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SAMBERG, Jan Willem. De Hollandsche Gereformeerde Gemeente te Smirma. De geschiedenis eener handelskerk. Leiden, Eduard IJdo, 1928. Wrappers. With 2 plates (1 folding). X,254 pp. - (Thesis). [Boeknr.: 6311 ]

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SANDYS, (George). Voyagien, behelsende een historie van de oorspronckelijcke ende tegenwoordige standt des Turcksen rijcks: hare wetten/ regeeringe/ politie/ krijghs-macht/ hooven van justitie/ ende koophandel. Als mede, van Egypten .. Neffens een beschrijvinge van het H. Landt .. Eyndelyck, Italien beschreven met hare nabuerighe eylanden; als Cyprus/ Creta/ Malta/ Sicilia/ de Aolische eylanden; van Roomen/ Venetien/ Napels/ Syracusa/ Mesena/ Aetna/ Scylla/ ende Charybdis/ etc. Uyt 't Engels vertaelt door J. G(lazemaker). Amsterdam, Jacob Beniamin,1653.4to. Later marbled boards. With engraved title, 3 engraved plates and 26 full or half-page engravings in the text. 292 pp. First Dutch edition, first published in London in 1615: A relation of a journey begun an.Dom. 1610. Foure bookes, containing a description of the Turkish Empire, of Egypt, of the Holy Land, of the remote parts of Italy, and islands adjoyning - George Sandys (1578-1644) was the son of the Archbishop of York and a literary figure of some standing. In 1609 he set sail for the East and he spent the next year travelling in Turkey, Egypt and Palestine and later studied antiquities in Rome. His observations first appeared in English in 1615 and his text was soon regarded as a special authority on the Levant. He has been called the first 'classical tourist' of England. Sandys also was interested in colonial promotion, and was one of the undertakers named in the third charter of the Virginia Company in 1611, and later treasurer and a member of the Council. This book also became popular in the Netherlands and was several times republished. - A fine clean copy.Tiele 959; Cat. NHSM I, p.255; Blackmer Collection 1484 (English edition); Atabey Collection 1087 (English edition); Weber 245; Röhricht p.232; Ibrahim-Hilmy p.210; O'Neill, The Ömer Koç Collection, 37 (English ed.); Tobler p.91-92. [Boeknr.: 33658 ]

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SANDYS/ LE BLANC/ PINTO/ LITHGOUW. Four 17th century Dutch editions of classic travel-accounts of all parts of the world, bound in one volume. Translated by J.H. Glazemaker. Amsterdam, 1653-1654.4 volumes in 1. 4to. Contemporary vellum, munuscript names of authors on spine. With engraved plates. An attractive copy in very good condition. - With the bookplate of F.C. Koch.SANDYS, George. Voyagien, behelsende een historie .. des Turckenrijkcks .. als mede; van Aegypten .. neffens een beschrijvinge van het H. Landt .. eyndlyck, Italien beschreven met hare naburige eylanden .. Uyt't Engels vertaelt door I.G. Amsterdam, Jacob Benjamin, 1653. With engraved title and 29 engraved plates and illustrations. 292 pp.First Dutch edition. - George Sandys (1578-1644) travelled in Turkey, Egypt and Palestine and later studied antiquities in Rome. He has been called the first 'classic tourist' of England.Tiele 959; Cat. NHSM I, p.255.LE BLANC, Vincent. De vermaarde reizen die hy sedert d'ouderdom van veertien jaren, tot aan die van zestig, in de vier delen des werrelts gedaan heeft; te weten in Oost- en Westindien, in Persien, Arabien, Pegu, en in meest alle de landen van Oostindien, in de koninkrijken van Fez en Marokko, in Guinea, en in't geheel innerlijk deel van Afrika, van de Kaap de Bone Esperance af, tot in Alexandria .. Nieuwelijks door J.H. Glazemaker uit de Fransche in de Nederlantsche taal vertaalt. Amsterdam, Jan Hendriksz & Jan Rieuwertsz., 1654. With engraved title and 7 engraved plates. 152; 116 pp.First Dutch edition. - Vincent Le Blanc (1554 - ca. 1640) seems to have travelled to most parts of the known world. 'Whether a book of authentic travels or a book of imagination and compilation, the fact remains that it was very succesful' (Borba de Moraes I, p.460.Tiele 647; Cat. NHSM I, p.133.PINTO, Fernao Mendes. De wonderlyke reizen .. die hy in de tijt van eenëntwintig jaren in Europa, Asia en Afrika, in de koninkrijken en landen van Abissyna, China, Japon, Tartarien, Siam, Calaminham, Pegu, Martabane, Bengale, Brama, Ormus, Batas, Queda, Aru, Pan, Ainan, Calempluy, Cochinchina, en byna ontellijke andere landen en plaatsen gedaan heeft. Nieuwelijks door J.H. Glazemaker vertaalt. Amsterdam, Jan Rieuwertsz. & Jan Hendriksz., 1653. With engraved title and 7 engraved plates. 280 pp.First Dutch edition 1652. - Fernao Mendes Pinto's (1509/10 - 1583) famous Peregrinaçao (1614) is now regarded as one of the finest travel books of all times. He draws on virtually everything he ever heard about Asia, blending a mixture of fact and fiction into an account of his own travels.Tiele 863; Cat. NHSM I, p.219.LITHGOW, William. 19 jaarige lant-reyse, uyt Schotlant nae de vermaerde deelen des werelts Europa, Asia en Africa .. het besichtigen van 48 oude en moderne koninckrijcken, 21 republijcken, 10 absolute vorstendommen, en 200 eylanden. .. Uyt't Engels overgeset. Amsterdam, Jacob Benjamin, 1653. With engraved title and 7 engraved plates and illustrations. (4),186; 98 pp.First Dutch edition 1652. - William Lithgow (1582 - 1645 ?) travelled, in three journeys and mostly on foot, through Europe, Greece, Turkey, Crete, the Levant, Egypt and North Africa, covering in all, he estimated, more than 36.000 miles. Embedded in his euphuistic narrative are the first reports of such novelties as coffe-drinking in Europe, Turkish baths, the Aleppo-Baghdad pigeon post, artificial incubation, and Turkish tobacco pipes.Tiele 695; Cat. NHSM I, p.133. [Boeknr.: 29013 ]

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SANSOVINO, Francesco. Historia universale dell origine guerre et imperio de Turchi. Raccolta, & in diversi luoghi di nuovo ampliata, … Con le querre successe in Persia, in Ongaria, in Transilvania, Valchia, sino l’anno 1600. Venice, Alessandro di Vecchi, 1600.Small 4to. Old half vellum, with black morocco title label on spine. With engraved vignette portrait on title-page, repeated later in the text with 14 other engraved portraits of different Sultans, woodcut headpiece and decorative woodcut initials. (5), 557 lvs.. First published at Venice in 1560 - 1561 without illustrations. With ownership stamps and bookplate of Loenis Olschki. - The work contains an important collection of source material of the Turks edited by Sansovino. It includes the report by the Bishop Leonoard of Chios on the fall of Constantiniople, written only a few weeks after the Turks took over the city, and also the important work by Spandugino comprising the earliest description of Ottoman manners, religion and government. Excerpts from Menavino, Cambini, Giovio and Barletius are also included (Blackmer p. 314).Francesco Sansovino was born in Rome in 1521 and brought to Venice following the sack of his native city in 1527. He studied law in Padua and Bologna. After attempting a career as courtier at the court of Pope Julius III, he eventually returned to Venice. There he married and lived quiet until his death in 1583. A more favourable view of the Turks was put forwards by the famous Venetian historiographer Francesco Sansovino, where he depicted a more enlightened vision of the Ottoman prince within the Renaissance framework, drawing similarities between the figures of the Greaco-Roman antiquity and certain Ottoman Sultan (Soykut 2003 / p. 58).Atabey Collection 1088 (ed. of 1560): an important and influential history; Blackmer Collection. 1487 (ed. of 1654); Göllner 1243. [Boeknr.: 28643 ]

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SCHAEPS, J., K. van OMMEN, A. VROLIJK. (Red.). Oostersche weelde. De Oriënt in westerse kunst en cultuur. Met een keuze uit de verzamelingen van de Leidse Universiteitsbibliotheek. Leiden, Primavera Pers, 2005. Wrappers. With many illustrations (several in colours). 272 pp. Dealing with centuries of interaction between Christian Europe and the Islamic Middle East. [Boeknr.: 28879 ]

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SCHENK, Pieter. Nova et accuata tabula sedis belli in regno Hungariae. Accedunt cetera regna, Sclavonia, Croatia, Bosnia et Servia, ut et princip septimotium. Amsterdam, 1717.Engraved map of Hungary, Transylvania, Slavonia, Bosnia, Croatia and Dalmatia, decorated in the upper right corner showing a battle scene of the Austrian troops and the Turkish troops. Ca. 51 x 57 cm. Map of Hungary after Comte Luigi Marsigli (1658-1730), an Italian military engineer who surveyed Hungary and the Danube 1696-99 after the peace agreement between Austria and the Ottoman Empire.Depicting the Christian territories in Europe under Ottoman rule. In 1687 the Christian allies regained Hungary and the south of the Peloponnese fell to the Venetians. These wars diverted the attention of the public to the European frontiers of the Ottoman Empire. Numerous maps were issued to illustrate the fighting between the Ottoman and the West. Commercial publishers in the Low Countries such as Johannes Danckerts (Amsterdam / ca. 1690) and Pieter Schenk (Amsterdam / ca. 1695) produced maps of south - east Europe in large format. They refer to the “Christian kingdom” of Hungary, Greece and the Peleponnese, and a ‘Cristianised’ Apollo is the main feature of the decorative cartouche. The basic purpose of these maps was to provide the European public with cartographic images of the contemporary theatre of war. (Tolias 2011, p. 219 - 223) [Boeknr.: 35366 ]

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SCHUBERT, Gotthilf Heinrich. Reise in das Morgenland in den Jahren 1836 und 1837. Neue Auflage. Erlangen, J.J. Palm und Ernst Ente, 1839-1840.3 volumes. Contemporary half calf, spines gilt and lettered in gilt. With large folding engraved map. XVIII,532; XIV,591; XX,576 pp. First published in 1838. - Schubert (1780-1860) travelled in Turkey (first volume devoted largely to Constantinople), Greece, Egypt and the Holy Land in 1836-37 with the artist Johann Martin Bernatz. - (Some foxing). - Fine set.Blackmer Collection 1510; Atabey Collection 1110; Tobler p.228; Weber 317. [Boeknr.: 28262 ]

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SCHUSTER, David. Mahomets und Türcken Grewel/ Vorgestellt durch eine kurtze historische Entwerffung/ so viel desselbigen an sein Mahomets selbst eygener Person/ abschewlichen Lehr/ seinen Nachfolgern an Mord/ Regiment/ Lehr und Glauben sich befindet: woraus das Ottomanische Reich ensprungen .. Wie der Türckische Hoff an Amptleuthen und officiren bestellt ... Wie lang dieser Mahometisch und Turckische Grewel etwan annoch wehren solle. Alles dem gemeinen Teutschen Mann zum besten .. Francfurt am Mayn, Johann Baptista Schonwetters. 1664.5 volumes in 1. 4to. Contemporary vellum (sl. soiled). With engraved title-page, 4 engraved half-titles and 7 engraved plates (5 folding). (8), 418 pp. Apparently first collected edition, compiled from various sources, including early Turkish histories. (Blackmer 352.) Rare popular description of the Ottoman Empire, with emphasis on the wars of the Ottomans with Austria in the 16th and 17th century. Schuster has prefaced his historical narrative with an account of Islam. With fine engraved battle-scens.Apponyi 2080; Atabey 1111; Weber 1663 - 712. [Boeknr.: 17329 ]

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SCHUYLER, Eugene. Turkistan. Notes of a journey in Russian Turkistan, Khokand, Bukhara, and Kuldja. New York, Scribner, Armstrong & Co., 1876.2 volumes. Original decorated cloth gilt (top of spines sl. dam.). With 3 folding maps and woodengraved plates and illustrations. XII,411; VIII,463 pp. First edition. - Schuyler, an American career diplomat, went to Turkistan in 1873 while serving as consul-general in St. Petersburg. 'The chief aim of my journey in Central Asia was to study the political and social condition of the regions which had been recently annexed by Russia, as well as to compare the state of the inhabitants under Russian rule with that of those still living under the despotism of the Khans. In this I was a measure successful' (Preface). Volume I contains chapters on the Syr Darya, Tashkent, Muslim life in Tashkent, bazaars and trade, Samarkand, the Zarafshan Valley, and Hodjent (present-day Khujand, Tajikistan) and Kurama (present-day Tajikistan and Uzbekistan). Volume II contains chapters on Khokand, Bukhara, Issyk Kul (present-day Kyrgyzstan) and Semiretch (present-day Semirech'e, Kazakhstan), and Kuldja ( present-day China). Including a summary of early Chinese and medieval European travelers to Central Asia and the accounts of their voyages. - A nice set.Cordier, BS, col. 2616; Nerhood 313; Yakushi S99b. [Boeknr.: 11555 ]

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SCHWARZ, Franz von. Turkestan, die Wiege der indogermanischen Völker. Nach fünfzehnjährigem Aufenthalt in Turkestan. Freiburg, Herder, 1900.Original pictorial cloth (1 hinge dam.).. With coloured frontispiece, folding map and 178 illustrations. XX,606 pp. Illustrierte Bibliothek der Länder und Völkerkunde. - The author stayed in Tashkent surveying astronomy and meteorology for 15 years, and describes Russian Turkestan. Yakushi p.348. [Boeknr.: 21472 ]

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SCHWARZ, Franz von. Turkestan, die Wiege der indogermanischen Völker. Nach fünfzehnjährigem Aufenthalt in Turkestan. Freiburg, Herder, 1900.Later half cloth, original pictorial wrappers preserved. With coloured frontispiece, folding map and 178 illustrations. XX,606 pp. Illustrierte Bibliothek der Länder und Völkerkunde. - The author stayed in Tashkent surveying astronomy and meteorology for 15 years, and describes Russian Turkestan. - (With library stamp).Yakushi p.348. [Boeknr.: 36025 ]

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SEHR TRÖSTLICHE NEWE ZEITUNG/ wie der Allmechtige Gott abermals gnedige Hülffe seiner Christenheit/ in geringer und kleiner Anzahl/ wider den Blutdürstigen Erbfeind Christliches Namens/ den Türcken bewiesen/ und glücklichen Sieg geben. Den 27. Octobris dieses 1593 Jahrs. (Leipzig, Michael Stoll, 1593).4to. Speckled boards. With fine woodcut on title-page. (4) lvs. Extremely rare 'newsletter' on the war against the Turks in Central Europe. Only 1 copy in WorldCat. [Boeknr.: 20702 ]

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SEYFRIED, Johann Heinrich. Türckische Gross-Macht/ Türckisches Prahl-sacht/ und Türckisches Hab-Acht: oder Türckische Reichs-Beschreibung/ Zusamt den Gewinn und Verlust/ auf Christlich- und Türckischer Seiten/ was sich/ seit Anno 1683. bis zu Anfang des 1687sten Jahrs, für herzliche Siege und Eroberungen/ unterschieslicher Städte/ Landschafften/ und berühmter Vestungen.. zugetragen. Alles nervös und lesswürdig/ dem Curiösen Liebhaber zur Belustigung verabfasset/ in Acht sonderbaren Theilen. Nürnberg, Joh. Leonhard Buggel, 1687.12mo. Contemporary vellum. With engraved frontispiece. 312 pp. Second edition. - History of the Turkish power and influence and their customs and religion. This work was inspired by the victories of the Austrians against the Turcs, 1684 - 85, following the unsuccesfull siege of Vienna. The map, mentioned on the title-page, probably was never published. (Atabey 1129 , Latin edition of 1685 only). - (Age-browned). [Boeknr.: 23071 ]

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SHEYKH-ZADA. The history of the forty vezirs or the story of the forty morns and eves. Written in Turkish .. done into English by E.J.W. Gibb. London, George Redway, 1886.Original decorated cloth (stained). XL,420 pp. First edition. - Important collection of oriental tales known as the Forty Viziers with the similar frame-narrative structure as The thousand and one nights. [Boeknr.: 36093 ]

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SKENE, James Henry. The Danubian Principalities, the Frontier Lands of the Christian and the Turk. By a British resident of twenty years in the East. 3rd edition. London, Richard Bentley, 1854.2 volumes. Contemporary straight grained calf, gilt fillets round sides, spines richly gilt with red and green morocco labels (spine vol. II slightly soiled). With steelengraved view of Jassy (sl. foxed) and folding map. VIII,423; 421 pp. First published in 1853. - James Henry Skene (1812-1886) was a Scottish diplomat and traveller. After serving some years in the army he sold his commission and became attached to the service of Lord Stratford de Redcliffe, English Ambassador at Constantinople after serving with him in the Crimean War. He was appointed Consul-General at Aleppo, in Syria in 1855 and served there until about 1880. The travels described in this work were made in 1850-1851 and include impressions of Croatia, Slavonia, Bosnia, Hungary, Wallachia, Moldavia, Serbia and Bulgaria. - A fine copy.Atabey Collection 1141 (note); Weber 496; not in Blackmer. [Boeknr.: 35203 ]

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SMITH, Jerome van Crowninshield. Turkey and the Turks. 2nd edition. Boston, J. French and Comp., 1857. Original embossed cloth. With frontispiece, facsimile and 10 wood-engravings. 336 pp. First published in 1852. - The travels described are undated but must have taken place in connection with his trip to Egypt in the winter of 1850-51 (Blackmer 1559). [Boeknr.: 3554 ]

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SOITER, Melchior. De bello Pannonico, per illustrissimum principem dominum ac dominum Fridericum Comitem Palatinum Rheni Bavariaeque ducem perque optimum, adversus Soleymannum Turcarem Tyrannum & Amyram…. Item strategemation ac rerum turcicarum epithome …. Item de Turcarem militaribus magistrattibus. (Augsburg), Augustae Vindelicorum Alexander Weissenborn excudat, 1538.4to. Recent blind-tooled period style calf. With full-page woodcut of the Duke Friedrich in full armour on horseback (by Michael Ostendorfer?) and 6 large woodcut initials. (71) lvs. (old manuscript numbering on upper outer corner ). First edition; with the bookplate of Sefik E. Atabey. - Melchior Soiter was a lawyer born in Windau (Curland), who covered several dignities in the organization of the Holy Roman Empire and participated personally to the campaign he describes in this book. The first section gives an account of the Turkish invasion into Hungary in 1529-30, and the unsuccessful siege of Vienna. The second section, written by the jurist Johannes Schnotenbeck, is an accurate explanation of the Ottoman military functionaries with several details on the tasks of every officer and a final economical statistics of the Turkish Empire, considering both its European and Asiatic territories. Apponyi I, 269; Atabey Collection 1152; Göllner 626; not in the Blackmer Collection. [Boeknr.: 28963 ]

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SOMER, Jan. Zee en landt reyse, gedaen naer de Levante, als Italien, Candien, Cypres, Egypten, Rhodes, Archipelago, Turckyen: en wederom door Duytslant. Waer in veele aenmerckens waerdige saken verhaelt worden. Desen tweden druck vermeerdert met de maniere van leven, gods-dienst, ceremonien, wetten, en krijghs-handel der Turcken, en hoe wreet sy met de slaven handelen. Beschreven door een Christen slaaf, die 13 jaar aldaer ghevangen heeft geweest. Amsterdam, Joost Hartgers, 1649.4to. Modern boards. With woodcut vignette on title-page and 6 half-page engravings. 47 lvs. First edition published the same year. - Jan Somer (ca. 1560-1640) a Dutchman from the province of Zeeland claims that he started his voyage in 1590 and returned in the autumn of 1592. There are several inconsistencies in the text, however, which make a large part of his itinery doubtful. It is conceivable that Jan Somer never travelled at all, but is one of the many plagiarists of his time. Somer was widely read, however, and had the reputation of being a famous traveller who wrote excellent accounts of his extensive journeys (Koster, To Hellen's noble land, 13). Including accounts of Alexandria, Cairo, the Red Sea area and Turkey. The treatise on the Turcks is a translation of B. Georgiewitz's De Turcarum moribus epitome, 1544. - A fine copy.Tiele 1014; Cat. NHSM I, p.255-256; Ibrahim-Hilmy II, p.244; Tobler p.86. [Boeknr.: 15953 ]

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SPANDUGINO, Theodoro. Beschreibung der kaiserlichen Statt Constantinopel derselben gegendt/ gelegenhait/ Erbawung und bewonung: Dergleichen der Türcken ursprung/ anfang/ jr Regierung: wie das Hauss Ottomani darzu kommen/ und von ainem auf den anndern erwachsen ist: Auch aines yeden besonnder begangne fürnemlichste thaten/ bis auf den yetzt regierenden Solyman/ Des selben Hofhaltung/ Frawenzimmer/ Räten/ Dienern/ Hauptleuten, Provisionern, Kriegsleuten, und derselben aller Besö, vom minsten bis zum maisten/ Besatzung unnd Regierung aller seiner Reich/ und Land, wie die seinen und grenitzen/ seine Einkommen und was/ darauf geet, usw. Auss Italianischen verteütscht. Augspurg, Melcher Kriesstein, 1543.4to. Old boards with gilt initials (H.T.) and library coat of arms on covers. (16) lvs. Copy from the famous French travel collection of Henry Ternaux-Compas, with his initials and library coat of arms on covers (Guigard, Nouvel armorial II, 445). Kurze Beschreibung von Konstantinopel der eine Liste der Sultane folgt. Kompilation, die sich hauptsächlich auf Sandugino stützt (Göllner p. 382).Teodoro Spandugino hatte als Kind in Konstantinopel gelebt und war dan nach Venedig geflohen. Sein literarischen Werk über das Osmanische Reich ist gekennzeichnet durch den Versuch den Beweis zu führen, dass es in vielen Beziehungen eine Fortsetzung des Byzantinischen Reiches sei. Seine Wertung und Beschreibung türkischen Sitten und Gewohnheiten ist frei von den Vorurteilen seiner Zeitgenossen (Göllner p.112) Göllner 815; Cf.Angus O’Neill, Koç collection, 9. [Boeknr.: 35526 ]

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SPANDUGINO, Theodoro. I commentari di Theodoro Spandugino Cantacuscino Gentilhuomo Constinopolitano, dell 'origine de principi Turchi, & de' costumi di quella natione. Fiorenza, apresso Lorenzo Torrentino, 1551.Sm.8vo. Contemporary limp vellum, rebacked with old vellum with title in manuscript on spine. With printer's device on title-page and decorated initials. (16),202,(1) pp. First Italian edition. - Teodoro Spandugino hatte als Kind in Konstantinopel gelebt und war dan nach Venedig geflohen. Sein literarischen Werk über das Osmanische Reich ist gekennzeichnet durch den Versuch den Beweis zu führen, dass es in vielen Beziehungen eine Fortsetzung des Byzantinischen Reiches sei. Seine Wertung und Beschreibung türkischen Sitten und Gewohnheiten ist frei von den Vorurteilen seiner Zeitgenossen (Göllner p.112). Spandugino, or Spandounes, was a well-connected Christian of Byzantine Greek extraction (his mother was a Cantacuzene) whose family had settled in Venice after 1453. He seems to have travelled to Constantinople in c. 1503. He began compilling this account of Ottoman history as a way of coping with the shock of events. His text was first written in Italian in c. 1509 and published in a French translation in Paris in 1519, followed by a German translation in Bamberg in 1523; but he later revised the text more than once, with the final version being presented to Henry of Valois (later king Henry II) in 1538. Although Spandugino’s account was primarily intended to alert Christians to the dangers of Ottoman power, his descriptions are accurate and reliable, and the book remains one of the major sources of information about Constantinople in the early years of the 16th century (Angus O’Neill, Koç collection, 9). - (Some marginal foxing and light damstain to corner of some leaves).Atabey Collection French ed. of 1896 only; Gollner 912. [Boeknr.: 29994 ]

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SPENCER, Edmund. Travels in Circassia, Krim-Tartary, etc. , including a steam voyage down the Danube, from Vienna to Constantinople, and round the Black Sea. 3rd edition. London, Henry Colburn, 1839.2 volumes. Contemporary calf, rebacked with the original spines laid down, spines with green labels (sl. dam.). With folding map, 2 hand-coloured lithographed frontispieces, 2 woodengraved vignettes on title-pages, 2 pp. musical scores, 2 lithographed plates and 16 wood-engravings. XXII,392; XI,415 pp. First published in 1837. - In 1829 the Ottoman Turks were forced to cede Circassia to Russia, at this time the Circassians, who are Moslems, occupied almost the entire area between the main Caucasian range, the Kuban River, and the Black Sea. Edmund Spencer travelled from Vienna to the Black Sea, to Stamboul, Constantinople and extensively in the lands bordering that sea, including visits to the Crimea and to Circassia, the Adyghe Republic and the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic. - Tear in 1 leaf otherwise a very fine copy.Blackmer Collection 1580; Atabey Collection 1164; Abbey, Travel, 354; Cat. Russica 1826. [Boeknr.: 9638 ]

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STEEVENS, George Warrington. With the conquering Turk. Confessions of a Bashi-Bazouk. Edinburgh, London, William Blackwood and Sons, 1897.Original red cloth, spine lettered in gilt. With 4 folding coloured maps. VI,315;32 pp. First edition; with autograph dedication by Bertha Steevens, 'in memory of the author'. - George Warrington Steevens (1869 -1900) was a British journalist and writer. He was the most famous war correspondent of his time and was present during the Greco-Turkish war of 1897. - A fine copy. [Boeknr.: 28844 ]

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STRUVE, Johann Christoph Gustav von. Voyage en Krimée. Suivi de la relation de l Ambassade envoyee de Pétersbourg à Constantinople en 1793. Publié par un jeune Russe, attaché à cette Ambassade. Traduit de l’Allemand par L.A. Delamarre. Paris, Maradan, 1802.Contemporary tree calf, spine richly gilt. VIII,398,(2) pp. First French edition of Reise eines jungen Russen von Wien über Jassy in die Krimm und ausführliches Tagebuch der im Jahre 1793 von St. Petersburg nach Constantinopel geschickten russisch-kaiserlichen Gesandtschaft, Gotha 1801. - Johann Christoph Gustav von Struve was born on 26 September 1763 in Regensburg in the Kingdom of Bavaria during the Holy Roman Empire of German States to notable diplomat Anton Sebastian von Struve, the Russian ambassador to the Reichstag. His mother was Johanne Dorothea Werner of Sondershausen in the Thuringian States. In Stuttgart on 18 May 1793, Gustav married Sibilla Christiane Friederike von Hochstetter, the daughter of the noted German political leader, Johann Amand Andreas von Hochstetter and Elisabeth Friederike von Buehler. They had eleven known children. Gustav, as he was known, was a signer to the Treaty of Paris of 1814. 'A lively and detailed description of diplomatic ceremonial at its apogee' (Ömer Koç Collection I, 180). - Four leaves with small marginal stain, otherwise a very attractive copy.Atabey Collection 1182; Catalogue Russica II, 2908; not in Weber and Blackmer. [Boeknr.: 35204 ]

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SUMMARISCHE RELATION, was sich in währender Belägerung der Stadt Wienn in/ und ausser der deroselben zwischen dem Feind und Belägerten von Tag zu Tag zugetragen. Ordentlich und mit sonderbaren Fleiss beschriben und im Druck gegeben/ von einem in gedachter Statt mitbelägert-gewesten Hof-Cantzley bedienten. Regenspurg, Paul Dalnsteiner, 1683.4to. With woodcut on title-page and large woodcut tailpiece at the end. (8) lvs. Sturminger 2483. [Boeknr.: 35250 ]

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SUMMARISCHER BERICHT dess bey Barcan von den käyserlichen und königl. pollnischen Armeen mit denen Türcken gehaltenen zweymahligen blutigen Gefechts/ und darauf erfolgter glücklicher Eroberung der Staat Barcan. Regenspurg, Augustus Haniviss, 1683.4to. With woodcut on title-page. (4) lvs Not in Apponyi. - (Browned). [Boeknr.: 35251 ]

€ 695,00

SUMMARISCHER INHALT EINES ITALIÄNISCHEN TRACTÄTLEINS/ genannt le Ragioni, di sua Sta. il Papa Innocentio XII .. das ist: die Ursachen/ welche der heilige Papst Innocentius XII. den Frieden unter den Christlichen Potentaten zu schliessen: und dagegen den Krieg mit den Türcken fortzusetzen/ anführe/ mit unterschiedlichen Motiven bestärcket. (No pl.), 1692 (=1712). 4to. Marbled wrappers. (6) lvs. Innozenz XII war in 1691 als Kompromisskandidat der pro habsburgischen und der pro franzosischen Partei zum Papst gewählt worden. Aus dieser Mittelstellung heraus versuchte er einen Ausgleich zwischen beide Lagern herbeizuführen, um Ludwig XIV aus seinem Zweckbundnis mit den Türcken zu lösen. Der vorliegende Flugschrift ist der Form nach eine Würdigung des päpslichen Versuchs, dem Inhalt nach eine harte und eindeutige Darstellung des habsburgischien Position. Die Jahrangabe auf dem Titel ist offensichtlich fehlerhaft. Innozenz XII regierte von 1691 - 1700 und gleich zu Begin wird die Eroberung von Namur durch die Franzosen (1692) erwähnt. [Boeknr.: 28409 ]

€ 495,00

THE GRAPHIC. The Eastern Question - The war in the East. London, July 1 - December 30, 1876.Modern cloth. More than 200 woodengravings on 73 leaves (3 double-page). Each leaf ca. 30 x 39 cm (including margins). Odd illustrations from: The Graphic. An illustrated weekly newspaper. Volume XIV, 1876. - The fine engravings, 'sketched by our special artist' depict scenes of the war in the Balkan between the 'League of the three emperors' (Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia) and other countries in the Balkan against the Ottoman Empire. [Boeknr.: 30982 ]

€ 375,00

THEUNISSEN, H., A. ABELMANN & W. MEULENKAMP. ( Red.). Topkapi & Turkomanie. Turks-Nederlandse ontmoetingen sinds 1600. Amsterdam, De Bataafsche Leeuw, 1989. 8vo. Wrappers. With many illustrations (several in colours). 232 pp. [Boeknr.: 79 ]

€ 35,00

THIELMANN, Max von. Journey in the Caucasus, Persia, and Turkey in Asia. Translated by Charles Heneage. London, John Murray, 1875.2 volumes in 1. Original green pictorial cloth gilt, a.e.g. With folding map and 14 woodengraved plates. XV,308; X,302 pp. First English edition; first published in Leipzig in 1875 Streifzüge im Kaukasus, in Persien und in der asiatischen Türkei. - An account of a journey undertaken in 1872-73. Max Franz Guido Freiherr von Thielmann (1846 - 1829) was Political Secretary to the German Embassy in St. Petersburg, Kopenhagen, Bern, Washington D.C., Brussel, Paris and Konstantinopel.Weber I,730; Ghani p.386; Wilson p.226. [Boeknr.: 31081 ]

€ 450,00

TOTT, (François de). Mémoires sur les Turcs et les Tartares. Amsterdam, 1784.4 parts in 2 volumes. Sm.8vo. Contemporary marbled calf, spines richly gilt (foot of spines sl. dam.). LVI,274; 301; 252; 208 pp. First edition; with 2 armorial woodcut stamps of Henr. Petit. - Baron De Tott (1733-1793) was born in France of Hungarian extraction. He first visited Constantinople in 1755 as secretary to his uncle, the comte de Vergennes, who had just been appointed ambassador to the Porte; he stayed there for eight years, learning Turkish and gathering intelligence, then, after a spell in Switzerland, he was sent to the Crimea in 1767 as the French consul. He was commissioned by the Ottoman government to reform the army and the navy; his fortifications on the Black Sea and the Bosphorus helped defend the Ottoman fleet from the Russians in the Russo-Turkish war of 1768-74 (The Ömar Koç Collection I, p.262). 'His memoirs had a great succes; they provide objective information and a new unromantic view of the Ottoman Empire' (Blackmer p. 353).Bound with: LETTRE DE M. DE PEYSSONNEL, ancien consul-général à Smyrne, ci-devant consul de sa majesté auprès du Khan des Tartares à M. le Marquis de N.... Contenant quelques observations relative aux Mémoires qui ont paru sous le nom de M. le Baron de Tott. Amsterdam, 1785. 130,(1) pp.Tott inspired some controversy: the French writer and diplomat Claude-Charles de Peyssonnel (1727-1790) was one of his principal detractors, and it has been suggested that throughout his career, particularly during his expedition to Egypt with Sonnini in 1776-78, he was working as a French secret agent; but these memoirs, often reprinted, have always been appreciated for their objective view of the Ottoman empire (Koç p.262). - A fine set.Attabey Collection 1227; Weber p.121 (later editions only). [Boeknr.: 35224 ]

€ 1250,00

TREU UND WOLGEMEINTE ERINNERUNG/ bey der anietzt/ von dem Erbfeind christlichen Nahmens/ dem Türcken/ obschwebender/ und iemehr und mehr antringender allgemeiner Noth und Gefahr. Verfertiget von einem des Reichs lieben Getreuen. Anno 1663. (No pl.), 1663.Modern boards. 24 lvs. - (Stained; some leaves with a pink stain). [Boeknr.: 28413 ]

€ 475,00

TRICAUD, Anthelme. Campagnes de Monsieur le Prince Eugène en Hongrie, et des Vénitiens dans la Morée. Amsterdam, Frédéric Bernard 1730. 2 volumes. Contemporary marbled calf , spines ribbed. With engraved plate with coat of arms. (6), LXX,439; (2), 500 pp With bookplateof Madame de la Borde. - Tricaud, prior of the Abbey of Belmont, was a litterateur and historian. Most of the work is concerned with the Turco-Venetian campaign in the Morea 1716 -1717.Unique édition, très peu commune, de ce texte attribué au polygraphe Anthelme Tricaud (1671-1739) par Barbier. Il relate essentiellement les opérations menées en 1715-1716 dans le cadre de la Troisième guerre austro-turque, où Venise se trouva l'alliée des Habsbourg contre l'Empire ottoman: les Turcs voulaient en effet reconquérir la Morée (Péloponnèse), cédée à Venise par le Traité de Carlowitz (1699), et déclarèrent la guerre à la République dès décembre 1714, tout en menant une double offensive, terrestre et maritime, contre les possessions vénitiennes. Il fallut l'intervention des 70 000 hommes du Prince Eugène et la victoire autrichienne de Peterwardein (5 août 1716) pour soulager les Vénitiens, et mettre fin à la guerre. Par le traité de Passarowitz, signé le 21 juillet 1718, la Turquie cédait le Banat de Temesvar, la Valachie occidentale et le nord de la Serbie, mais gardait la Morée, que les Vénitiens avaient été incapables de reprendre.Navari, Collection Contominas, 748. [Boeknr.: 35338 ]

€ 1250,00

(TULLY, Miss). Narrative of a ten years' residence at Tripoli in Africa: from the original correspondence in the possession of the family of the late Richard Tully, Esq. the British Consul. Comprising authentic memoirs and anecdotes of the reigning Bashaw, his family, and other persons of distinction; also, an account of the domestic manners of the Moors, Arabs, and Turks. London, printed for Henry Colburn, 1816.4to. Contemporary half calf, with green morocco title-label to spine. With engraved folding map and 5 fine hand-coloured aquatints. XIII,(2),370 pp. First edition; with armorial bookplate of C. Robert Bignold. - These letters were written by the sister or sister-in-law of Richard Tully, British consul at Tripoli from 1783 to 1793. The work is particularly valuable for its details of family life in the seraglio. The female members of Tully's family were on intimate terms with the Bashaw's family and were admitted into all the life of the seraglio. This is one of the most important records of Tripolitan life during the 18th century. - 'It is a delicious mixture of sensational subject-matter and deadpan delivery' (Robinson, Wayward Women, p.248). This is one of the most important records of Tripolitan life during the 18th century. The very attractive plates depict genre scenes and costumes. - A fine copy.Abbey, Travel, 299; Tooley, Coloured plates, 493; Blackmer Collection 1682; Atabey Collection 1241. [Boeknr.: 1753 ]

€ 1450,00

TURCKISCHE BELEGERUNG der stadt Wien 1529. Frankfurt , Stadtbibliothek , (1926). Marbled wrappers. With woodcut engraving. 4 lvs. Faksimile edition‚ ‘für die Teilnehmer an der 22. Versammlung Deutscher Bibliothekare bei der 200 jahrigen Festfeier der Nationalbibliothek‘ [Boeknr.: 35270 ]

€ 100,00

TURCO-RUSSIAN WAR. Historical narrative of the Turko-Russian war. A history of the war commenced in april 1877, between Russia and Turkey; preceded by a summary of the events which led up to the outbreak of hostilities, including the Servian and Montenegrin campaigns of 1876. With chapters upon the constitution and resources of the two empires, their national habits and customs, and their relations with the remaining states of Europe. London, Adma & Co., (1886).2 volumes. 8vo. Contemporary half black morocco, spines richly gilt with red morocco title-labels. With chromo-lithographed title-page, 15 chromo-lithographed portraits and 31 chromo-lithographed plates and views, all finished with gum arabic. IV,480; 472 pp. First edition. - Narrative of the Russo-Turkish War, 1877-1878 and Serbo-Turkish War, 1876. The fine coloured plates depict i.a. Constantinople, the Danube, Matchin, Kizila, Kars, Plevna, Erzeroum, Kustendjie, the Bosphorus, Belgrade and San Stefano. - A fine set. [Boeknr.: 26443 ]

€ 600,00

TURKEY. A Spahi. Member of the Ottoman irregular cavalry (Ca. 1810). Stipple-engraving. Ca. 17 x 13 cm. See Dalvimart. The costume of Turkey, London, 1804, plate 44. - Fine. [Boeknr.: 35747 ]

€ 95,00

TURKEY. Costume print depicting three standing men in traditional Turkish costume holding a long pipe, rifle and staff. (No pl., ca. 1750). Hand coloured engraving. Ca. 15 x 23,5 cm. Three men in a park with two trees and a branch with a flower. - Fine. [Boeknr.: 35822 ]

€ 45,00

TURKEY. Picture of a man, in tradional clothing, carrying a large basket on his head (with bread ?) and a tripod standard in his hand. With an identical figure in the background. 1861. Original drawing, signed K. Garthe. 15 x 12 cm. Depicting may be a muslim from the Ottoman Empire. [Boeknr.: 35746 ]

€ 95,00

UBICINI, (Jean Henri Abdolonyme). Letters on Turkey: an account of the religious, political, social, and commercial condition of the Ottoman empire; the reformed institutions, army, navy, etc. Translated from the French by Lady Easthope. London, John Murray, 1856.2 volumes. Contemporary half calf, title labels on spines. VII,358; XXVI,450 pp. First edition; first published in Paris in 1853-1854 Lettres sur la Turqui. - These letters first appeared in successive issues of the Moniteur Universel in 1850. Ubicini travelled in Greece and Turkey in 1846. He found himself at Bucharest during the insurrection of 1848 and took an active part as secretary of the provisional government. Vapereau describes him as 'publiciste français', in practice he wrote a great deal on the Ottoman empire' (Blackmer p. 357). - With stamps of the Parliamentary Library of N S. Wales on title-pages; some foxing). Blackmer Collection 1692 (note) ;not in the Atabey collection. [Boeknr.: 26260 ]

€ 495,00

VAELCKEREN, Johann Pieter von. Wienn von Türcken belägert, von Christen entsezt. Das ist: kürtzliche Erzehl- und Beschreibung alles dessen was sich vor- in- und nach der grausamben Türckischen Belägerung der Kayserlichen Residentz Statt Wienn in Oesterreich Anno 1683 vom 6 Maii an biß 19 Septembris von Tag zu Tag denckwürdigs zugetragen. Erstlich in Lateinischer Sprach beschrieben. Lintz, Rädlmayr, 1684.4to. Old green paper spine. With woodcut head- and tailpieces ( without the 3 folding plates). (8),102 pp First edition in German, published in Latin the previous year. Important eye-witness account of the siege of Vienna.- (Title soiled and slightly stained).Sturminger 2945; VD17 12:189190P (recording only two complete copies). [Boeknr.: 35305 ]

€ 1250,00

VALON, Alexis de. Une année dans le Levant. Voyage en Sicile, en Grèce et en Turquie. 2me édition. Paris, Dauvin & Fontaine, 1850.2 volumes in 1. Contemporary half calf, spine lettered in gilt. 347; 270,(1) pp. First published in 1846. - Vicomte Marie Charles Ferdinand, dit Alexis, de Valon (1818 - 1851) left for the Orient in April 1842, at the age of twenty-four: left Italy, he passed through Sicily, Greece, Smyrna, where he was closely interested in political, economic and social life of the city, especially on the condition of women.Blackmer Collection 1713; Atabey Collection 1273; Contominas Collection 761; Weber 392. [Boeknr.: 35731 ]

€ 475,00

VANEL, CLAUDE. Histoire des troubles de Hongrie, depuis 1655 jusques à present. Avec le Siege de Neucheusel, & une relation exacte du combat de Gran, &c. Amsterdam, Pierre Mortier, 1686. 2 volumes. Sm.8vo. Contemporary calf, spines richly gilt (spine ends sl. dam., 1 hinge dam.). With printer's device on titlepages, folding engraved map, folding engraved plate (with tears), folding engraved plan of Neuheusel and 4 engraved plates (some tears, one lower margin missing). (36)364,(16); 403, (16) pp. With engraved armorial bookplate. - (Age-browned; some stains).Blackmer 1714 & Atabey 1273 (other editions).Added: Claude VANEL. Histoire de l'etat present du royaume de la Hongarie. Cologne, (= Holland), Pierre de Jeune, 1686. Sm.8vo. Contemporary calf, spine gilt (dam.). 213, (11) pp. - (Bound with another copy of Histoire des troubles, volume II). [Boeknr.: 35288 ]

€ 950,00

VANOSSI, Antonio & Franciscus EYL. Decas Augusta seu lustrum geminum imperii Augustissimi Caroli VI. Cum accurata belli Turcici relatione dum authoritate, & consensu perillustris, consultissimi, & maginifci domini universitatis rectoris .. Viennae, typis Mariae Teresiae Voigtin, (1720).Sm.8vo. Contemporary vellum with written number on spine. With folding engraved allegorical frontispiece and 5 folding engraved maps and plans. (4),225,(3) pp. First edition. - Dealing with the first years of the reign of Karl VI and the war against the Turcs in 1716-1717 under Prince Eugen. - (Aged-browned). [Boeknr.: 35334 ]

€ 2950,00

VERE, Aubrey de. Picturesque sketches of Greece and Turkey. London, Richard Bentley, 1850.2 volumes. Sm8vo. Modern half calf, with green and black titel-labels. VIII,306; VIII,283 pp. First edition. - De Vere has produced a very interesting work on Greece and Constantinople with discussions on Greek politics, education, and language and the problems of a new nation especially when managed by outside influences (Blackmer p.105). Aubrey Thomas de Vere (1814 - 1902), an Irish poet, travelled in Italy and in the Levant in 1839-1840. - A fine set.Blackmer Collection 481; Atabey Collection 348; Contominas Collection 201; Weber 432. [Boeknr.: 35737 ]

€ 275,00

VISSCHER, Claes Janszoon. Nova et recens emendata totius regni Ungariae una cum adiacentibus et finitimis regionibus delineatio Amsterdam, 1634.Engraved hand-coloured map by Joannes Van Deutecom of Hungary and adjacent parts. Ca. 35 x 53,5 cm. Framed. First published in 1596 by Cornelis Claesz, then by David de Meyen in 1619, Pieter van den Keere in 1620 and followed by this edition of 1634. Highly detailed map of Hungary and adjacent parts of the Danube River Valley showing populated places occupied by the invading Turks and places remaining Christian by Claes Janszoon Visscher (1587 - 1652), a Dutch Golden Age draughtsman engraverr, mapmaker and publisher. [Boeknr.: 35280 ]

€ 1950,00

VOIGT, Johann Henrich. Die wachsende, blühende und verweckende Türkey, sam(m)t ihren Regenten und Kaisern biss auf diese Zeit. Historicè und Astrologicè vorgestellet. (No pl., 1684).4to. Old red paper spine. (19) pp. Johann Henrich Voigt (1613-1691) war deutscher Mathematiker und Astronom. Er stammte aus Rudelstadt in Thüringen und studierte in Erfurt die „mathematischen Künste“. Während des Dreissigjährigen Krieges siedelte Voigt nach Norddeutschland und wurde Schullehrer in Rethwisch. Als die schwedische Armee die Deiche einriss, floh er über Itzehoe und Glückstadt nach Stade. Voigt beschäftigte sich mit Mathematik und Astronomie. Ab 1665 stellte er Jahreskalender her, die in vielfältiger Weise als Almanache mit unterschiedlichen Ausrichtungen herausgegeben wurden. . Sie hießen ‘Curiositätenkalender’, ‘Christ- und Planetenkalender’, ‘Historienkalender’, später auch ‘Staatskalender’. In diesen beschrieb er mehrere Kometenerscheinungen die er selbst beobachtete. Auch über den Halleyschen Kometen von 1682 erschien eine Schrift Kurzer Auszug der Beschreibung des Nordischen Cometen, so Anno 1682 im Augustmonat. (Wikipedia). - (Some margins frayed). [Boeknr.: 20367 ]

€ 550,00

VOLNEY, Constantin François de. Considerations sur la guerre actuelle des Turcs. Londres, 1788.Contemporary half calf, spine richly gilt, with black title-label (at foot of spine some small wormholes). With engraved title and folding engraved map. 140 pp. First Edition. - Constantin Francois de Chasseboeuf de la Giraudais, allias Volney, (1757 - 1820) travelled in 1783-85 in Syria and Egypt, for a great deal of the time on foot. Volney's account of his travels to the Levant had appeared the previous year, bringing him tremendous esteem and establishing him in the intellectual and literary world of 18th century Paris. This essay on the Russio-Turkish war of 1787-8 was decidedly pro-Russian; Catherine II presented Volney with a gold metal on its appearance (Blackmer p.369). - Bound with three other works not on the subject. - Fine.Atabey Collection 1304; Blackmer Collection 1749. [Boeknr.: 35195 ]

€ 575,00

VRIES, R.W.P. de. M.A.J. Bauer. Amsterdam, A.J.G. Strengholt, 1944. 4to. Half cloth. With many illustrations. 144 pp. Marius Bauer (1867-1932) travelled far and wide to countries like India, Indonesia, Turkey and Morocco. He can be considered as one of the few Dutch orientalists and one of the best Dutch graphic artists of his time (Haks & Maris p.26). [Boeknr.: 35842 ]

€ 18,00

VROLIJK, Arnoud, Jan SCHMIDT, Karin SCHEPER. Turcksche boucken. De oosterse verzameling van Levinus Warner, Nederlands diplomaat in zeventiende-eeuws Istanbul. The Oriental collection of Levinus Warner, Dutch diplomat in seventeenth-century Istanbul. Eindhoven, Lecturis, 2012. 4to. Boards. With many coloured plates. 184 pp. [Boeknr.: 33107 ]

€ 35,00

WALPOLE, Robert. Memoirs relating to European and Asiatic Turkey, and other countries of the East; edited from manuscript journals. 2nd edition. - Travels in various countries of the East; being a continuation of Memoirs ... London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1818-20.2 volumes. 4to. Contemporary half calf (skilfully rebacked with the original spines laid down), spines gilt. With 7 engraved maps and 20 engraved plates (11 folding). XXII,615; XXI,(1),603,8 pp. Volume I second and best edition with some new material; volume II first and only edition; with armorial bookplate of Jolliffe. - Walpole travelled in Greece for some time between 1803 and 1808. He decided not only to publish his own notes, but also those of like-minded people. The contributors include Morritt, J.D. Carlyle, Philip Hunt, the botanist Sibthorp, the future Prime Minister Lord Aberdeen, the geologist John Hawkins and others whose works are to be found only here. The Travels are a sequel to his Memoirs. Again source material is to be found here which does not occur elsewhere. The contributors include Leake, Robert Cockerell, William Wilkens, with a continuation of the excerpts from Sibthorp's botanical researches in Greece and W.G. Browne's account of a journey through Asia Minor, as well important material by John Hawkins (Atabey p. 695-696). Four of the folding plates form a panorama of Athens by William Haygarth. - Some spotting otherwise a very fine set.Blackmer Collection 1762 and 1763; Atabey Collection 1310-1311; Contominas Collection 781-782: valuable collection; Weber 60 and 97 [Boeknr.: 19883 ]

€ 2450,00

WARHAFFTIGE NEW ZEITTUNG / von dem Türcke/ welliche eyn gefangner Türck zü Wien/ auff die Fragstuck/ so hierin begriffen/ geantwort. (No pl., 1532).4to. In cloth box. With large woodcut depicting a Turkish warrior. (4) lvs. 'Die Befragung besteht aus 35 Fragen und Antworten. Man versucht durch Hilfe alle möglichern Fragen, Näheres über die Stärke und Pläne des türkischen Sultan zu ermittlen. Über die Büchsen und andere Gewehre, die Zahl des Kriegsvolkes, der Gegfangene und die Schiffe, die Zahl andere Vöolker beim türkischen Heer, die Krantheit bei den Türken, die Pläne des Sultans etc. sind die Gefangenen befragt worden. (…)' (Akpinar Dellal, p 184 - 186)Very rare questionnaire with fine large woodcut. Apponyi 254. [Boeknr.: 35266 ]

€ 3250,00

(WEDEL, Georg Wolfgang). Abdruck einer gewissen Muthmassung de Fatis Turcarum, e fastis sacris ervutis, schon vor einigen Jahren mit einigen beruehmten seel. Theologis communiciret/ bishero aber mit vielen andern, und zu allerunterthaenigsten Glückwunsch 1716. d.30. Maii an den Kayserlichen Hoff geschicket.(Und) Continuation des Abdrucks einer gewissen Muthmassung de fatis Turcarum …. Jena, Krebs, 1716 - 17172 volumes in 1. 4to. Marbvled wrappers. (2; 4) lvs Georg Wolfgang Wedel (1645-1721). Seltsame deutung aus der Offenbarung Johannis und andere Prophezeiungen auf Kaiser Karl VI und die Kamphe mit den Türken als dem Antichristen. Die schrift verstand sich als guten Auspicium zur Geburt des enoch im selben Jahr verstorbenen Thronfolger Leopold. Den eigentliche Anlass gab aber wohl der 1716 vorn Prinz Eugen begonnene und 1718 siegreich geendete Türkenkrieg. Georg Wolfgang Wedel (1645 - 1721) attended between 1656-61 the famous school in Schulpforta with a scholarship from the Elector of Saxony. In 1662 he entered the University of Jena, where he studied philosophy and especially medicine. In 1667 he qualified for his medical license and in 1669 took his M.D. while practicing medicine in Gotha. His affiliation was Lutheran and published on alchemy. Wedel was an extremely productive author. In 1673 he assumed the chair of anatomy, surgery, and botany at the University of Jena. Later he assumed the chair of theoretical medicine. Wedel was Rector of the university some ten times. In 1679 he became the personal physician to the Duke of Weimar, and in 1685 to the Prince of Saxony. [Boeknr.: 29663 ]

€ 1500,00

WEIGEL, Erhard. Grundmässige Aufflösung des militar-Problematis, warum doch der Türck den Christen nunmehr weichen müsse ? Dessen Ursach uns versichert, dass ingleichen auch die andern Aggressores der Friedliebenden unter denen Christen künfftig eben also diesen weichen werden müssen. Jena, Johann Bielcken, 1689.4to. Marbled wrappers. ( 24) lvs. Keine Militärwissenschaftliche, vielmehr eine pädogogische Programmschrift. Der Mathematiker und Universalgelehhrte Erhard Weigel, Lehrer von Leibniz, nutzte jeden Anlass, um seine pädagogischen Reformideeen zu propagandieren. Hier ist es die Türckengefahr: das Wesen des Menschen sei die Vernunft. Diese zeige, dass Frieden nützlicher als Krieg sei. Das Wesen des türkischen Staates aber sei aggressiever Expansionsdrang. Insofern der türkische Staat damit in Widerspruch zur menschliche Natur stehe, könne es zwar vorübergehend, nicht aber auf Dauer Erfolg haben. Für das Westenkomme es darauf an, das vernunftmässige Wesen des Menschen zu pflegen und zu enthalten. (…) Noch im selben Jahr eröffnete Weigel die nach seinem Plänen konzipierte „Kunst- und Jugendschule“. [Boeknr.: 28414 ]

€ 1350,00

DIE WEITBERUHMTE UND WOHL AUSGEBAUETE TÜRCKISCHE BAD-STUBE, so vor Wienn 1683 ist geheitzet worden. (No. pl., ca. 1683.)4to. Old red paper spine. (4,2) lvs. Sturminger 692. [Boeknr.: 35304 ]

€ 695,00

WEST, Maria A. The romance of missions: or, inside views of life and labor, in the land of Ararat. With an introduction by Mrs. Charles. New York, Anson D.F. Randolph & Company, 1875.Original decorated blue cloth. With folding map of Turkey and Persia. XI, 710 pp. First edition. - Miss West sailed from Boston December 22, 1852 under the auspices of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, the first American Christian missionary organization. She arrived at Smyrna January 21, 1853 and began her missionary work at Constantinople. [Boeknr.: 36026 ]

€ 150,00

WESTARP, Eberhard-Joachim von. Unter Halbmond und Sonne. Im Sattel durch die asiatische Türkei und Persien. Berlin, Hermann Paetel, (1913).Original pictorial cloth (spine sl. dam.). With map and 58 photographic illustrations. VII,326 pp. Veröffentlichungen des Algemeinen Vereins für Deutsche Literatur. [Boeknr.: 36083 ]

€ 65,00

WINDHAM, Charles. The Crimean Diary and letters of Lieut.-General Sir Charles Ash Windham, with observations upon his services during the Indian mutiny and an introduction by Sir William Howard Russell. The whole edited by Major Hugh Pearse. London, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co., 1897.Original decorated cloth (spine faded), top edge gilt. With engraved portrait. X,272 pp. First edition. - Sir Charles Ash Windham (1810 - 1870) was a British Army officer and Liberal Party politician. Promoted colonel on 20 June 1854, Windham was assistant quartermaster-general of the 4th Division in Crimea and was present, but saw little action, at the battles of Alma River, Balaklava, and Inkerman. He was outspoken in his criticism of laggard British military leadership in the Crimea. Given command of the assault on the Great Redan at Sevastopol on 8 Sept. 1855, he personally rode back to ask for reinforcements after suffering heavy losses, but a retreat had been ordered. He was criticized by soldiers for his conduct but made a popular hero by William Howard Russell, correspondent of the Times, for having “saved the honour of the army. With preface by Charles Windham jr. and an introductory chapter by W.H. Russell, famous for his reports on The Crimean War for Times Newspaper. [Boeknr.: 35205 ]

€ 95,00

WITTMAN, William. Travels in Turkey, Asia-Minor, Syria, and across the desert into Egypt during the years 1799, 1800, and 1801, in company with the Turkish army, and the British military mission. To which are annexed, observations on the plague, and on the diseases prevalent in Turkey, and a meteorological journal. London, for Richard Phillips by T. Gillet, 1803.4to. Contemporary calf (rubbed; rebacked), with green morocco lables on spine. With folding frontispiece, folding map, folding facsimile (Turkish passport; with tear, foxed), hand-coloured plan, 4 engraved plates (foxed) and 16 hand-coloured military and civilian lithographed costume plates. XVI,595 pp. First edition; with armorial bookplate of Mrs. Hamilton Nisbet. - Wittmann, a surgeon and physician, accompanied the British military mission which set out from Constantinople in 1799 and travelled overland to Egypt to take part in the campaign against the French. Others on the same mission included the young Joseph Hammer, later to become known as the great orientalist von Hammer-Purgstall, and William Stratton (Koç Collection 182). With fine handcoloured costume plates. Blackmer Collection 1832; Atabey Collection 1344; Contominas Collection 807; Lipperheide p.340 (German ed.); Tobler p.136/37; Weber 647; Ibrahim-Hilmy II,p 339; not in Abbey. [Boeknr.: 9325 ]

€ 1850,00

WOLDER, Simon. Türkischer Untergang, oder Rähtliches Bedencken Kayserl. May. Ferdinando dem Ersten, glorwürdigster Gedächten, Anno 1558 übergeben: welcher Gestalt .. der Gross-Türke .. zu Wasser und zu Land zu überziehen, und mit Hülfe des unüberwindlichen Gottes, zu überwinden wäre .. Aufs neue übersehen und an vielen Orten gebessert. (No pl.), 1664.4to. Wrappers. With engraved frontispiece (trimmed). In cloth box. 27 lvs. New enlarged edition, first published with the title 'New Türckenbüchlin, 1558. - Emperor Leopold I had achieved by his personal presence at the Reichstag in Regensburg in 1663, that the German princes would united fight against the Turcs. The author makes clear on the title-page, that for 'a good cause' 'leichtlich an Volck etlich hundert tausend Mann und an Geld viel Millionen Gold aufzubringen wären'. The prayer on the frontispiece goes as follows ... Gib den Christen Buss und Eintracht, zu des Christen-Feindes Noth/ Mach ihn deine Gottheit kennen, oder schlag ihn bald zu Todt. - (Age-browned).Hohenemser 5920; Cf. Göllner 988. [Boeknr.: 18601 ]

€ 950,00

WOODS, Henry Charles. Washed by four seas. An English officer's travels in the Near East. With an introduction by Martin Conway. London, Leipsic, T. Fisher Unwin, 1908.Original blue cloth, lettered in gilt. With folding map and ca. 60 photographic illustrations by the author. XVI,316 pp First edition. - Henry Charles Woods (1881-1939) travelled extensively in the Balkan and Asia Minor as special correspondent for several newspapers. [Boeknr.: 36071 ]

€ 65,00

ZINKEISEN, Johann Wilhelm. Geschichte des Osmanischen Reichs in Europa. Erster Theil. Urgeschichte und Machsthum des Reiches bis zum Jahre 1453. Hamburg, Friedrich Perthes, 1840.Later half calf, old green title labels mounted. XXII,863,(2) pp. Volume I: Geschichte der europaischen Staaten. Herausgegeben von A.H.L. Heeren & F.A. Ukert [Boeknr.: 36096 ]

€ 75,00

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