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BOLTS, Willem. État civil, politique et commerçant, du Bengale; ou histoire des conquêtes & de l'administration de la Compagnie Angloise dans ce pays. Ouvrage traduit de l'Anglois. La Haye, Gosse, 1775.2 volumes in 1. Contemporary mottled calf (rebacked, original gilt spine mounted). With 2 engraved frontispieces and large folding engraved map. XL,222; 240 pp. First French edition; first published in English Civil, political, and commercial state of Bengal. London, 1773. - Willem Bolts (ca. 1740-1808) was a Dutch adventurer who entered the English East India Company in Bengal, and got into trouble for private trading in the name of the East India Company. The government of Benares sent him off to England as a prisoner. He sought legal action against them, but ruined himself in the proces. This vigorous exchange of views developed into a bitter controversy and played an important part in fuelling the extensive public debate that was taking place on the subject of the East India Company's operations in India. The French translation was made by Jean Nicolas Demeunier. - Pasted in is a letter in French, dated 1776, dealing with the ceding of Benares by the Rajah to the English East India Company.Cox I, p.299; Chadenat 2791. [Boeknr.: 20858 ]

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HAAFNER, Jacob. Reize naar Bengalen en terugreize naar Europa. Volgens .. nagelatene papieren uitgegeven door C.M. Haafner. Amsterdam, Johannes van der Hey, 1822.Original boards (spine dam.). With engraved title-page with illustration depicting the tomb of Bahder Saheb on the Hooghly river, folding plate depicting the Hooghly river near Calcutta and hand-coloured plate depicting two servants, after the author by P. Velijn. XVI,415 pp. First edition. - Account of a voyage by palanquin to Bengal and the return voyage home. 'Jacob Haafner (1754-1809) was a proficient writer who produced a whole series of books on his adventures in late 18th century Malabar and Ceylon. He mixed up facts, romance and strong prejudices in very readable stories which provide insight into typical English Enlightment views on colonial and Indian society' (Coolhaas p.66-67). Tiele 437; Cat. NHSM I, p.121; Landwehr, Coloured Plates, 299; Landwehr, VOC, 354. [Boeknr.: 8630 ]

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HEYDEN, Frans Jansz. van der. Vervarelyke schip-breuk van't Oost-Indisch jacht Ter Schelling, onder het landt van Bengale; verhalende desselfs ongelucken, en den gruwelyken hongersnood van 32 schip-breukelingen op zeker onbewoont eiland, daer zy van't wrak met een vlot aanquamen. Hoe sy van het selve eiland in Bengale landen, en voorts in't veld-leger van den Grooten Mogol, tot in't koningryck van Assam landewaerts opgevoert zijn. Beneffens een bondige beschryving der koningrijken van Arrakan, Bengale, Martavan, Tanassery. 4e druk. Harderwijk, Dirk en Jan Rampen, 1707.4to. Old half cloth. With large woodcut vignette on title-page and 18 woodcuts in the text. 96 pp. First edition was published in Amsterdam in 1648; with bookplate of J. Verheus. - Shipwreck on a desert island, hunger, and cannibalism are the themes in this journal kept by Franz Janszoon van der Heiden, a member of the crew. The ship left Batavia (Jakarta) under captain Jacob Jansz. Stroom in 1661 and wrecked on a sandbank off the shore of Bengal and finally reached mainland Bengal where they were conscripted into the Mogul army to fight against the kingdom of Assam. The gruesome massacre of captives by the Nabob is described and followed by accounts of the kingdoms of Arrakan, Martabab, Tanassery, Bengala and Patan along the coast of the Bay of Bengal from modern Bangladesh to Burma. One of the most well-known Dutch books of a disastrous voyage by the Dutch East India Company (VOC). - Fine.Landwehr, VOC, 422; Tiele 462; Cat. NHSM I, p.188; Huntress 23 C; Lach, Asia in the making of Europe III, p.496. [Boeknr.: 34749 ]

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HOOGHLY. Aanwysing der voornaamste wooningen, poorten, thuynen, tanken, enz. op Hoegly A 1721. (Dordrecht, Amsterdam, Joannes van Braam, Gerard onder de Linden, 1724).Engraved plan of the trading post of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in Hooghly in Bengal, with ships in the foreground and legend with names of the buildings, gardens, etc. Ca. 28 x 36,5 cm. From: François Valentijn. Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indiën. - Among other European powers that came to Hooghly were the Portuguese, the Danish, the British, the French, the Belgians and the Germans. Dutch traders centered their activities in the town Chuchura which is south of Hooghly. Chandannagar became the base of the French and the city remained under their control from 1816 to 1950. Similarly, the Danish establishment a settlement in Serampore (1755). All these towns are on the west bank of the Hooghly River and served as ports. Among these European countries, the British ultimately became most powerful. Landwehr, VOC, 467. [Boeknr.: 13950 ]

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KÜHNE-VAN DIGGELEN, Wiet. Jan Albert Sichterman, VOC-dienaar en 'koning' van Groningen. Groningen, 1995. Wrappers. With many illustrations (some in colours). 128 pp. [Boeknr.: 9424 ]

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PARMENTIER, Jan. De holle Compagnie. Smokkel en legale handel onder Zuidnederlandse vlag in Bengalen, ca. 1720-1744. Hilversum, Verloren, 1992. 4to. Wrappers. With many illustrations. 96 pp. [Boeknr.: 10786 ]

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PRIMS, Floris Hubert Lodewijk. De oorlog van mijnheer Cobbé. Geschiedenis van de reis van luitenant-generaal Cobbé, van zijn onderhandelingen met den Nabab en van zijn oorlog tegen de Mooren 1722-1724. Naar de bronnen bewerkt. Antwerpen, N.V. Leeslust, 1927. 4to. Original pictorial wrappers (sl. dam.). With illustrations by M. Pauwaert. 352 pp. Floris Prims describes the sad journey of the last private ship that went to Bengal early in the eigteenth century. [Boeknr.: 33717 ]

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