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SHACKLETON, Lady & Hugh Robert MILL. Shackletons's leven en reizen. Vertaald door A. Moresco. Amsterdam, Em Querido, 1923. Original decorated cloth (spine sl. faded). With 4 maps and 35 photographic plates. 356 pp. First published in London in 1923 The Life of Sir Ernest Shackleton, without the author's name of Lady Shackleton (Emily Mary Dorman (1868-1936). [Boeknr.: 7128 ]

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SHAPERO, Bernard. Blueback charts. Introduction by Daniel Crouch. London, Bernard Shapero, 2006. Wrappers. With many illustrations. 104 pp. Sale catalogue. - "Blueback" charts were those privately printed, as distinguished from those put out by the British Admiralty. [Boeknr.: 35449 ]

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SHIPS. CIGAR BOX LABEL depicting three sailing ships within a decorative border. New York, Schmidt & Co., 1897.Fine chromolithoghraphed label. Ca. 11 x 17 cm. [Boeknr.: 33470 ]

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SHIPWRECK OF THE GUARDIAN. Melancholy disaster of his majesty's ship The Guardian, bound to Botany Bay with stores and convicts, lieut. Riou, commander, which struck on an island of ice, December 24, 1789; providential escape of part of the crew in boats, fortitude of the captain, and wonderful recovery of the vessel. Also an account of an Indian woman, &c. London, Thomas Tegg, (1809).Sm.8vo. Modern boards. With folding aquatint plate depicting the 'distressing situation of the Guardian sloop, Capt. Riou, after striking on a floating island of ice' (mounted). 28 pp. Extracted from the collection, Mariner's marvelous Magazine or wonders of the ocean, containing narratives of the most noted shipwrecks and disasters at sea. Edward Riou (178?-1801) had sailed as midshipsman with the third voyage of James Cook. 'When the colony of New South Wales was established in 1788, it was expected that supplies from England would arrive at regular intervals. However, one of the first two supply ships never arrived, when disaster overtook H.M.S. Guardian, commanded by Lieut. Edward Riou. The Guardian, laden with two years' provisions for the new colony, left London in July 1789, but was wrecked on an iceberg twelve days out of Cape Town. Three accounts of the disaster were published immediately in 1790' (Nan Kivell & Spence p.265). - Rare popular edition.Huntress 153C; Howgego R45; Mendelssohn I, p.657-658. [Boeknr.: 33217 ]

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SHIPWRECK OF THE HINDOSTAN. Interesting particulars of the loss of the Hon. East India Company's ship the Hindostan, of 1,248 tons, which struck on Wedge Sand, off Margate, January 11, 1803, Edward Balston commander, setting forth the wretched situation of the crew, and the preservation on one hundred and twenty-nine persons out of one hundred and forty-three. Also the loss of the Hindostan storeship, commanded by Captain J. Le Gros. London, Thomas Tegg, (1809).Sm.8vo. Modern boards. With folding aquatint plate depicting the 'wreck of the Hindostan, East -Indiaman on the Wedge Sand, near Margate, January 11-1809' (mounted). 28 pp. Extracted from the collection, Mariner's marvelous Magazine or wonders of the ocean, containing narratives of the most noted shipwrecks and disasters at sea. - The Hindostan sailed from Gravesend for India January 2, 1803, passed the Nore, and anchored in the Queen's Channel off the Wedge Sand. There a terrible storm struck her, and she drove on the sandbank and broke up. A small boat of Margate rescued 129 out of 143 on the Hindostan; the dead were drowned or frozen. The ship was carrying a good deal of specie, much of which was saved from the wreck (Huntress p.53). - Rare popular edition.Huntress 153C. [Boeknr.: 33227 ]

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SIGSBEE FISCHER, Katrina & Alex. A. HURST. Anton Otto Fischer. Marine artist. His life and work. Nantucket, Mill Hill Press, 1986. 4to. Boards, with dust-jacket. With 236 illustrations (many in colours). XXVI,260 pp. Anton Otto Fischer (1882-1962) 'was probably the greatest marine artist ever to work on the Western side of the Atlantic'. [Boeknr.: 35436 ]

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SIRELIUS, Uuno Taavi. Über die Sperrfischerei bei den finnisch-ugrischen Völkern. Eine vergleichende ethnographische Untersuchung. Helsingfors, 1906. 4to. Original printed wrappers (sl. dam.), uncut. With 607 illustrations. (6),486 pp. - (Société Finno-Ougrienne). [Boeknr.: 24969 ]

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SIWERTZ, Sigfrid. Unter dem Gluthimmel der Tropen. Durch die Südsee, Fidschi, Sumatra, Australien usw. Lübeck, O. Quitzow, 1926. Original pictorial cloth (sl. dam.). With 189 photographic illustrations. 440 pp. [Boeknr.: 18837 ]

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SMITH, William. Collection choisi des voyages autour du monde et dans les contrée les plus curieuses du globe, depuis Christophe Colomb jusqu'a nos jours. Paris, (c. 1841).12 volumes. Original printed wrappers (several spines dam.). With 89 plates. On the title-page is printed 'de 100 belles planches gravées sur acier', but all the plates mentioned in the plate-index (89) are inserted. The 5 maps are missing. [Boeknr.: 1729 ]

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SPEYK, Jan Carel Josephus van. - Plegtstatige lijkvaart van het stoffelijk overschot van Jan Carel Josephus van Speyk .. plaats gehad hebbende te Amsterdam, op vrijdag den 4den mei 1832. - Plegtige opening der groote sluis van het Ooster-dok voor Amsterdam, waardoor het eerste korvetschip, gebouwd ter loffelijker nagedachtenis van den te vroeg gesneuvelden jeugdigen held, Jan Carel Josephus van Speyk, is gevoerd, op zaturdag den 5den mei 1832. (No pl.), G. Portielje, (1832).Two aquatint plates after H. Vettewinkel by W.H. Hoogkamer. Ca. 42 x 48,5 cm. Two views of the funeral procession on the water in Amsterdam of Van Speyk (1802-1831). One depicts on the left side the shipyard, in the middle 's Rijks Magazijn (former storehouse of the Dutch East India Company, now the Maritime Museum) and on the right side the mill and the Kattenburgerbrug. On the foreground the procession of eight sloops surrounded by many other boats and people on the waterside. The other one depicts the opening of the lock of the Ooster-Dok with the procession also surrounded by many other boats and people on the waterside. Van Speyk, Dutch lieutenant in the navy, blew himself up with his gun-boat on the river Schelde on February 5, 1831 to prevent the surrender to the Belgians. His death was considered as an act of heroism. - (New blank margins). - A fine pair of marine plates.Muller, Historieplaten, 6810: Fraaije aquatinta. [Boeknr.: 34242 ]

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STOBART, John & Frank O. BRAYNARD. American maritime paintings of John Stobart. Foreword by Frank O. Braynard. Harmondsworth, Dutton Book, 1991. Large oblong 8vo. Cloth, with dust-jacket. With illustrations and over 70 coloured plates. IX,237 pp. 'John Stobart introduces us to legendary ships and busy ports as they were in the great days of merchant sail and river steamboats'. [Boeknr.: 35450 ]

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STUYCK, Rafael. De grote scheepsrampen van de zeilvaart en stoomvaart. Bussum, De Boer Maritiem, (1976). 8vo. Cloth, with dust-jacket. With many illustrations, several in colours. 190 pp. Shiprwrecks of the Batavia, the Wasa, Pamir, Titanic and may others. [Boeknr.: 33282 ]

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SUTTON, Jean. Lords of the East. The East India Company and its ships (1600-1874). (London, Conway, 2000). Boards, with dust-jacket. With many illustrations (several in colours). 160 pp. [Boeknr.: 29318 ]

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TAPRELL DORLING, H. Sea venturers of Britain. 'Taffrail'. London, Collins' Clear-Type Press, (ca. 1930). Original pictorial cloth. With maps. XV,317 pp. On John Hawkins, Martin Frobisher, Drake, William Dampier, Anson, Cook, Franklin and Scott. [Boeknr.: 18487 ]

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TAYLOR, James. Marine painting. Images of sail, sea and shore. In association with the National Maritime Museum Greenwich. London, Studio Editions, 1995. 4to. Boards, with dust-jacket. With many coloured illustrations. 160 pp. 'From stormy seascapes and stirring sea battles to cosy cabin scenes and views along the sea shore, marine art encompasses an amazing range of subjects and styles. All the famous names associated with marine painting, including Turner, Monet and Whistler are featured in this superbly illustrated survey that spans more than three thousand years'. [Boeknr.: 35419 ]

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THOM, Alexander. Onderzoek naar den aard en koers der stormen in den Indischen Oceaan bezuiden de linie, ten einde derzelver oorsprong, uitgestrektheid ..en mede gepaard gaande verschijnselen te leeren kennen; met het praktisch doel om schepen in staat te stellen de nabijheid en betrekkelijke rigting der orkanen te kunnen bepalen. Uit het Engelsch vertaald door S. van Delden. Amsterdam, C.F. Stemler, 1849.Original blue boards (spine dam.). With folding chart of the Indian Ocean and 7 folding diagrams. XVI,368 pp. English edition published in London in 1845: An inquiry into the nature and course of storms in the Indian Ocean south of the Equator, with a view of discovering their origin, extent, rotatory character, rate and direction of progression, barometric depression...for the practical purpose of enabling ships to ascertain the proximity and relative position of hurricanes. Classic work by Thom, a surgeon in the Royal County Down Regiment. Much about Mauritius and the Rodriguez Hurricane of 1843.Cat. NHSM II, p.717 [Boeknr.: 20945 ]

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