A. & J. ter BRUGGEN. (Red.). Kapers & piraten. Schurken of helden ? Rotterdam, Maritiem Museum, 2010. Wrappers. With many coloured illustrations. 126 pp. [Boeknr.: 31933 ]

€ 20,00

SHELVOCKE, George. A voyage round the world by the way of the great South Sea, perform'd in the years 1719, 20, 21, 22, in the Speedwell of London, of 24 guns and 100 men, (under His Majesty's commission to cruize on the Spaniards in the late war with the Spanish crown) till she was cast away on the island of Juan Fernandes, in May 1720, and afterwards continu'd in the Reccvery (sic), the Jesus Maria and Sacra Familia, etc. London, J. Senex, W. & J. Innys, J. Osborn & T. Longman, 1726.Contemporary calf (rebacked), with red morocco title label to spine. With fine engraved title-vignette, folding double-hemisphere world map, and 4 engraved plates (2 folding). (4),XXXII,(4),468 pp. First edition; with armorial bookplate of Thomas Lloyd. - 'Captains Shelvocke and Clipperton led a privately financed privateering expedition to attack Spanish shipping. Shelvocke gave his superior officer the ship in a stom and proceeded to Brazil and thence to the west coast of South America, where in two months he sacked Payta, Peru and captured several small prices. His vessel, the Speedwell, was wrecked at Juan Fernàndez Island, but a ship was built out of the wreckage, and he sailed up the coast to Baja California. After crossing the Pacific via Guam and Macao. Shelvocke returned to England, where he was accused of piracy and embezzlement, and then acquitted. He soon left for the Continent a wealthy man. Shelvocke wrote this account, in part, as a vindication of his conduct' (Hill p.554). 'From the Brazilian aspect, Shelvocke's voyage is of interest because he landed at Santa Catharina, and describes it at length in a special chapter' (Borba de Moraes p.796). 'In the map of the world California is shown as an island. Two of the plates represent male and female inhabitants of California. Shelvocke has the fullest accounts of California, the natives and other features, of any of the old voyagers' (Cowan p.212). Selvocke's controversial narrative is probably best known as the inspiration behind the albatross incident in Coleridge's Rime of the ancient mariner (Howgego p.958). - (Title-page trimmed with loss of part of final line). - A clean copy of this privateering expedition against Spanish shipping on the Pacific Coast of America. Hill 1557; Sabin 80158; European-Americana VI, p.16; Howes S.383. [Boeknr.: 33533 ]

€ 3950,00

TAPRELL DORLING, H. Sea venturers of Britain. 'Taffrail'. London, Collins' Clear-Type Press, (ca. 1930). Original pictorial cloth. With maps. XV,317 pp. On John Hawkins, Martin Frobisher, Drake, William Dampier, Anson, Cook, Franklin and Scott. [Boeknr.: 18487 ]

€ 18,00

VERHEES-VAN MEER, J.Th.H. De Zeeuwse kaapvaart tijdens de Spaanse successieoorlog 1702-1713. Middelburg, Koninklijk Zeeuwsch Genootschap, 1986. Wrappers. With 17 plates. IX,294 pp. [Boeknr.: 6133 ]

€ 30,00

VISSER, W. de. Piet Hein en de zilvervloot. Oorlog en handel in de West. Hilversum, 2001. Wrappers. With many illustrations (some in colours). 88 pp. [Boeknr.: 3580 ]

€ 15,00

WEBER, R.E.J. De beveiliging van de zee tegen Europeesche en Barbarijnsche zeeroovers 1609-1621. Amsterdam, Noord-Hollandsche Uitgeversmaatschappij, 1936. 8vo. Cloth. With frontispiece. X,233 pp. - (Werken Commissie Zeegeschiedenis). [Boeknr.: 2566 ]

€ 30,00

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