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LARKIN, David. The marine paintings of Chris Mayger. New York, Peacock Press, 1976. 4to. Wrappers. With 40 coloured plates. [Boeknr.: 35473 ]

€ 30,00

LEãO, Francisco G. Cunha. O Índico na Biblioteca da Ajuda. Catálogo dos manuscritos relativos a Moçambique, Pérsia, Índia, Malaca, Molucas e Timor. Lisboa, 1998. Wrappers. 483 pp. [Boeknr.: 34336 ]

€ 45,00

LEBEER, Louis. Rodolphe Schönberg. Peintre-graveur. Étude critique et catalogue de l'oeuvre gravé. Rotterdam, Ad. Donker, 1949. 8vo. Cloth. With many plates (2 in colours). Limited edition of 560 copies. - The marine artist Rodolphe Schönberg (1901 - 1944) from Belgium worked by preference in the Dutch province of Zeeland. [Boeknr.: 35433 ]

€ 65,00

LEEK, Michael E. L'art des marines. Un hommage visuel à la réalisation des illustrations classiques de marines. Adaption Christian Pessey. (No pl.), MLP Éditions, 1999. Folio. Boards, with just-jacket. With many coloured plates. 192 pp. [Boeknr.: 35427 ]

€ 30,00

LEEUWAARDEN, Nicolaas Simon van). De godvreezende zeeman, ofte de nieuwe christelyke zeevaart .. te samen gesteld tot algemeene stichting, en bysonder van zeevarende lieden, en alle die by de zee woonen ofte belang hebben. De voorrede .. is opgesteld van Hieronymus Simons van Alphen. 8e druk. Amsterdam, Jan Morterre, 1758.Sm.8vo. Contemporary vellum (soiled). With engraved title-page after Jan Luyken. (56) 908 pp. First published in 1709; with old owner's name on first fly-leaf P. Reinhoud Bruinisse. - . - Eighteen editions were published between 1709-1902. Only few copies exist of each of the editions, all of them are rare, which means that this book was very popular and much used. It was part of the equipment of most ships. On Sundays, the skipper read from this for the foundation and sanctification of Sunday. Van Leeuwarden (1648-1730) was not a clergyman but probably an artisan. Included are prayers for the East India Company, and the whalers and hering fishers. The fine engraved title-page is made after Jan Luyken, also used for the first edition of 1709. Cf. de Groot, De 'Groote Christelycke Zee-vaert' en 'De God-vreezende Zeeman', hun meer dan driehonderjarige rol als toeverlaat voor de zeevarenden. - Some waterstaining otherwise fine.Cat. NHSM II, p.1021-22 (only 19th century ed.); not in Landwehr, VOC;.Van Eeghen-Van der Kellen 43 [Boeknr.: 36395 ]

€ 395,00

LEROUX, C.C.F.M. De Elcano's tocht door den Timor-archipel met Magelhaes' schip 'Victoria'. Weltreveden, G. Kolff & Co., (1928). Wrappers. With maps and plates. 99 pp. Account by Pigafetta of the voyage of De Elcano through the Timor Archipelago. [Boeknr.: 5464 ]

€ 45,00

LEROY-BEAULIEU, Paul. De la colonisation chez les peuples modernes. 6me édition complètement remaniée et considerablement augmentée. Paris, Félix Alcan, 1908. 2 volumes. Half cloth. XXIX,705; 705 pp. First published in 1874. - Chadenat II, 4062. [Boeknr.: 32087 ]

€ 95,00

LIISBERG, Bering. ( Ed.). Danmarks søfart og søhandel fra de aeldste tider til vore dage. Kobenhavn, 1919. 2 volumes. Original half leather, spines gilt. With 573 illustrations. 782,(2); 790,(2) pp. Profusely illustrated history of Danish sailing and merchant shipping. - A fine copy. [Boeknr.: 24506 ]

€ 95,00

LINSCHOTEN - GELDER, R. van, J. PARMENTIER, V. ROEPER. (Red.). Souffrir pour parvenir. De wereld van Jan Huygen van Linschoten. (Met bibliografie van Van Linschotens werken). Haarlem, Arcadia, 1998. Wrappers. With 30 illustrations. 208 pp. [Boeknr.: 19580 ]

€ 35,00

LUBBOCK, Basil. The last of the windjammers. Glasgow, Brown, Son & Ferguson, (1927-1929). 2 volumes.Original blue cloth gilt. With numerous plates and ships' plans. XIV,518; XV,443 pp. First edition (vol. I in second impression). - A windjammer is a type of sailing ship with a large iron hull, usually used for cargo in the nineteenth century until the 1930s. They were only produced from the 1870s to the 1890s and were the grandest of cargo sailing ships, with between three and five large masts and square sails, giving them a characteristic profile. - Standard work on large sailing ships. [Boeknr.: 2235 ]

€ 225,00

LÜTGEN, Kurt. Kapers, muiters, kapiteins. Historische zeeverhalen. Haarlem, Holland, (1972). Boards, with dust-jacket. 205 pp. [Boeknr.: 32313 ]

€ 18,00

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