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GUTHE, Hermann. Palästina. Bielefeld und Leizig, Velhagen & Klasing, 1908. Original wrappers. With folding coloured map and 142 photographic illustrations. 167 pp. - (Land und Leute. Monographien zur Erdkunde). [Boeknr.: 24703 ]

€ 25,00

HADLAND DAVIS, F. Mythen & legenden van Japan. Voor Nederland bewerkt door B.C. Goudsmit. 2e druk. Zutphen, W.J. Thieme & Co., 1917. Original decorated cloth, top edge gilt. With 32 coloured plates by Evelyn Paul. XIX,406 pp. [Boeknr.: 24842 ]

€ 30,00

HARNEY, W.E. Content to lie in the sun. (North Australia). London, The Adventurers Club, (1965). Boards. With some photographic illustrations. 208 pp. [Boeknr.: 19342 ]

€ 15,00

HARRISSON, Tom. Savage civilisation. London, Victor Gollancz, 1937. Original blue cloth. With maps (1 folding), illustrations and photographic illustrations. 461 pp. Tom Harnett Harrisson (1911 - 1976) was the officially ornithologist of the Oxford expedition to the New Hebrides. When the rest of the Oxford party left Santo Island for home in 1934, Harrisson got to Malekula, Vanuatu, where cannibalism was still widespread. [Boeknr.: 1343 ]

€ 95,00

HEDIN, Sven. Raadselen der Gobi. De Zweedsch-Duitsch-Chineesche ontdekkingsreis door de Gobi woestijn gedurende de jaren 1928-1930. Vertaald door C.C. Bender. Amsterdam, Elsevier, 1934. Half cloth. With photographic plates. 333 pp. First published in Swedish Gebiöknens Gåtor. Stockholm 1930. - Riddles of the Gobi dessert. The Sino-Swedish expedition to Central Asia. - (Foxed).Hess p.29; Yakushi H115. [Boeknr.: 26988 ]

€ 30,00

HEDIN, Sven. Der wandernde See. Leipzig, F.A. Brockhaus, 1937. Original cloth. With 10 maps and 151 photographic illustrations. 295 pp. First German edition; first published in Swedish Den vandrande sjõn. Stockholm, 1937. - Narrative of Hedin's travel to Lop-Nor, a former salt lake, now largely dried up, located between the Taklamakan and Kumtag deserts in the southeastern portion of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The expedition stumbled on the ancient buried city of Lou-lan (Loulan Yiji), but, being short of water and anxious to continue, no attempt was made to excavate the site (Howgego IV, p.435).Hess p.30. [Boeknr.: 23153 ]

€ 45,00

HEEPE, M. Jaunde-Wörterbuch. Unter Mitwirkung von P.H. Nekes. Hamburg, L. Friederichsen & Co., 1926. 8vo. Wrappers. XIV,257 pp. Hamburgische Universität. - A dictionary of the Bantu language Jaunde, spoken in the South of Cameroon. [Boeknr.: 24811 ]

€ 175,00

HERMANNS, Matthias. Die Nomaden von Tibet. Die sozial-wirtschaftlichen Grundlagen der Hirtenkulturen in A mdo und von Innerasien Ursprung und Entwicklung der Viehzucht. Wien, Herold, (1949). Half cloth. With 4 folding maps and 56 photographic illustrations. XVI,325 pp. First edition. - 'Mit der Darstellung der sozialwirtschaftlichen Grundlagen der Hirtenkulturen in Amdo und Innerasien gehört das Buch in seiner Zuverlässigkeit zu den besten und unentbehrlichen Arbeiten der gesamten Tibetliteratur' (Aschoff 857).Yakushi H149. [Boeknr.: 24188 ]

€ 45,00

HERSKOVITS, Melville J. & Frances S. Rebel destiny among the bush negroes of Dutch Guiana. (Evanston, 1934). Reprint. Amsterdam, Simon Emmering, (1960). Cloth, with dust-jacket. With 15 plates. XVII,366 pp. Melville Herskovits (1895-1963) carried out his first field research in company with his wife Frances in 1928-1929 in Suriname. [Boeknr.: 4718 ]

€ 25,00

HEYERDAHL, Thor. American Indians in the Pacific. The theory behind the Kon-Tiki expedition. Chicago, Rand McNally & Comp., (1953). 4to. Modern cloth. With 11 maps and 90 plates. XV,821 pp. Thor Heyerdahl (1914-2002), Norwegian ethnologist, zoologist, geographer and scientific explorer, proved his theories, which were met with resistance and criticism in 1947 on his celebrated 'Kon-Tike' expedition. 'The question to be dealt with in the present work is that of the complex origins of the Polynesian people, the easternmost islanders of the Pacific' (Introduction). [Boeknr.: 18536 ]

€ 95,00

HIRSCHBERG, W. Die Kulturen Afrikas. Wiesbaden, VMA-Verlag, (1980). Boards, with dust-jacket. With 165 illustrations. 390 pp. [Boeknr.: 26902 ]

€ 30,00

JUNOD, Henri Alexandre. The life of a South African tribe. Neuchatel, Attinger Frères, 1912-13.2 volumes. Original green pictorial cloth, gilt lettering, with dust-jackets. With map and many photographic illustrations. 500; 574 pp. First enlarged edition in English, first published in French Les Ba-Ronga, 1898. - Classic work on the natives of South-East Africa, the Tonga tribe. 'It is one of the finest ethnographical publications on this part of the sub-continent ever issued' (Mendelssohn I, p.796). Volume I: The social life; volume II: The psychic life. - A very fine copy.SAB II, p.714. [Boeknr.: 18954 ]

€ 375,00

KLEVER, U. Bruckmann's Handbuch der afrikanischen Kunst. München, Bruckmann, (1975). Cloth, with dust-jacket. With 242 photographic illustrations. 256 pp. [Boeknr.: 27178 ]

€ 35,00

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