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ADELPHUS, Johannes. Die Türckisch Chronica von irem ursprung anefang und regiment/ biss uff dise zeyt/ sampt irem kriegen und streyten mit den christen begangen/ erbärmklich zu lesen. Strassburg, Johann Knobloch, 1516.Folio. Old vellum (leaf from an antiphonar). With 26 half-page woodcuts (7 repeats). 48 lvs. First published in 1513 - A extensively illustrated Turkish chronicle from its beginnings to 1500, with special emphasis on the crusades. The work records the first Ottoman siege of Rhodos in 1480. The beautiful woodcuts show battles and other scenes from the Middle East, presenting Ottomans, European kings and noblemen, and crusaders bearing the cross on their clothes and banners. Some woodcuts show a perspective and style reminiscent of mediaeval art, while others are good examples of Renaissance work showing modern perspective and rendering each figure with personal character. (Koc I, p 27). Johannes Adelphus (1485-1523) was a phycisian from Strassbourg. He took a keen interest in Turkish affairs, producing also a Historia von Rhodis (Strassbourg 1513). He depicted the Ottomans primarily as a military force marching on horses and attacking cities and islands. (Hajdarpasic 2018)Göllner 80 (seltene Druck); not in Weber, Blackmer or Atabey. [Boeknr.: 29576 ]

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AGRICOLA, George. Oratio de bello adversus Turcam suscipiendo, ad Ferdinandum Ungariae boemiaequ regem & principes Germaniae Basel, Froben, 1538.4to. Modern boards. With 2 woodcut printer’s devices. 18 lvs. First Latin translation of "Oration, Anred und Vermanung Herrn Ferdinandum zu Ungern" (Nuremberg, Peypus, 1531), an pamphlet on the Turkish wars in Hungary which began with the siege of Vienna in 1529. "Agricola gives a long-winded account of the Turks' cruelties and warns that Germany is now threatened by the Turkish forces. Hungary must be given every assistance." No writer has so praised the superiority of the Imperial armaments over the apparently weak Turkish weaponry. He stressed the superior arms of the German mercenaries, while the Turks had but flimsy pikes. Victory over a so poorly equipped enemy is nothing less than certain. His oration was written a few months after the siege of Vienna, which may explain his excessive optimism" (Kertbeny, p. 89 etc.). With preface by Georg Fabricius dedicated to Chemnitz and at the end a letter of Laurentius Bermannus to king Ferdinand, ex valle Joachimi April, 1530. A catholic with a broad humanistic education, George Agricola spent most of his life in Saxony as an educator, physician, scientist, and expert on mining and metallurgy. His outlook was more secular than that of the other pamphleteers. He viewed the Turkish question primarily as a militair and economic problem rather than as a divine visitation. In one respect his views resembled those of the other Catholic writers: he envisaged the eventual extirpation of the Islamic religion at the point of the sword. (Bohnstedt 1968 / p/ 14). - (3 blank corners restored).Göllner 617; Apponyi I, 268; Sturminger 234;Jöcher 63; Hubay 165. [Boeknr.: 35267 ]

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ALCHORAN. Das ist des Mahometisch en Gesatzbüchs und Türckischen Aberglaubens ynnhalt und ablänung. (Mit Vorwort von Dionysius von Rickell). Strassburg, Hans Schotten, 1540. Small folio. Contemporary limp vellum. With 3 woodcuts on title-page: Der Juden ussschutz, Sergius der ketzer and Mahomet, and woodcut initials. 31 lvs. First German edition. - One of the very first appearances of any part of the Koran in German. This work comprises extracts from the Latin “Contra Alchoranum” (Cologne 1533) and was translated by Heinrich von Eppendorff. Dionysius von Rickell (Denys van Ryckel, after his birthplace in Belgium) was an Carthusian polemicist. This work is prepared in the form of questions and answers quoting from the Koran. The Christian replies are given in the form of quotations from the Old and New testament. The author felt deeply the terrific woes threatening Christendom following the fall of Constantinople and urged the Princes of Europe to join in war against their common enemy the Turks (Hamilton 1994, p. 3).Göllner 660. Bound with: TRAUT, Veit. Türkischer Kayser Ankunfft/ Krieg und sig/ wider die Christen, biss auff den zwelfften yetzt regierenden Tyrannen Soleymannum, an den edlen und vesten Hansen von Trenbach zu Waltperg .. Hertzog Albrechts in Bayrn &c. Hofmayster .. geschriben. Augsburg, Hainrich Stainer, 1543.With large woodcut on title-page and 15 fine large woodcuts illustration scenes of the lives of the sultans. (1),23 lvs. First edition published in February 1543, this second edition is published on 5 December 1543. It is an account of the sufferings of the Christian populations during the conquests of the first 12 sultans of Turkey, with a short chronicle of each sultan. The very interesting woodcuts illustrate scenes from the life of the Sultans or of Christian sufferings. Göllner 810; Blackmer Collection 1672; Apponyi 1726:Auf dem Titelblatt ein das Drittel der Seite einnehmender Hollzschnitt, die Krönung des Sultans darstellend. Bound with: EPPENDORFF, Heinrich von. Türckischer Keyser Ankunfft/ Kryeg und Händlung/ gegen und wider die Christen/ biss ynschlyesszlich uff den yetzt regyerenden Solymannum. Strassburg, Hans Schotten, 1540. With beautiful woodcut border on title-page, woodcut coat of arms and portrait and 19 woodcutinitials. 4,151 lvs. First edition. - Eine Übersetzung des Schriften von P. Nannius, L. Vives, J. Fontaine und Poalo Giovio. Der Übersetzer, Heinrich von Eppendorff ist vor allem bekannt durch seine Auseinandersetzungen mit Erasmus von Rotterdam (Göllner 661). Eppendorff played a major part in making German prose popular and, with its strong, proverbial, latinizing sentence formations, inserted it into the thinking of the German people.Three famous 16th century books in one volume. - (Some foxing and wormholes). [Boeknr.: 35524 ]

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ALEXANDER, James Edward. Travels to the seat of war in the East, through Russia and the Crimea, in 1829. With sketches of the imperial fleet and army, personal adventures, and characteristic anecdotes. London, Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 1830.2 volumes. Original half cloth, with paper titles labels on spines (rubbed). With lithographed frontispiece depicting Emperor Nicholas and Sultan Mahmood II, folding map, 2 lithographed plates, 3 hand-coloured costume plates, 6 wood-engravings and 8 aquatint plates by the author. XXXI,308; XII,327 pp. First edition. - A cross between a travelogue and a report of a military observer of a foreign war. including sketches of the Russian fleet and army, personal adventures, and characteristic anecdotes. 'A very interesting work detailing James Edward Alexander's experiences during the Russio-Turkish war of 1827-28 for which he received the Turkish order of the crescent (Atabey p. 14). This book is a detailed account of a travel from Hamburg, St.Petersburg, Moscow, across the Scythian Steppe to the Crimea. A sketch of the Black Sea fleet is given, followed by its operations during the last campaign, in co-operation with the army of Diebitch. The camp at Adrianople is also sketched. He returned by Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Hanover, Holland and France to England. Attabey Collection 12; Abbey, Travel, 229; Weber 184; Cat Russica 420; not in Blackmer. [Boeknr.: 1788 ]

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AMMIRATO, Scipione. Orazioni .. a diversi principi. Intorno i preparamenti, che s'aurebbono a farfi contra la potenza del Turco. Con un dialogo delle imprese del medesimo. Aggiuntoni nel fine le lettere, & orazioni di monsignor Bessarione Cardinal Niceno, scritte a principi d'Italia. Fiorenza, Filippo Giunti, 1598.4to. Contemporary limp vellum (small hole in spine), written title on spine. With woodcut device on title-page. (8),148 pp. Bound with: Scipione AMMIRATO. Oratione .. al santiss. padre, et signor nostro Clemente VIII. Detta Clementina terza. Firenze, Filippo Giunti, 1596. With woodcut printers device on title-page. 27 pp.Bound with: Scipione AMMIRATO. Orazione .. fatta nella morte di Don Francesco de Medici, gran duca di Toscana. Fiorenza, Filippo Giunti, 1587. With printers device on title-page. 24,(1),130,(6) pp.Scipione Ammirato (1531-1601), Italian historian, born at Lecce, in the kingdom of Naples. His father, intending him for the profession of law, sent him to study at Naples, but his own decided preference for literature prevented him from fulfilling his father's wishes. Entering the church, he resided for a time at Venice, and afterwards engaged in the service of Pope Pius IV. In 1569 he went to Florence, where he was fortunate in securing the patronage and support of Duke Cosimo I, who gave him a residence at the Medici Palace and the Villa Zopaja on the understanding that he should write his Istorie Florentine, the work by which he is best known. In 1595 he was made a canon of the cathedral of Florence. Bound with: Johannes BESSARION. Lettre, & orazioni .. scritte à principi d' Italia intorno al collegarsi, et imprender guerra contro al Turco. Volgarizate dal signor Filippo Pigafetta. Con una orazione del. Sig. Scipione Ammirato partenente alla medisima materia. A Papa Sisto Quinto. Firenze, Filippo Giunti, 1594. With printers device on title-page and with the additional leaf in gathering E, recto blanc and on verso a woodcut device, and large woodcut initials. (20),58,(1) pp.Bessarion supported the Roman church and gained the favour of Pope Eugene IV , who invested him with the rank of Cardinal . He resided permanently in Rome. His palazzo was a virtual academy for the studies of new humanistic learning and a center for learned Greeks whom he supported by commissioning transcripts of Greek manuscripts and translations into Latin that made Greek scholarship available to Western Europeans.Göllner 1944; Atabey Collection 104. [Boeknr.: 29561 ]

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ANDERSEN, Hans Christian. A poet’s bazaar. From the Danish by Charles Beckwith. London, Richard Bentley, 1846.3 volumes. Sm.8vo. Polished calf, inner dentelles, a.e.g., bound by Zaehnsdorf, London. With engraved frontispiece portrait. IV,295;IV,312; IV,291 pp. First English edition. - Hans Christian Anderson (1805-1875), best known for his fairy tales, was also a travel writer. In 1840 he began a journey that took him to Italy, Malta, Greece and the Ottoman Empire. From Constantinople, we went north along the shores of the Black Sea and made his way back to Vienna by sailing the Danube. In 1842 he published this chronicle of his travels. A Poet's Bazaar is a vivid, colourful and highly personal account that easily carries the reader along to then-exotic ports of call in another age of travel. - A very fine set. [Boeknr.: 35711 ]

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APOSTOLOU, Irini. L'Orientalisme des voyageurs français au XVIIIe siècle: une iconographie de l'Orient méditerranéen. Préface de François Moureau. Paris, Presses de l'Université Paris-Sorbonne, 2009. Pictorial wrappers. With many illustrations (some in colours). 453 pp. [Boeknr.: 36098 ]

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ARCANA REIPUBLICAE TURCICAE DETECTA. Das ist: Funffzig Türchische RegimentsGeheimnisse/ worauss solch Reich/ als auff so viel Seulen bisshero sich gestützet/ und wie selbige durch Göttliche Hülffe und Christlicher Prudenz zu stürzen seyn. Aus vielfältigen Autoribus geoffenbahret. (No pl.), 1664.Sm. 8vo. Modern boards. 417 pp. Detailed discussing of policy, military power, and their psychological and moral ideas of the Ottoman army. - (Age-browned). - Very rare. [Boeknr.: 21619 ]

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ARMSTRONG, Harold. Turkey and Syria reborn. A record of two years travel. London, John Lane the Bodley Head, 1930.Original green cloth (spine sl. discoloured. With folding map and 21 photographic illustrations. XIII,270 pp. First edition. - Written by Captain Harold Armstrong, during his time as a delegate of the Commission of Assessment of War Damage. [Boeknr.: 36085 ]

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AULDJO, John. Journal of a visit to Constantinople, and some of the Greek islands, in the spring and summer of 1833. London, Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman, 1835.Original boards (spine later half cloth), with paper label on spine. With 2 illustrations after William Gell and 7 etched plates by George Cruikshank after sketches by the author (browned due to the quality of the paper). XII,259 pp. First edition. - 'A very interesting account of several months' visit, written in a lively style. Nothing seems too trivial for the author's notice; he gives detailed descriptions of costume and of all sorts of manufactures including jewellery, silks, perfumes etc.' (Blackmer p.13). His Journal is a lively account of several months' visit to the Levant, with interesting descriptions of all sorts of manufactures (Contominas Collection 21).Blackmer Collection 56; Atabey Collection 42; Weber 225. [Boeknr.: 22712 ]

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AUSSZUG ETTLICHER ZEITUNGEN, was sich zum Anfang des jetzigen Türckenkriegs, an ettlichen Orten inn Ungern, verloffen und zugetragen hat 1566. Nürnberg, Valentin Geyssler, (1566).4to. Later half vellum. With woodcut battle scene on title-page. (4) lvs. Rare pamphlet on the invasion of Ottoman armies in Hungary.Apponyi 400; Göllner 1145. [Boeknr.: 32393 ]

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BAEDEKER, Karl. Konstantinopel. Balkanstaaten, Kleinasien, Archipel, Cypern. Handbuch für Reisende. 2. Auflage. Leipzig, Karl Baedeker, 1914.12mo. Original red cloth with gilt lettering. With 18 maps and 65 plans (some folding). LXXIV, 484 pp. Second edition, first edition was published in 1905. - Karl Ludwig Johannes Baedeker (1801 - 1859) was a German publisher whose company, Baedeker, set the standard for authoritative guidebooks for tourists. The first edition included Constantinople and the western portion of Asia Minor, together with Cyprus. The second edition was extended with the Balkans and the Aegean islands.Contominas Collection 25. [Boeknr.: 35714 ]

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BARGRAVE, Robert. The travel diary of Robert Bargrave Levant merchant (1647-1656). Edited by Michael G. Brennan. London, 1999. 8vo. Cloth, with dust-jacket. With 17 plates and illustrations. XIX,288 pp. Hakluyt Society, 3rd series, 3. - The introduction provides an assessment of the historical, literary, and geographical importance of Robert Bargrave's journal. [Boeknr.: 34636 ]

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BARTOLI, Domenico. Buda ritolta a’Turchi dall’armi chistiane. Canzone del Sig. Domenico Bartoli Lucchese dedicata all’illustriss(imo) a reverendisss(imo) Sig. Monsig. Giuseppe Archinto Arcivescovo di Tessalonica, e Nunzio Apostolico appresso il Srereniss(imo) Granduca di Toscana. Firenze, Piero Matini 1686.Modern wrappers.(16) lvs. Canzone in celebration of the recapture of Buda from the Turks. The present edition is appartly unrecorded. The poem, consisting of 24 twelve-line stanzas, is edited to Giuseppe Archinto, Archbisschop of Thessalonica in partibus and Apostolic Nuncio to Florence. According to Bartoli’s dedication, dated from Florence on 10 september, Archinto’s brother Ludovico had taken part in the recapture of Buda. Apponyi 2239 (Lucca, 1686) . [Boeknr.: 35312 ]

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BAUER, Marius. Marius Bauer 1867-1932. Oriëntalist. Zutphen, Bauer Documentatie Stichting, 2001. 4to. Pictorial cloth. With 10 illustrations and 87 coloured plates. 266 pp. Marius Bauer (1867-1932) travelled far and wide to countries like India, Indonesia, Turkey and Morocco. He can be considered as one of the few Dutch orientalists and one of the best Dutch graphic artists of his time (Haks & Maris p.26). With contributions by P. Ankum, J. de Hond and A.J. Vervoorn [Boeknr.: 35843 ]

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BAUER, Marius. Marius Bauer 1867-1932. (Samenstelling tentoonstelling Mariëtta Jansen en Saskia Zwiers). Zeist, Zeister Kunststichting, 1994. 4to. Wrappers. With coloured plates. 48 pp. Marius Bauer (1867-1932) travelled far and wide to countries like India, Indonesia, Turkey and Morocco. He can be considered as one of the few Dutch orientalists and one of the best Dutch graphic artists of his time (Haks & Maris p.26). [Boeknr.: 35844 ]

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BELON DU MANS, Pierre. Les observations de plusieurs singularitez et choses memorables, trouvees en Grece, Asie, Judée, Egypte, Arabie et autres pays estranges. Paris, Hierosme de Marnef & la veufue Guillaume Cavellat, 1588.Small 4to. Contemporary vellum, written title on spine (soiled). With woodcut printer’s device on title-page, woodcut portrait of Belon, large folding woodcut plate of St. Catherine’s monastry, Mount Sinai (small tear), and numerous woodcut vignettes of costumes, natural history, etc. (map of Athos missing). (24),468,(2) pp. Fourth edition, first published in 1553. - Belon, a botanist and naturalist, travelled widely in the Levant from 1546 to 1549 as part of Gabriel d'Aramon' diplomatic mission to Constantinople. His account is rich in useful detail, not just relating to natural history, but also concerning local customs, from details of food to advise on safe travelling. Belon's work was praised by many other travellers (Koç Collection p.50). Leaving the diplomatix expedition at Ragusa in march 1547, Belon proceeded more leasurely by way of Corfu, Zante, Cythera and Crete, twice narrowly escaping from corsairs, and reached Constantinople in late April or May. After three month of exploiration of Constantinople and its enviromens, Belon joined the expedition of M. de Funel to Egypt, stopping at Gallipoli, Chios and Rhodos. In October he proceeded to the Holy Land, returning overland to Asia Minor and spent the winter with the Turks. In spring he went to Bursa and back to Constantinople. He also went part way with d’Aramon, when he accompanied Soliman’s military expedition against Persia. Atabey Collection 94; Blackmer Collection 115 (ed. Paris 1554); Weber 156; Angus O’Neill, Koç Collection, 12a. [Boeknr.: 35537 ]

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BIRKEN, Sigmund von. Der vermehrte Donau-Strand/ mit allen seinen Ein- und Zuflüssen/ angelegenen Königreichen, Provintzen, Herrschafften und Städten/ auch dererselben alten und neuen Namen/ von Ursprung bis zum Ausflusse .. vorgestellet: auch sampt kurtzer Verfassung einer Hungar- und Türckis. Chronick/ und des Anno 1663. und 1664. geführten Türken-Krieges. Mit einer kurzen Continuation der merkwürdigsten Türkischen Kriegs-handlungen .. Nurnberg, Jacob Sandrart, 1684.Sm.8vo. Contemporary vellum. With 50 engraved plates (including 4 maps and 8 folding plates). (8), 231 pp. First published in 1664, later editions appeared in 1674, 1684, 1686, 1688 and 1690; an Italian edition was issued in 1684. The plates depict the fortress along the Danube and includes views of Constantinople, Adrianople, Belgrade, etc. Sandrart produced many engravings of the Balkan and the Levant, mainly plans and views of cities and maps. (Atabey 108).Atabey Collection 108 (incomplete copy); not in Blackmer or Apponyi. [Boeknr.: 28854 ]

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BONNEVAL, Claude Alexandre. Memoires du comte de Bonneval, ci-devant general d'infanterie au service de sa majesté impériale & catholique. Londres (= Amsterdam ?), Aux dépens de la Compagnie, 1737.Sm. 8vo. 2 volumes in 1. Contemporary mottled calf, spine ribbed and richly gilt. With 2 title-pages printed in red and black (without the portrait as always, see Koç p.216). 192; 186 pp. First edition. - 'The true origin of these entertaining but fictitious memoirs will probably never be known, and indeed it is likely that different parts of it were written at different times and by different hands, composed in order to satisfy a market which was always hungry for news of the exotic and cirious; but a London origin might go some way towards explaining the false imprints of the earliest French versions. Claude-Alexandre de Bonneval (1675-1747) was, however, a real person. A French army officer, his temper and insolence led him into various scrapes: sentenced to death in 1704, he fled to Germany and later joined the Australian army, but fell out with Prince Eugene of Savoy; he was then exiled to Venice after another court-martial, and eventually ' turned Turk' and was put in charge of the Turkish artillery, at which point he was known as Kumbaraci Ahmet Pasa' (The Ömer Koç Collection I, p.216). The renegade Count Bonneval rendered valuable services to the sultan in his war with Russia. He advised on Ottoman diplomatic affairs and was highly regarded by the Grand Vizier. He was in Constantinople from 1720. These memoirs appeared just after Bonneval began to lose favour at the Ottoman court. He was exiled to Asia Minor in 1737, but later partly reinstated. He died in 1747 and his tomb is in the garden of the Teke of the whirling devishes at Peradied in Constantinople. - A fine copy. Blackmer Collection 162 (other ed.); Atabey Collection 129 (other ed.). [Boeknr.: 35223 ]

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BORÉ, Eugène. Correspondence et mémoires d’un voyageur en Orient. Paris, Olivier - Fulgence, 1840.2 volumes. Contemporary tree calf, spines gilt. With folding map. VIII,425; 498 pp. First edition. - Bore travelled through Asia Minor, along the south shore of the Baltic Sea to Armenia, from September 1837 to April 1840. The text is in the form of letters addressed to Dureau de Lamalle and Leon Boré; it also includes selections from his journal. Boré's mission involved linguistic research and educationel projects. He finally reached Persia, where he wanted to establish a university on the French system (Blackmer p.36). - A fine set.Blackmer Collection 166; Atabey Collection 135; Weber 307; Wilson p.27; Chadenat II, 3138. [Boeknr.: 35733 ]

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BORMEESTER, Joachim. Eugenius, Princ subaubd, Cesarianar Copiar ad padum in Italia. Summes Rector Spondebatque ducem celsi nitor igneus oris. Amsterdam, (ca. 1700).Engraved portrait within a decorative border. Ca. 36 x 26,5 cm. Framed. Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663 -1736) was a general of the Imperial Army and statesman of the Holy Roman Empire and the Archduchy of Austria and one of the most successful military commanders in modern European history, rising to the highest offices of state at the Imperial court in Vienna. Joachim Bormeester (fl.1679 - 1702 died), Dutch publisher and engraver in Amsterdam. Son-in-law of Clement de Jonghe, but only took over a small part of his stock after his death in 1679. [Boeknr.: 35353 ]

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BOSCHMA, C. & J. PEROT. Antoine-Ignace Melling (1763-1832), reizend kunstenaar. Met medewerking van H. Sorbé, Th. Laurentius en R. Anhegger. Abcoude, Uniepers, (1991). Folio. Original boards, with dust-jacket. With many illustrations (several in colours). 240 pp. Melling was a painter, architect and voyager who is counted among the 'Levantine artists'. In this book his journey in 1812 to the Netherlands and Germany is documented. [Boeknr.: 31810 ]

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BOSQUIER, Philippe. Orator Terrae Sanctae, et Hungariae; seu, Sacrarum Philppicarum in Turcarum barbariem. Douai, Ex typographia Laurentii Kellam, sumptibus Petri Borremans, 1606.Sm.8vo. Contemporary limp vellum. With engraved device on title of Sts. Peter and Paul and engraved plate signed Waldor, woodcut floriated initials. (32),422,(2) pp. With bookplate of the Mount Street Jesuits and their small library stamp in blank margin of titlepage, ‘Chris Hunt: lege age’ in contemporary m.s on flyleaf. - Rare first edition of these 'Philippics' by the Flemish Franciscan Philippe Bosquier (1561-1636), in which he excoriates the Turks for their persecution of Christians especially in Hungary. The engraved plate depicts with gruesome detail the torture upon the Hungarians, including the feeding to the dogs of Christians, by the Ottomans. Bosquier was born at Mons, studied theology at the University of Paris, and was sent to Rome where Cardinal Caesar Baronius became his patron. He was the author of thirty volumes of sermons and several plays, populist with strong moral themes, in which he attacks the Huguenots and the 'mondains'. Bosquier employs the same populist tone against the Turks, though he uses many classical and religious sources to back his arguments. He also includes a powerful plea for unity in the Church in face of the Ottoman threat. A rare work, that provides much insight into the Counter Reformation Church's reaction to the Ottoman invasion of Europe. Not in Apponyi, Blackmer or Atabey [Boeknr.: 32482 ]

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BRÈVES, François Savary de & Louis de MAY, a.o. Recueil historique contenant diverses pieces curieuses de ce temps. Cologne, Christophre van Dyck, 1666.12mo Contemporary calf, spine gilt (extremities of spine sl. dam.). (4), 350 pp. This work, published two years after the Austrian defeat of the Ottoman army at Saint Gottard, gathers together ten essays concerning i.a. the war with the Ottomans.François Savary de Brèves was Henri IV’s ambassador to the Porte (1589-1605). He was a remarkably successful envoy: he had experience in Turkey, could speak the language fluently and appears to have enjoyed distinction and raised French prestige considerably in the eyes of the Turks (Koç, Istanbul, p.106)”Discours abrégé des asseurez moyens d’aneantir la Monarchie des Princes Ottomans”(p. 101 - 145) is a project for a crusade against the Ottoman Empire by Francois Savary de Brèves that originally appeared as an appendix to Jacques du Castel’s Relation de voyages de Monsieur de Breves (1628). In 1585, de Brèves accompanied his relative Jacques Savary de Lancosme to Constantinople when he became ambassador to the Porte. Savary de Lancosme refused to recognize Henry IV of France, leading to his imprisonment by the Ottomans and the nomination of Savary de Brèves as imterim ambassador. From 1591 to 1605 he was French ambassador to the Otoman Court. He spoke Turkish and Arabic and was famed for his knowledge of Ottoman culture. He tried to incite the Sultan to wage war against Philip II and to limit the activities of Barbary pirates on the French coasts of Provence, but in vain, leading to tense relations between France and the Porte. “Discours historique et politique sur les causes de la Guerre Hongrie” and “Discourse politique sur le traitté de paix fait entre Léopold et Mahomet dernier Empereur des Turcs” are by Louis de May and were first published in Lyon in 1665. Willems, Annexes de la collection Elzevirienne, 2025. [Boeknr.: 35286 ]

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(BUDA). Il tradimento ordito contro la citta de Buda. Da un tenente del reggimento Salm, e scoperto per divina providenza. 12mo. 19th century sheep-back patterned boards. 6 lvs. First edition. - A resumé of notable events in the war against the Turks in Hungary from the beginning of 1687 until the authum of that year. Recounted are details of a treacherous plot against the city of Buda following its recapture from the Turks, the death of a peasant who couriered letters from the pasha of Szekesfehervar and the recovery of a plot at Eperjes. [Boeknr.: 35313 ]

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BURNABY, Frederick Gustavus. On horseback through Asia Minor. London, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Riverston, 1877.2 volumes. Original pictorial green cloth. With mounted photographic frontispiece and 3 large folding maps. XXII,352; 24; XX,399 pp. First edition - Frederic Gustavus Burnaby (1842 - 1885) was a cavalry officer and inveterate traveller, who was educated at Harrow and in Germany. He became an accomplished linguist and travelled to Central and South America, Spain and Morocco, South Russia, the Sudan and, in 1875, travelled on horseback from Kazala to Khiva. The following year he rode from Scutari into Armenia and thence to Batoum. In 1880, he attached himself to the British Egyptian Expedition, and in 1884 he was killed in action attempting to relieve Khartoum (DNB. This is a description of a five month-long journey in Asia Minor from November 1876 till march 1877, which is particular interesting in the view of the Russo - Turkisch war of 1877 - 1878 in which Burnaby commanded a Turkish brigade. He travelled through northern Asia Minor through Ankara, Erzerum, Mt. Araat, and from Batum on the Black Sea to the shores of Lake Van. Burnaby was well known for his very popular account of his journey, A ride to Khiva, 1876 (Blackmer p.52). His ride across Asia Minor in the winter of 1876 - 1877, was occasioned by his determination to see for himself how the Porte treated its subjects. He could be quite critical of the tales of massacres, torture and imprisonments with which the Greeks and Armenians filled his ears. In the course of five month Burnaby travelled over two thousand miles in Turkey. When On horseback through Asia Minor appeared in 1877, it went through seven editions. - A nice set of a classic travel narrative.Blackmer Collection 244; not in the Atabey Collection and Weber. [Boeknr.: 35225 ]

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CAMBINI, Andrea. Commentario de Andrea Cambini Fiorentino, de la Origine de Turchi et Imperio della Casa Ottomanna. (Venice, 1538).Sm 8vo. 18th century full red morocco with gilt fillets, spine lettered and decorated in gilt, silk endpapers. With half title (no title-page) and woodcut initials. 72 pp Third edition, first printed at Florence in 1529. - A clear chronological history of the Ottomans up to their conquest of Egypt. Part is a translation by Andrea Cambini of a report of Aeneas Sylvius, the later Pope Pius II, who wrote about the fall of Constantinople in 1453 and the role of Constantine Palaiologos, the last Emperor. Cambini belonged to a group of sixteenth-century Italian historians which included Paolo Giovio and Giovanni Menavino. They openly praised the Ottoman's organization and behavior. - (Some contemporary marginal annotations). - A fine copy.Atabey Collection 186; Blackmer Collection 273;. Göllner 620. [Boeknr.: 35523 ]

€ 2250,00

CAMESINA, Albert. Wien und seine Bewohner während der zweiten Türkenbelagerung 1683. (Wien, 1864).4to. Half cloth. With 2 plates. 90; XIV pp. - (With annotations on fly-leaf and title-page). [Boeknr.: 35306 ]

€ 100,00

CANNING, Stratford. The Eastern question. By the late Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe. Being a selection from his writings during the last five years of his life. With a preface by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley. London, John Murray, 1881.Original green cloth gilt, with gilt crest of Statford de Redcliffe on upper cover. With folding map, coloured in outline (with tear). XXIV,216; 32 pp. First edition. - Stratford Canning, 1st Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe (1786 - 1880) was a British diplomat and politician who became best known as the longtime British Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. He first served at the British embassy in Constantinople from 1808 to 1812. In 1824 he was appointed British ambassador to the Porte, a position he was elected to several times and he was resident in Constantinople for most of the period from 1825 to 1858.Atabey Collection 189; not in the Blackmer Collection. [Boeknr.: 35192 ]

€ 225,00

CAPRARA, Alberto. Relatione del presente governo Ottomano fatta dal Sig. Conte Alberto Caprara, stato ultimamente internunzio à quella corte per la maestà dell' imperatore Leopoldo Primo. Venetia, per il Bosio, 1684.Disbound. With fine half-page woodcut portrait of Mehmet IV on title-page. (8) pp. Albert Caprara (1627-1691), Leopold's ambassador to the Sultan. Apponyi 1094 (Lucca 1684); Sturminger 949-950 (Bologna & Lucca 1684). [Boeknr.: 30764 ]

€ 1950,00

CARNE, John. Letters from the East; written during a recent tour throught Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, The Holy Land, Syria and Greece. Second edition. London, Henry Colburn, 1826.2 volumes. Later half calf, with marbled boards. With coloured acquatint frontispiece depicting the Camp of Hassan, a Bedouin chief. XVI,352; X,351 pp. First edition published the same year. - John Carne (1789 - 1844) traveller and author left England on 26 March 1821. He visited Constantinople, Greece, the Levant, Egypt and Palestine. In the later country he was taken prisoner by Bedouins, but was relaeased in safety. On coming back to England he commenced writing for the New Monthly Magazin an account of his travels under the title Letters from the East. - (Stained). - Rare.Atabey Collection 198; Blackmer Colletion289; Abbey, Travel, 377; Ibrahim-Hilmy I, p.120; Tobler p.148; Weber 186. [Boeknr.: 35715 ]

€ 675,00

CASTELLAN, Antoine Laurent. Turkey, being a description of the manners, customs, dresses, and other peculiarities characteristics of the inhabitants of the Turkish empire. To which is prefixed a sketch of the history of the Turks. Translated from the French. London, R. Ackermann, 1821.6 volumes. 12mo. Later half green calf, spines gilt. With 73 handcoloured engravings and aquatint plates depicting 150 costumes.. First edition in English; part of the series:The world in miniature, edited by Frederic Shoberl; first published in French in 1812 Moeurs, usages, costumes des Othomans. - Castellan (1772-1838) a French painter, architect, and engraver. went out to the Levant in 1796 as a draughtsman with an abortive French engineering mission to Turkey. He spent several years in the Levant, returning to Paris in 1804. His letters on Constantinople were adapted to form the text to this 6-volumes set. The beautifully coloured plates, reduced versions of Dalvimart's costume plates (1802) depict the costumes of the functionaries of the Ottoman court. There are also illustrations of arms, standards and other objects as well as an interesting section on music and dance. - (Offsetting of the plates). - A fine set.Blackmer Collection 301; Atabey Collection 205; Koç Collection 195f; Lipperheide p.340; Colas 2734; Tooley, Coloured plates, 515; Abbey,Travel,.6. [Boeknr.: 35755 ]

€ 1750,00

CHANDLER, Richard. Travels in Asia Minor, and Greece: or, an account of a tour made at the expense of the Society of Delettanti. 3rd edition. London, Joseph Booker and R. Priestley, 1817.2 volumes in 1. 4to. Contemporary polished calf with gilt fillet (inner hinges strengthened)., spine richly gilt in compartments with green title-label. With 8 engraved maps, plans and charts (4 folding). XXIV,328; XV,(2),343 pp. Travels in Asia Minor first appeared in 1775, his Greek travels in 1776; with armorial bookplate of Henry Edward Bunbury. - The Society of Dilettanti commissioned Chandler (1738-1810), to undertake a tour of exploration in Asia Minor, this was the first mission organized by the Society, and the other members of the party included the architect Nicholas Revett and the artist William Pars.The party spent two years in the East, from 1764 to 1766 . The Travels are based on Chandler's daily journal of local customs and everyday life. His keen attention to the details of contemporary life in the places he visited makes this account highly readable, while simultaneously providing a vivid picture of the eighteenth-century traveller's conditions. - Except some minor foxing, a very fine copy.Blackmer collection 318; Atabey collection 216; Contominas Collection 139; Weber 552/554. [Boeknr.: 26270 ]

€ 2250,00

CHASSEPOL, François de. Histoire des Grands Vizirs Mahomet Coprogli-Pacha, et Ahcmet Coprogli-Pacha. Celle des trois derniers Grands Seigneurs; de leurs Sultanes, & principales favorites; avec les plus secrettes intrigues du Serrail. Et plusieurs autres particularitez des guerres de Dalmatie, Transilvanie, Hongrie, Candie, & Pologne. Amsterdam, Abraham Wolfgank, 1676.Sm.8vo. Contemporary calf, spine richly gilt.With engraved titlepage and folding engraved ‘Plan du Camp de Cotzchim‘ (Romeyn de Hooghe?). 251,(7) pp. First edition of this biography of the two members of the Köprülü family who restored partly the (military) power of the Ottoman empire between 1656 and 1676. In the same year an edition was published in Paris. - Biography of two highly successful Grand Viziers, Mehmet and Ahmet Köprülü; the former (1583-1661) was in power from 1656 to 1661, the later (his son, born 1635) from 1661 until his death in 1676. The Köprülü family, of Albanian origin, produced several Grand Viziers, of whom these two were the first; they were instrumental in managing the transformation period of the Ottoman Empire (Koç, Istanbul, p.134). - Fine copy with the often missing plan.Blackmer Collection 326; Atabey Collection 224. [Boeknr.: 35287 ]

€ 695,00

CHESNEY, Francis Rawdon. The Russo-Turkish campaigns of 1828 and 1829: with a view of the present state of affairs in the East. 2nd edition. London, Smith, Elder & Co., Bombay, Smith, Taylor & co, 1854.Original embossed green cloth. With two folding maps, coloured in outline. XXXVIII, 448; (16) pp. Three editions were issued in 1854. - Colonel Francis Rawdon Chesney went to Constantinople in 1829 with the intention of joining the Turkish forces, but he was delayed by a tour of inspection of Syria and Egypt, and the peace of Adrianople was announced just as he arrived. In this work, composed of materials collected on the spot, he has provided an account of the Russo - Turkish war of 1828-29, and in the final chapter he gives a history of past and present Russo-Turkish wars and a background to the Eastern Question. (Atabey p.118). Chesney was clearly an explorer of the first order and his courage and perseverance were matched only by his attention to detail and thoroughness in the surveys he produced. - (Some foxing).Atabey Collection 235; not in Blackmer. [Boeknr.: 35184 ]

€ 225,00

CHILDS, W.J. Across Asia Minor on foot. Edinburgh, London, William Blackwood and Sons, 1917.Original pictorial cloth (spine fafed). With many photographic plates. XVI,459 pp. First edition. - From the Black Sea to Aleppo and Alexandretta on foot. [Boeknr.: 36051 ]

€ 65,00

CLARKE, Edward Daniel. Voyages en Russie, en Tartarie et en Turquie. Traduits de l'Anglais. Paris, Fantin, 1812. 2 volumes. Contemporary half calf, with green and red morocco title labbels on spines. With 5 folding engraved maps. XVIII, 559; (4), 500 pp First French edition; first published in English, London 1810-1823; with bookplate of Chateau de Rosny. - The French government forbade the publication, and it was stopped with only the translation of the first volume of the travels having been published (Atabey p.132). - In 1799 Clarke set out with a Mr Cripps on a tour through the continent of Europe, beginning with Norway and Sweden, whence they proceeded through Russia and the Crimea to Constantinople and Rhodes and afterwards to Egypt and Palestine. - (Stained). - Rare.Cf. Blackmer Collection 365; Atabey Collection 255; Chadenat II, 4249; Cat. Russica 738. [Boeknr.: 35717 ]

€ 875,00

CLEMENT, C.E. Constantinople. New York, H.M. Caldwell Company, (1895).Original pictorial cloth gilt, top edge gilt. With photographic plates. IV,302 pp. With library stamp of the Minnesota Historical Society. [Boeknr.: 15172 ]

€ 45,00

CLERC, Sebastian de. Les actions gloreuses des S.A.S. Charles Duc de Lorraine en Hongrie, Transylvania, etc. Augsburg, Jeremias Wolff, (ca. 1700). Large 8vo. Marbled boards. With engraved titlepage (lower margin restored) and 15 engraved plates after Sebastian Le Clerc by Johanna Sybilla Kräusin, representing and celebrating the military exploits of Charles V Duke of Lorraine. Charles Duc of Lorainne (1643-1690) was born in Vienna , became the brother in law of Emperor Leopold. He was from a long established family of Lorraine, who had to take refuge from the forces of France. He managed to become the titular Duke of Lorraine in 1675 at a time when Lorainne was occupied by France. Since 1663 he had been in imperial Habsburg service and had a very notable military career. He was able to first distinguish himself at the Battle of Saint Gotthard in 1664, where he was under the service of Montecuccoli In 1683 he became an imperial generalissimo . right before the Siege of Vienna. With the Siege of Neuhausel in 1685, Charles was able to take all of upper Hungary. After this Charles besieged Buda for two months, claiming victory in 1686. - (2 blank margins restored). - A fine cpy. [Boeknr.: 35347 ]

€ 1950,00

CONSTANTINOPLE. Prospectus septem turrium in urbe Constantinopolitana, Vüe des sept Tours ou Prisons d'etat a Constantinople, Vista della sette Torri, osia Priggioni di Stato a Costantinopoli, Prospect der Sieben Thürne, oder Staats-Gefängnus zu Constantinopel. (Augsburg), Georg Balthasar Probst, (ca. 1770).Contemporary handcoloured perspective view (vue d'optique or Guckkastenbild) depicting a street scene with the prison in Constantinople. Ca 26 x 39 cm. View inside Istanbul showing the state prison, the seven towers to Constantinople. A fine street view with on both sides buildings with slender towers and several local peope and horsemen. - Fine. [Boeknr.: 35345 ]

€ 175,00

COX, Samuel Sullivan. Diversions of a diplomat in Turkey. New York, Charles L. Webster & Co., 1893.Original pictorial cloth. With map of the Bosphorus and numerous wood-engravings. XIX,685 pp. First published in New York in 1887. - Cox was a congressman and also U.S. ambassador to Turkey, 1885-87.Blackmer Collection 421. [Boeknr.: 13023 ]

€ 95,00

CRAMPRICH, Daniel Joannes. Memorie overgelevert aen d'Heeren Staten Generael, den 12 February, 1685. Door den Minister van Sijne Keyserlycke Majesteyt. (No pl.), 12 February, 1685.4to. (4) pp. Request from Spain's ambassador Cramprich to the Dutch Republic for financial support to fight the Ottoman Turks. Knuttel 12373 (French edition only); Tiele 8230. [Boeknr.: 33358 ]

€ 125,00

CURIOSE STAATS BEDANCKEN uber den verwirzten Zustand des Königreichs Ungarn und dahero bey der Christenheit entstehende Gefahr ... sonderlich aber was doch die unserige nach erhaltener Victorie im Ungarn weiter-vornehmen, und was sie glückliches verrichten möchten ? Ob der Türcke auch wieder vor Wien rucken, was er sonst bey diesem Kriege gewinnen dürffte .. Worum doch dieselben mit dem Türcken so balden Friede machen ? (No pl.), 1684.Modern marbled boards. 78 pp. Rare pamphlet dealing with the present state of the Turkish wars.Apponyi, 1145. [Boeknr.: 35342 ]

€ 745,00

CURZON, Robert. Armenia: A year at Erzeroom and on the frontiers of Russia, Turkey and Persia. 3rd edition. London, John Murray, 1854.Contemporary red morocco, gilt fillets on sides, spine gilt in compartments, a.e.g. With woodcut frontispiece, woodcut vignette on title-page, map and 4 plates. XIV,253 pp. First edition. - In 1842 Curzon joined a conference at Erzerum to deal with the border incursions of the Kurdish tribes into both Turkey and Persia, and to determine the border between the two countries. The commission was formed by Turkish, Russian, Persian and English plenipotentiaries. Curzon, privat secretary to Stradford Canning, British ambassador in Constantinople, was joint British commissioner with Colonel W.F. Williams. The treaty was finally signed in 1847 and a new commission formed in 1848 to survey the border area, much of it wholly unexplored, extending to the east beyond Mesopotamia. The survey was completed in 1852. This is a very important work, and of especial interest for information on the Christian tribes in the area surveyed (Atabey p.159). Robert Curzon, 14th Baron Zouche (1810 - 1873 , was a notable Victorian English traveler, travel writer, and diplomat, active mainly in the Near East. He is perhaps best known as being responsible for the "purchase" of some of the most important early Bible manuscripts from Eastern Orthodox monasteries. - An attractive copy.Weber 478; Wilson p. 52; Cat. Russica 1399; not in Blackmer. [Boeknr.: 35200 ]

€ 375,00

DAILEY NEWS. The war correspondence of the 'Daily News' 1877 with a connecting narrative forming a continuous history of the war between Russia and Turkey. Including the letters of Archibald Forbes, J.A. Macgahan and many other special correspondents in Europe and Asia. 2nd edition containing a full description of the taking of Kars. London, Macmillan and Co., 1878.Original red cloth (sl. rubbed, spine ends sl. damaged). XVI,643 pp. With the bookplate and stamp of Girton College. - Of the letters 'may be said, that they were welcomed by the public as affording the earliest, fullest, and most specific information at critical moments of the campaign, and if it should further be found that these same letters, hastily written in the bivouac, on the field of victory, or in some hovel on the line of retreat, have at the same time the merit of being among the most vivid and truthful pictures of war that have at any time been offered to the public, the popularity they have attained would be accounted for (Preface). [Boeknr.: 35188 ]

€ 125,00

DAILEY NEWS. The war correspondence of the 'Daily News' 1877-8 continued from the fall of Kars to the signature of the preliminaries of peace. With a connecting narrative forming a continuous history of the war between Russia and Turkey. London, Macmillan and Co., 1878.Original red cloth (sl. rubbed, spine ends sl. damaged). XVI,599 pp. With the bookplate and stamp of Girton College. - 'The collection, which now forms a complete history of the war, comprises the correspondence of Archibald Forbes, J.A. MacGahan, F.D. Millet, E. Pears, E. O'Donovan, J.H. Skinner, V. Julius, and other correspondents - in all seventeen in number - to each of those letters a conventional sign has been affixed' (Preface). [Boeknr.: 35189 ]

€ 125,00

DALLAWAY, James. Constantinople ancient and modern, with excursions to the shores and islands of the Archipelago and to the Troad. London, T. Bensley, 1797.4to. Later half calf, spine ribbed and gilt. With aquatint illustration on title-page (sl. soiled), aquatint plan and 9 sepia aquatint plates after Gaetano Mercati by Stadler. XII,415,(6) pp. First edition. - James Dallaway (1763-1834) was appointed chaplain and physician to Liston's embassy at the Porte (1794-96). After his return from the East he published Constantinople, ancient and modern, which was pronounced by the great traveller, Dr. Clarke, to be the best on the subject. Dallaway's book was well regarded in its time, [and] helped to awaken interest in the ancient manuscripts to be found there, and contributed to the debate on the location of ancient Troy (DNB). Dallaway spent eighteen month in Constantinople. 'Very excellent and circumstantial account' (Cox I, p.239). - Except some light foxing a fine copy.Blackmer collection 441; Atabey Collection 308; Koç Collection 167; Abbey, Travel, 392; Weber 640. [Boeknr.: 14091 ]

€ 1250,00

(DALVIMART, Octavien). The costume of Turkey, illustrated by a series of engravings; with descriptions in English and French. London, Printed for William Miller, by Howlett and Brimmer, 1804.Folio. Contemporary red straight-grained morocco, wide gilt borders on sides, spine gilt, inner dentelles, a.e.g. With coloured engraved title-vignette and 60 beautifull hand-coloured costume plates. Dalvimart travelled in Turkey around 1798 where he made the costume drawings on the spot. - Excellent copy with fine coloured stipple-engravings.Blackmer Collection 444; Attabey Collection 314; Abbey, Travel, 370; Colas I, 782; Lipperheide, Lb37; Abbey, Travel, II,370. [Boeknr.: 16205 ]

€ 2650,00

(DALVIMART, Octavien). Picturesque representations of the dress and manners of the Turks. With descriptions. London, Printed for James Goodwin by W. Lewis, 1814.8vo. Contemporary red straight-grained morocco, wide gilt borders on sides, spine gilt, inner dentelles, a.e.g. With 60 beautifull hand-coloured costume plates. Dalvimart travelled in Turkey around 1798 where he made the costume drawings on the spot. With full descriptions of each plate and commentary on the lifestyle of a person. - Excellent copy with fine coloured stipple-engravings.Abbey, Travel, 370; Colas I, 782; Lipperheide, b 38. [Boeknr.: 36462 ]

€ 1250,00

DE KAY, James Ellsworth. Sketches of Turkey in 1831 and 1832. By an American. New York, J. & J. Harper, 1833.Contemporary half green calf, with black morocco title-label on spine (rubbed). With several woodengravings in the text. XII,527 pp. First edition. - James Ellsworth De Kay (1792 - 1851) was an American zoologist. 'In the following pages I have attempted to preserve a record of my own impressions, without reference to the descriptions of many preceding tourists, who seem to have taken a marvellous pleasure in exaggerating the vices and suppressing the good points of the Turkish character' (Introduction). De Kay’s presence in Turkey in 1831 was connected with the first treaty between America and Turkey and as part of an American presence connected with the rebuilding of the Turkish fleet destroyed at Navarino. De Kay was the son-in-law of Henry Eckford, a naval architect, who took over the Shipyard of the Turkish navy in 1832. The ship in which the whole party travelled, commanded by De Kay’s brother, was sold to the Sultan. At one time De Kay was suggested as American Consul in Constantinople. He has produced a very interesting work full of historical and political sketches, and including a special chapter on the first treaty between the Porte and the US. De Kay had a medical degree, but did not practice as a docter; he was close to American literary circles of the period and was a friend of James Fenimore Cooper and Joseph Rodman Drake (Blackmer p 101). Contains also lively descriptions of the neighbourhoods of Istanbul, and its Armenian, Greek and Jewish communities. - (Foxed).Atabey Collection 334; Blackmer Collection 465; Weber 210. [Boeknr.: 35214 ]

€ 825,00

DECIANO, Giovanni Francesco & Claudio Cornelio FRANGIPANE. Iohannis Francisci Deciani iuris utriusque doctoris, psalmus. Ad implorandum divinum auxilium in bello. Claudiique Cornelii Frangipanis ad Deum opt. max hymnus. Venice, Domemico & Giovanni Battista Guerra, 1570.4to. Modern wrappers. With title-page within a manneristic woodcut border incorporation the printers’ eagle-and-sun device and a view of Venice; 3 woodcut headpieces and 3 woodcut initials. 4 lvs. First edition. - Apparently published the year before the battle of Lepanto, this work compromises two prayers, by Deciani and Frangipane respectively, calling for divine assistance against the Turks. The dedication to Giovanni Antonio Facchinetti is dated 26 October 1570. Gian Francesco Deciani (1537- 90) was a legist son of Tiberio Deciani (1509-82). Facchinetti, Bishop of Nicastro and later Pope Innocent IX, was sent as papal nuncio to Venice by Pius V in 1556 and was instrumental in furthering the alliance against the Turks between the Papacy, Venice and Spain ultimately resulted in the victory of Lepanto. Both works were translated by Lodovico Dolce (1508-1568) and produced under the eye of the great venetian publisher Gabriel Giolitho.Göllner 1256; Only one copy in WorldCat. [Boeknr.: 35529 ]

€ 1350,00

DEMIDOFF, Anatole de. Voyage dans la Russie Meridionale et la Crimée par la Hongrie, La Valachie et la Moldavie, exécuté en 1837 .. Paris, Ernest Bourdin, 1840.8vo. Contemporary half morocco, spine gilt with red morocco title-label to spine. With 1 page of sheet music, 24 plates mounted on India paper and many wood-engravings in the text by Denis Raffet. VI, 621,(3) pp. First edition. - This is the first part of Demidov's account of his mission in Russia and the Crimea, an account of the voyage itself. The scientific observations by Huot, Leveille, Rousseau and Nordmann were published in three volumes in 1842 (Atabey p. 181). Celebrated scientific expedition by count Anatoliy Nicolaevic Demidov (1812-1870) through southern Russia, Crimea, Hongary, Romania, and Turkey in the year 1837. With magnificent plates depicting topographical and military views, costumes and everyday scenes . - (Age-browned). - A fine copy.Catalogue Russica D297; Vicaire III, p.165; Cf. Chadenat 4279 (Spanish edition only). [Boeknr.: 31668 ]

€ 575,00

DESCRIPTION HISTORIQUE DE LA GLORIEUSE CONQUESTE de la ville de Bude, capital du Royaume d’Hongroie, par les armes victorieuse de nostre tres-auguste & invincible Empereur Leopold I. Sous la conduite de .. Duc de Lorraine & l’electeur de Baviere. Nouvelle edition revuë & augmentée. Cologne, Jean Jacques le Jeune, 1686.12mo.Modern marbled boards. 190 pp. History of the 1686 siege and re-capture of Buda, under Turkish rule since 1541, by Duke Charles V of Lorraine and Elector Maximilian II Emanuel of Bavaria. An English edition was published in London in 1687 (?) An historical description of the glorious conquest of the city of Buda, the captial city of the kingdom of Hungary, by the victorious arms of the thrice illustrious and invinciple Emperor Leopold I. Under the conduct of his Most Serene Highness, the Duke of Lorraine, and the Elector of Bavaria ...A day by day account of the Allied advance on Buda and Pest in Hungary, resulting in the withdrawal of the Ottoman garisson and a Treaty of Peace. The wry joke "the operation was successful, but the patient died" might describe the liberation of Buda and Pest by the united Christian armies in 1686. The two towns were utterly destroyed, with only a few thousand people remaining alive inside the walls by the time the Turks were vanquished. Having survived the Turkish period intact, the royal palace was destroyed in the siege. Resettlement and rebuilding were gradual, and formerly Gothic Buda took on a decidedly baroque appearance during the process. Though it would never again be a royal seat, the palace was rebuilt and expanded over the years. Hungary was to be ruled by the victorious House of Habsburg until the collapse of the Habsburg empire in World War I. - (Titlepage restored).Extremely rare, unrecorded variant. Not in Apponyi. [Boeknr.: 35316 ]

€ 975,00

DESTRILHES. Confidences sur la Turquie. 2me édition. Paris, E. Dentu, 1855.Contemporary half green morocco, spine richly gilt. XLI,252,(1) pp. The first edition was printed privately in 1855. - The book was produced in the wake of the Crimean war. It contains special chapters on Mehmet Ali and Rechid Pasha. Emile Tarin replied in Réponse aux confidences, 1856 (Atabey p.189).Bound with: Alfred Poissonnier. Les esclaves Tsiganes dans les principautés Danubiennes. Avec une préface de Philarète Chasles. Paris, 1855. & M.F. de Saulcy. La Syrie et la Palestine. Examin critique de l'ouvrage de M. van de Velde. Paris, 1855. & Some contributions from the Revue Orientale. - Fine. [Boeknr.: 35209 ]

€ 850,00

DICTATUR AM 6. JUNI 1663 AUFF DEM REICHS-TAGE ZU REGENSPURG. (No pl., ca. 1663). Modern wrappers. (4) lvs. By order of Kaiser Leopold I, Guidobald Graf vonThon und Hohenstein (1616 - 1668), bishop of Regensburg, was asked for support against the Turcks. [Boeknr.: 28411 ]

€ 450,00

DIETRICH, Veit. Wie man das volck zur Busz/ und ernstlichem gebet wider den Türcken auff der Cantzel vermanen sol. Sambt einer unterricht vom gebet/ und einer kurtzen auszlegung des LXXIX Psalmen. Nürnberg, Johan vom Berg & Ulrich Neuber, 1542.4to. Old boards. 36 lvs. First and only edition. - One of the two ‘Türkenpredigten’ which Veit Dietrich held in Nürnberg in 1542. Dedicated to Martin Pfintzing, supreme commander of the Nurnberg contingent during the 1542 imperial campaign against the Turks. Veit Dietrich betrachtet die Türken als ein „Flagellum Die“ „weil nun an dem kein Zweyffel ist wo wirs mit undern Sünden nit hetten verschulder der gotlose Feindt wurde wider uns nit zu vil glück haben“ (Göllner 725 ). Veit Dietrich was born on 8 December 1506 in Nuremberg, his father was a shoemaker. The talent of the boy was soon recognized and patronage of a wealthy benefactor enabled him to attend high school at the university of Wittenberg. He enrolled in March 1522. In University Philipp Melanchton recognized his talent and encouraged him. Later, he was Martin Luther’s housemate and a close confidant. As such he accompanied Luther to the Marburg Colloquy and stayed with him during the Diet of Augsberg in 1530 at the Fortress of Coburg. He earned a master’s degree in 1529 and taught in the art department. Later on he was offered a professorship in Wittenberg but he rejected it. Like other writers, Dietriech believed that the seventy-ninth psalm could and should be used as a prayer against the Turks. Presumably these sermons were actually put to the intended use; they are good examples of the kind of preaching against the Turks that occurred in ordinary Lutheran country churches (Bohnsted 1968 / p. 16) [Boeknr.: 27737 ]

€ 1495,00

DISTINTA RELATIONE DELLA RASSEGNA DELL'ESSERCITO DEL GRAN TURCO QUANDO SORTI IN CAMPAGNA, Con la descrittione del Treno & Vittovaglie, e distributtione de' Campeggiamenti della medema Armata. Mantova, Lucca, Marescandoli, (1683).4to. Modern boards. With nice woodengraved portrait on title-page. 4 pp. Very rare 'newsletter' with descriptions of the Turkish army (weapons, soldiers, horses, etc.). - Fine. [Boeknr.: 35340 ]

€ 895,00

DREW GAY, J. Plevna, the Sultan and the Porte; reminiscences of the war in Turkey. London, Chatto and Windus, 1878.Original red cloth (sl. soiled). VI,(1),298; 40 pp. First edition. - With the bookplate of Sefik E. Atabey. - 'During my stay in Turkey as Special Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph, it was my high privilege to have unusual facilities for obtaining information respecting what inspired within the Palace, the Seraskierate, and the Porte. It was, moreover, my fortune to be present at the heavy fighting which, early in September 1877, took place at Plevna. What I heard at Constntinople, and what I witnessed on the memorable battlefields where Osman Pasha and his gallant army gained for themselves and their country undying renown, I have transcribed, and to my observations appended sundry notes respecting the present condition and what I take to be the needs of Turkey in the future' (Preface). - Rare.Not in the Blackmer Collection. [Boeknr.: 35210 ]

€ 375,00

DU MONT, Jean. A new voyage to the Levant: containing an account of the most remarkable curiosities in Germany, France, Italy, Malta, and Turkey; with historical observations relating to the present and ancient state of those countries. Done into English. 4th edition. London, T. Goodwin, M. Wotton and B. Toke, 1705.Contemporary panneled calf (hinges restored). With engraved frontispiece and 8 folding engraved plates. (22),416 pp. With armorial bookplate of Geoffrey C. Hobbs. - First published in French in The Hague in 1696 Voyages en France, en Italie, en Allemagne, a Malthe et en Turquie; first English edition appeared also in 1696. - Jean Du Mont (1607-1727) left the French army to take service in Germany. The various German campaigns he took part in form the basis of his travels, which he augments with interesting accounts of his customs and life in the countries he visited, in the form of letters. Four of the eight plates illustrate genre scenes in Constantinople: Turkish dancers, Greek dancers, punishment of a harlot, and the audience of the French ambassador, Chateau-Neuf, with the Kaimakam (Blackmer p.113). - (Age-browned).Blackmer Collection 514; Atabey Collection 378; Koç Collection 95a; Cf. Weber 436; Boucher de la Richarderie I, p. 310 (French ed.). [Boeknr.: 22639 ]

€ 1450,00

DUCKETT, William Alexander. La Turquie pittoresque. Histoire - moeurs - description. Préface par Théophile Gautier. Paris, V. Lecou, 1855.2 volumes in 1. 8vo. Modern half red straight grained morocco. With 20 steel-engraved views of Constantinople and the Bosphorus. XVIII,304 pp. First edition. - The work is divided into two parts, the first containing a history of the Turkish empire, and the second a description of habits, customs, etc. The fine plates are after Thomas Allom. Blackmer Collection 504; Atabey Collection 369; Chadenat I, 2285. [Boeknr.: 10355 ]

€ 275,00

DWIGHT, H.G. Constantinople old and new. New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1915.Original blue cloth, top edge gilt. With many photographic illustrations. XXI,567 pp. First edition. - Harrison Griswold Dwight, was born in Constantinople in 1875, died in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1959. He prepared for Amherst College at the preparatory school of Robert College, Constantinople, with which his father was connected, and St. Johnsbury, Vermont Academy. After graduation from Amherst, he entered the consular service. [Boeknr.: 36061 ]

€ 65,00

DWIGHT, H.G. Constantinople. Settings and traits. New York, London, Harper & Brothers, 1926.Original brown cloth (spine sl. discoloured). With many photographic illustrations. XXIV,581 pp. First edition. - Harrison Griswold Dwight, was born in Constantinople in 1875, died in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1959. He prepared for Amherst College at the preparatory school of Robert College, Constantinople, with which his father was connected, and St. Johnsbury, Vermont Academy. After graduation from Amherst, he entered the consular service [Boeknr.: 36086 ]

€ 65,00

EBERSOLT, Jean. Le grand palais de Constantinople et le livre des cérémonies. Avec un avant-propos de Charles Diehl. Paris, Ernest Leroux, 1910.8vo. Original printed wrappers. With large folding plan in pocket by Adolphe Thiers. XV,237,(2) pp. [Boeknr.: 21225 ]

€ 125,00

EGIDIUS VITERBIENSIS. Oratio prima Synodi Lateranensis habita per Egidium Viterbiensem Augustiniani ordinis Generalem. Rome, J. Beplin, 1512. Modern half brown morocco. With woodcut border on title-page. 10 lvs. Aegidius of Viterbo (1470-1532) was an Italian Augustinian cardinal , theologian, orator, humanist and poet. He was born at the Villa Canapina, near Viterbo, of rich and noble parents. He entered the Augustinian Order at an early age. After a course of studies with the Augustinians he was made doctor of theology and in 1503 became general of his order. Aegidius is famous in ecclesiastical history for the boldness and earnestness of the discourse which he delivered at the opening of the Fifth General Council, held in 1512, at the Lateran Palace. It is printed in Harduin's collection of the councils. Pope Leo X made him cardinal, confided to him several in succession, employed him as legate on important missions, gave him (in 1523) the title of Latin Patriarch of Constantinople. Egidius schildert die Verwüstungen in Ungarn, die er mit eigenen Augen gesehn hatte. In der einleitented Zuschrift des J. Sadolete an Bembo berichtet dieser über den ungeheuern Eindruck, den die Rede gemacht hatte (Göllner 52 ). - A nice copy. [Boeknr.: 35521 ]

€ 1450,00

EISENSTEIN, Richard von. Reise nach Konstantinopel, Kleinasien, Rumänien, Bulgarien und Serbien. Beschreibung mit Erörterungen, um zu Reisen und Unternehmungen auszuregen. Wien, Karl Gerolds Sohn, 1912.Original decorated cloth. With 6 maps (1 folding) and 458 photographic illustrations. 416 pp. First edition. - A fine illustrated copy. [Boeknr.: 36057 ]

€ 75,00

(ELIOT, Charles Norton Edgcumber). Turkey in Europe. By Odysseus. London, Edward Arnold, 1900.Original blue cloth, spine lettered in gilt. With 2 folding coloured maps. 475 pp. First edition. - Sir Charles Norton Edgcumbe Eliot (1862 - 1931) was a British diplomat, colonial administrator and botanist. He describes the Turks, the Greeks, the Bulgarians and Serbs, the Albanians and Vlachs, and the Armenians. [Boeknr.: 36070 ]

€ 95,00

ENDERLIN, Jacob. (Publisher). Cyaneae oder die am Bosphoro Thracico, ligende hohe Stein-Klippen. Von welchen zu sehen seyn, gegen Mittag das Vor-Meer Propontis, Mitternachts aber das Schwartze-Meer, Pontus Euxenius, mit denenselben umbligenden Landern wie auch denen beeden Koniglichen Insulen Cypern und Candien. Augspurg, Verlag Jacob Enderling, Drucker Thomas Astaler, 1687.Sm.8vo.Contemporary vellum (spine restored). With title printed in red and black, folding plan, folding map of the Black Sea, and 26 (16 folding) engraved plates depicting views, plants and animals. 74, (2) pp. Many similar works were issued by the publisher Jacob Enderlin at that time. Including a description of Constantinople with fine view. He was trying to take advantage of the interest in the Levant aroused by the Austro - Venetian - Turkish wars of 1684 - 1690. Many of the plates were based on engravings from Coronelli’s Memorie Istoriografische della Morea. All the Enderlin publications are related and made use of many of the same plates. There was one publication every year from 1685 to at least 1693 (Collection Contominas 239). The work was probably inspired by the increased interest in Ottoman affairs which followed the unsuccessful siege of Vienna by the Turks in 1683, rather than through any pressing need to communicate first-hand information about Constantinople to actual travellers (Koç p.175). Atabey 402; Blackmer 1303(note); Weber 749 [Boeknr.: 35317 ]

€ 6950,00

EPPENDORFF, Heinrich von. Convolute of 4 works dealing with the first crusades, the conquest of Constantinople and Rhodes by the Turcs, for the first time translated into German by the humanist author Heinrich von Eppendorff (1496-1551). His extensive translation activity deserves greater attention in terms of style and content. He played a major part in making popular prose in Germany popular and, with its powerful proverbial, latinizing sentence formations, having inserted a disparaging language into the thinking of the German people. Strassburg, Georgen Messerschmidt für Hans Knobloch, 1551. 4 volumes in 1. Folio. Later boards. (4),153 lvs. FONTANUS, Jacobus. Der schönen Insel und porten Rhodus verlust/ die Solimannus der Türckische Kaiser im M.D.XXII jar/ am hailigen weihenacht tag/ in seinen gwalt bracht. The Order of the Knights Hospitaller had participated in the crusades and in 1309 established itself on the island of Rhodes. The island had withstood Ottoman sieges in 1460 and 1480. In 1522 Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent dispatched a force. The fortress of Rhodes held out for several months; the island, however, proved untenable. Starved, Grand Master Philippe de Villiers surrendered 21 December 1522. On January 1523 the Knights withdrew. In 1530 Emperor Charles V. transferred the island of Malta to the Knights. Fontanus was a Flemish jurist, later judge of the appeal court in Rhodes and attaché to Giles Caoursin the vice-chancellor of Rhodes. Fontanus lived through the siege and capitulation, and was an eye-witness of such important events as the audience of the Sultan with the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes on the 26th and 29th of December (Blackmer p.133). Cf. Blackmer Collection 613: valuable contemporary account; Atabey Collection 444; Göllner 224.Bound with:LEONARD OF CHIOS. Die belegerung und eroberung der Kaiserlichen statt Constantinopolis/ welche Mahomet der Türck als man nach Christi geburt, M.CCC. und liii gezahlt/ dem Kaiser Constantino abgedrungen.Leonard of Chios was Dominican and Archbishop of Mytilene In 1452, Cardinal Isidor of Kiev stopped at Lesbos on his way to Constantinople to conduct negotiations for a union between the Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches. He invited Leonard to join him and the latter arrived at Constantinople in October 1452. He was an eyewitness of the capture of Constantinople by Mehmet II in May 1453. He participated in the councils of the defenders and in the defence of the sector of Saint Demetrios, that Isidore commanded. Both Isidore and Leonard were captured, but soon released or ransomed. Leonard was able to buy some books from the Turks and managed to find passage to Chios, from where he wrote to Pope Nicholas V a detailed account. Written in Latin, he "describes the conquest in a fashion hostile to the Byzantines and Venetians but favorable to the Genoese". It remains our basic source for the event, and was reprinted several times in subsequent centuries, translated into Venetian and vernacular Greek.Blackmer Collection 1006 and Atabey Collection 705 both ed. 1823 only; Göllner 835 (ed. 1544).Bound with:ARETINUM, Benedictum. Die wunderbarliche Histori, von der Christen ausszug/ under Kaiser Heinrichen dem vierdten, zu des hailigen lands .. errettung/ wie sie Syriam, Judeam und Jerusalem erobert. Bound with:FLORIDUS, Franciscus. Kriegsübung dess fürtrefflichsten und streitbarsten ersten Römischen Kaisers Julii. .. [Boeknr.: 35544 ]

€ 3750,00

Erschreckliche näwe Zeittung / aus Newheusel / Carlstadt / und Rab / den 12.13.14. October von dem wütenden Erbfeind dem Türcken / disz 92. Jahrs. Copey des Türckischen Keisers Absagbrieffs / an den Römischen Keyser im Septemb. disz 92. Jars. Nürnberg, Lucas Meyer, 1592.Modern boards. With nice woodcut on title page and woodcut medaillon portrait. (4) lvs. Extremely rare 'newsletter' on the raids of Hassan Pascha of Bosnia in Central Europe in the period 1591 - 1592. Hasan Predojevic (c. 1530 - 22 June 1593) was Beylerbey of Bosnia of and the Ottoman military commander who led an invasion of Habsburg Croatia. Young Nikola was taken to Constantinople as acem-i oglan (foreign child) and brought up in theSultan's court , converting to Islam, adopting the name Hasan and advancing to the post of çakircibasa (chief falconer). He was appointed Beglerbeg of Bosnia in 1591. A dynamic military leader, Hasan strengthened the army of the Eyalet, attacked Croatia and reached Sisak. Thomas Erdõdy, Ban of Croatia , launched a counterattack and seized much of the Moslavina region. Hasan forces of around 20,000 jansissaries continued to raid the region, with the idea of seizing the strategical town of Senj and its port, and to eliminate the Uskoci.. Hasan brought his force to Bihac, which was conquered in June 1592 after eight days of siege. During the campaigns the Bosnian burned 26 cities throughout the Croatien Frontier and took some 35,000 warcaptives. In 1593 Hasan Pasha decided to advance further, but his force was defeated in an attempt to conquer Sisak, battle in which Hasan was killed.Göller 1894; Apponyi 1888. [Boeknr.: 35275 ]

€ 1950,00

FEHMI, Youssouf. Histoire de la Turquie. Préface de M. Antoine Baumann. Paris, Perrin et Cie., 1909. Original printed wrappers. With portrait of the author. XVIII,360 pp. [Boeknr.: 15725 ]

€ 55,00

FILIARCHI, Cosimo. Trattato della guerra, et dell’unione de’principi christiani contra Turchi et gli altri infedeli. Venice, Gabiel Giolito de’Ferrari, 1572.4to. Old wrappers. With woodcut printer’s device on title-page and on verso of final leaf, woodcut head- and tail-pieces, woodcut initials. (12), 163, (1]) pp. First edition. - In 1572, Filiarchi travelled to Venice in the entourage of Cardinal Pier Donato Cesi, a member of the papal legation that had negotiated with Venice and Spain to form the Holy League which defeated the Turks at Lepanto. Greatly impressed by this victory, which seemed to him the prelude to a great crusade, Filiarchi wrote on 1 september 1572 to Cesi, dedicating to him this exhortatory treatise, his first work. Making numerous references to the scriptures and to classical history, it is largely concerned with the Church role in a crusade, were one to be launched. There are chapters on the pope’s duties and powers as defender of the Chruch, on the origin and rise of the Turks, on why a war against the Turks is just, on the necessity of unity amongst the Christian princes, on the need for a Christian army to come under the command of a single General, on the question of wether the members of the clergy should be able to fight, on soldiers who are taken prisoner by the Turks, and so on. Atabey Collection. 432; Göllner 1513. [Boeknr.: 35530 ]

€ 1975,00

FISCHER, Johann Ferdinandt. Diarium, oder Weitläuffig und gründliche Beschreibung, von der Käys. Haupt- und Residenz-Stadt Wien, in Unter-Oesterreich, im Viertel unterm Wiennerwald liegend; welche vom 14 Julii biß 12 Septemb. Anno 1683 61 Tag von des Türckischen Käysers Sultan Machomet Kriegs-Volck anfänglich in die 200000 Mann bestehend, so ihr Logament rings umb die Stadt mit 22 Lagern gemacht, ist belägert worden, nebst einer außführlichen Specification aller hierbey gebliebner Hoch- und Nieder-Officieren. Regensburg, Augustus Hanckwitz, (ca. 1683)4to. Old green paper spine. With woodcut imperial arms at end. 9 lvs. Sturminger 1245. [Boeknr.: 35299 ]

€ 695,00

FORBIN, Louis Nicolas Philippe Auguste de. Voyage dans le Levant en 1817 et 1818. 2me édition. Paris, Delaunay, 1819.Contemporary calf, spine richly gilt. With engraved coat of arms of the L'Imprimerie Royale on titlepage. (12),460 pp. First edition published the same year; dedication Au Roi printed in civilité; with bookplate of Eugéne Pison. - Text volume to accompany Forbin's illustrated atlas work on the Levant which could be purchased separately. - Forbin travelled to Milos, where his son-in-law Marcellus had negotiated the purchase of the recently discovered Venus de Milo, and from there to Athens, Constantinople, Asia Minor, Syria and Palestine. From Jaffa he travelled overland to Alexandria and visited Egypt (Blackmer p.133). - ("Plan du Saint Sepulcre a Jerusalem" missing).Blackmer Collection 614; Atabey Collection 447; Comtominas Collection 268; Koç Collection 209; Weber 70; Chadenat II, 5370; Tobler p.144-145. [Boeknr.: 35735 ]

€ 275,00

FRANCISCI, Erasmum. Tisch-Reden/ eines Türckischen fürnehmen Bassa zu Constantinopel/ mit einem Teutschen Connestabel/ christlicher Religion/ dass ietzige Türckische Kriegswesen betreffend: Nachdencklich, und nicht unnützlich zu lesen. Samt einem kurtzen Anhang und Bericht von der Türckischen Beschneidung/ so wohl ihrer gebornen jungen Türcken-Knaben/ als auch derer von Gott ab/ und zu ihnen fallenden Mamelucken. Wobey eine kurtze Cronick/ von Ankunfft/ Leben und Wandel/ der von 400. Jahren her, ordentlichen Succession, derer Türckischen Kaïser/ vom Ottomannischen Hause. (No pl., probably Nürnberg), 1664.4to. Modern wrappers. 20 lvs. Written by Erasmus Francisci / Erasmus von Finx (1627-1694). - Anonym erschiedene, frühe Schrift des Erasmus Francisci. Die seltene Türken-Schrift, die zuerst 1663 erschienen war, steht in zusammenhang mit den 1663/64 erneut aufgeflammenden Türkenkriegen und stellt ein Streitgespräch zwischen einem türkischen Pascha und einem deutschen Beambten da. (Age-browned; some waterstaining). [Boeknr.: 28911 ]

€ 950,00

FRANCISCI, Erasmum. Der Turckische Guvernotor und Vasall das ist: gründlicher und glaubhafter Bericht/ von den heutigen Guvernamenten/ Guvernatorn und Lehr-Fürsten dess Ottomannischen Reichs/ wie auch deren Einkommen und Tribut; imgleichen von ihren Ross-Schweissen Standarten/ u.a.m. Nürnberg, Johan Andrea Endters Seel. Söhne, 1684.4to. Modern marbled wrappers. With engraved frontispiece by Sandrart. (8),80 pp. Erasmus Finx (1627 ? 1694), alias Erasmus Francisci, was a German Polymath, author and writer of Christian hymns. Finx was born in Lübeck, the son of a lawyer and received higher education at Lüneburg and Stettin. He studied law and was travelling through Italy, France and the Netherlands afterwards. As of 1657, he worked as a reader at Endter publishing at Nuremberg, where he also published some of his books.Sturminger 1271. [Boeknr.: 15657 ]

€ 995,00

FRANCISCI, Erasmus. Der blutig-lang-gereizte, endlich aber Sieghafft-entzündte Adlerblitz, wider den Glantz dess barbarischen Sebels, und Mord-Brandes, in historischer Erzehlung der Kriegs Empörungen Ungarischer Malcontanten, wieauch grausamen Kriegs-Verwüstung der Ottomannisch - Tartarischen, in Ungarn, und dessen Nachbarschafft, sonderlich aber vor der belägerten Kaiserlichen Residentz Stadt Wien ….. Nürnberg, Johan Andrea Endters Seel. Söhne, 1684.Contemporary calf, with 1 (of 2) clasp. With engraved frontispiece, titlepage printed in red and black, 3 engraved folding plates by J. Sandrart and 10 engraved portraits. 375, (2) pp. (Added manuscript index, 2 lv.). Erasmus Finx (1627 ? 1694), alias Erasmus Francisci, was a German Polymath, author and writer of Christian hymns. Finx was born in Lübeck, the son of a lawyer and received higher education at Lüneburg and Stettin. He studied law and was travelling through Italy, France and the Netherlands afterwards. As of 1657, he worked as a reader at Endter publishing at Nuremberg, where he also published some of his books.With portraits of Sultan Mehmed IV, Grossvisir Kara Mustafa, Kaiser Leopold I, Graf Rudiger von Starhemberg, Johann Sobiesky from Poland and others. . The plates depict the siege of Vienna and recapture of Gran.Sturminger 1268. [Boeknr.: 35318 ]

€ 2250,00

FRANCISCI, Erasmus. Neue und kurtze Beschreibung des Königreichs Ungarn: dessen fürnehmsten Städten und Vestungen. Wobey vieler Belägerungen, und vergleichen Denckwürdigkeiten; absonderlich, was in dem jetzigem Türcken-Krieg von An. 1663 bis an den Hornung dieses 1664 Jahrs, bey diesem und jenen Ort fürgelauffen, gemeldet, auch, zum Anhang, die vormahlige Belägerung der Stadt Wien ausführlich erzehlet wird. Nürnberg, Wolf Eberhard Felssecker by Johan Hofmann, 1664.Sm.8vo. Early 19th century half calf, spine richly gilt with 2 title-labels. With folding engraved titlepage, 4 engraved folding maps and 6 folding engraved plates. (20),379,(5) pp. Four editions were published the same year. Published under pseudonym Caspar Minsicht. Contains a detailed description of the siege of Vienna.Erasmus Francisci (1627-1694), born Erasmus von Finx, was a prolific polyhistor and is considered to be among the most influential figures in the German Baroque period. He became a secretary in the Endter publishing house and later rose to the position of corrector. Considered a literary celebrity, Francisci was one of the best selling authors for this period. - (Browned).Sturminger 99; Apponyi 886. [Boeknr.: 31732 ]

€ 2250,00

FRANKLAND, Charles Colville. Travels to and from Constantinople, in the years 1827 and 1828: or personal narrative of a journey from Vienna, through Hungary, Transylvania, Wallachia, Bulgaria, and Roumelia, to Constantinople; and from that city to the capital of Austria, by the Dardanelles, Tenedos, the plains of Troy, Smyrna, Napoli di Romania, Athens, Egina, Poros, Cyprus, Syria, Alexandria, Malta, Sicily, Italy, Istria, Carniola, and Styria. London, Henry Colborn, 1829.2 volumes. Contemporary half calf, spines ruled in gilt and with morocco-labels (sl. rubbed). With two coloured aquatint frontispieces, 4 engraved maps (2 folding), 11 woodengraved plates, and 14 aquatint engravings (including 3 folding panoramas). XIV,373; VIII,310 pp. First edition. - Charles Colville Frankland (1797 - 1876) was an English Captain who spent 15 month travelling in the Levant. He took leave and went in a caleche with two horses from Vienna through Hungary and Bulgaria to Istanbul. After an excursion to the Troad and Izmir he returned to Vienna via Syria, Alexandria and Athens. The fine plates include costumes and views of Constantinople, Nauplion, Smyrna, Damascus, Beirut, etc and are after drawings by the author. - Fine.Atabey Collection 460; Blackmer Collection 628; Weber 174; Abbey, Travel, 26.. [Boeknr.: 28599 ]

€ 2750,00

FRESCHOT, Casimir. Idea generale del regno d'Ungheria, sua descrittione, costumi, regi, eguerre; con i motiui dell'ultima solleuatione, inuasione de' Turchi, assedio, e liberatione di Vienna, e progressi dell' armi christiane. Al reuerendissimo D. Pietro Sagredo. Venetia, Lorenzo Marchesini, 1684.12mo. Contemporary vellum. With woocut title-vignette and initials. (22),356 pp. First edition. An interesting work on the history, civilization and rulers of Hungary, as well as comments on the Turkish invasion and the sieg and liberation of Vienna. Casimir Freschot (1640 - 1720) was a French historian and chronicler . He was the author of about fifty works in French , Italian and Latin, the most notable being Origine, progressi e ruina del calvinismo nella Francia, ragguaglio istorico di D. Casimiro Freschot (1693) and Histoire du congrès et de la paix d'Utrecht (1716). Born in Morteau around 1640, he became a novice in the benedictine Saint-Maur congregation, and was ordained on March 20, 1663 in the Saint-Vincent de Besançon monastery. In 1674 he moved to Italy, joining the benedictine congregation in Montecassino . Around 1700 he returned to the lay state and moved to Utrecht, where he earned a living teaching literature and history. Having returned to France, Freschot was reintegrated as a monk in the Saint-Vanne congregation in 1718 and died in 1720, in the Abbey of Luxeuil .Sturminger 1281; not in Blackmer, Attabey or Apponyi. [Boeknr.: 32492 ]

€ 1750,00

GAUTIER, Théophile. Constantinople of to-day. Translated from the French by Robert Howe Gould. London, David Bogue, 1854.Sm.8vo. Contemporary half calf, spine gilt. With tinted woodengraved title and frontispiece and 6 tinted woodengraved plates. 368 pp. First English edition, first published in French in 1853. - Théophile Gautier travelled in Greece and Turkey in 1852-3; he made a journey to Constantinople with Charles Garnier and spent about two months in the city. His description also contains chapters on Syros and Smyrna. This is the best of Gautier's accounts of his travels: his description of Constantinople and his evocation of its life are both fresh and accurate. This material appeared originally in a series of articles for the “Presse” from October 1852 to November 1853 under the title “De Paris a Constantinople' (Blackmer p. 142). Gautier became associated in the public mind with Turkey, and later he wrote introductions to Rogier’s La Turquie and to Duckett’s La Turquie Pitoresque. - (Some foxing; with library stamps of the Parliamentary Library of N.S. Wales).Blackmer Collection 658; Atabey Collection 482; Weber 482.. [Boeknr.: 26172 ]

€ 295,00

GENAUE UND EIGENTLICHE RELATION dessen waß nach glücklichem Entsatz der Stadt Wienn, biß zum 15 (25) Septemb. 1683 weiters passirt, wobey noch ein kleiner Bericht des jenigen, was vor Erlösung derselben vorgangen, mit angehenget. Worinnen auch zugleich der Römischen Käyserl. Maytt. Einzug in die Stadt Wienn kürtzlich enthalten. Regenspurg, Augustus Hanckwitz, 1683.4to. Old green paper spine. With woodcut Imperial arms on title. (6) lvs. Sturminger, 2470. [Boeknr.: 35300 ]

€ 525,00

GEORGIEVITZ, Bartholomaeus. Erzelung der Türckischen Keiser/ Namen/ Empter/ Leben/ Sitten und Tyranney in irem Reich/ daraus zusehen/ wie eintrechtig sie bey samen halten/ alle die jenigen auszurotten un zu dempffen/ die sich für gliedmas des Herrn Christi bekennen. Beschrieben in Latein/ durch Bartholomeum Georgievitz/ dem Christlichen Leser zu gut verdeutscht. Mit einer Vorred Philippi Melanthonis. Wittenberg, Hans Krafft, 1560.Sm.8vo. 17th century vellum, with red title label on spine. With title-page printed in red and black and 35 woodcut portraits in the text. 140 lvs. First edition was printed at Lyon in 1553. - Georgijeviç or Georgievitz, was taken prisoner by the Turks at the battle of Mohàcs in 1526. He was kept in captivity for 13 years before escaping to Jerusalem; on his return to Europe, he wrote this account of his sufferings and devoted the rest of his life to promoting his work and supervising its publication. His zeal attracted the attention of the Protestant reformer Philipp Melanchton, who wrote the preface for this edition. Georgijeviç’s work appeared in a vast number of editions (Koç collection p. 54).Contains an account of the Turkish emperors, the Turkish court and army, Turkish customs and Our Father in Turkish and Arabian, etc. He gives a general account of the life and customs of the Ottomans. Of special interest is the practical advice he gives on how to escape Turkish slavery. With a severe preface against the Turks by Philipp Melanchton.This work was one of the most frequently reprinted of all accounts of Turkish life and customs. The number of editions and translations is staggering (Atabey Collection p.261).Atabey Collection 488; Blackmer Collection 671; Weber 667; Göllner 1126; Angus O’Neill, Koç Collection, 14; Apponyi 358. [Boeknr.: 17327 ]

€ 4450,00

GEUDER VON HEROLTZBERG, Jacob. Turca Niketos: hoc est, de imperio Ottomannico evertendo, et bello contra Turcas prospere gerendo, consilia tria lectione & cognitione valde digna: I. Lazari Soranzii, patr. Veneti: quod Ottomannum, sive de rebus Turcicis: II. Achillis Tarduccii: quod Turcam Vincibilem inscribere placuit: III Anonymi cuiusdam dissertatio, de stutu imperii Turcici, cuiusmodi sub Amurathe III. fuit: deq(ue) eius euertendi modo. Nunc primum ex Italivo idiomatie in Latinum conuersa a Jacobo Geudero ab Horoltzberga. Francofurti, typis Wechelianis, apud Claudium Marnium & Heredes J. Aubrii, 1601.3 works in 1 volume. Sm. 8vo. Contemporary vellum.embossed religious emblems and fleurs-de-lis on front and back covers (spine rep.). With printer's device on title-page and verso of final leaf, historiated and foliated initials and head- and tailpieces. (16),389,(27) pp. With engraved armorial bookplate of Order of Servites in Vienna and name of 'Gerard Ecker of Brabant, 1614' on free endpaper. - The three tracts in this collection, translated from the Italian by Jacob Geuder von Heroltzberg (1575-1616), discuss the rise of Turkish power and the military defeats in Hungary, focusing on the period under Mehmed II (1595-1603). Lazarzaro Soranzo's L'Ottoman, first published in 1598, is an important work describing the structures of the Ottoman administration which is thought must have been based on personal observations (Atabey Collection p.614); Achille Tarducci, a career soldier (fl.1600), who served in Transylvania during the Turkish wars, proposes strategies to thwart further Turkish military gains; and the anonymous work discusses the state of the Ottoman empire at the time. - A very scarce work.Cf. Blackmer Collection 1575 & Göllner 2342 and Atabey Collection 1157. [Boeknr.: 30971 ]

€ 1650,00

GEUFFROY, Antoine. Hoffhaltung des Turckhischen Keysers/ und Othomanischen Reichs beschreibung/ darinn nicht allein der Türcken Empter/ Bevelsch und Kriegsleuthen Gewalt/ Besoldung und Namen so in dem Türckischen Hoff sein/ bisher unbekannt/ angezeigt: sonder auch aller Türckischen Keysern Namen/ Thaten/ Krieg und Handel so sie wider die Christen und Heyden haben verbracht/ biss auff biss 1578. jar erstreckt und aussgeführet/ auff das fleissigst verzeichnet und beschrieben. Dessgleichen/ von der Türcken Aberglaben/ Religion/ Gottesdienst und Ceremonien .. zusammen getragen und verteutschet durch Nicolaum Höniger. Basle, (S. Henricpetri, 1578).2 volumes in 1. Folio. 17th century blindstamped pigskin over wooden boards dated 1661 with the contemporary stamp of the princely grammar school at Meissen, with clasps. With title-page printed in red and black and ca. 500 woodcuts in text (4 double-page; edges of view of Constantinople quite close cropped). (4),343; (4),278 lvs. Second German edition. - The first part of this work is a translation of Geuffroy's Estat de la court du Grand Turc, of 1542; a particularly good history of the Turkish court. The second part contains the history of the wars of sultans Suleiman, Selim and Murad against Charles V, Ferdinand I and Maximilian II. With a highly attractive set of woodcuts from Sebastian Munster's Kosmographie and by Jost Amman.They represent battles, Janissaries, weapons, coats of arms, portrait medallions, music, architecture, shipbuilding, etc. Antoine Geuffroy was a knight of St. John, but in spite of this he maintained a surprisingly objective attitude to Turkish customs and religion. He even transcribed the Muslim call to prayer, which most other travellers feared as a snare of the evil. This work is noted for its sound and intelligent description of the Turkish empire (Blackmer Collection p.146)). - A very attractive copy.Atabey Collection 492 (German ed.of 1573); Blackmer Collection 679 (Latin ed. of 1577);Göllnerr 1692; Angus O’Neill, Koç Collection, 6 (French ed. of 1542). Bound with: Freher, M. Originum Palatinarum. (Leipzig), Gotthard Voegelin, 1613.Quatuordecim Tabulae Genealogicae .. Principum Imperii. Tubingen, J.G. Cottta, 1660. With folding tables.Lucanus M. ANNEUS. Pharsaliae libri X. Basle, Henricpetri, 1578. With woodcut device on title-page and colophon.The first two works are related to the election of the holy Roman emperors. The third author was a Roman poet of the Silver Age. His work, the Pharsalia, was much read, particularly in the Middle Ages. [Boeknr.: 18708 ]

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GILLES, Pierre. De topographia Constantinopoleos, et de illius antiquitatibus libri quatuor. & De Bosporo Thracio libri III. Lugduni, apud Gulielmum Rouillium, 1561-1562.2 volumes in 1. Contemporary calf, spine gilt, skilfully restored. With woodcut device on title-pages and woodcut initials. (8),245; (8),263 pp. First and second edition. - Pierre Gillis, also known as Petrus Gyllius (c.1489-1555), here provides one of the most complete and accurate early accounts of Byzantine and Ottoman Constantinople. He seems to have first visited Constantinople in c. 1544-47, and returned with Gabriel d’Aramon’s embassy to the Porte in 1550, instructed to collect Greek books, manuscripts and antiquities for François I of France. After travelling with André Thevet in Asia Minor, Gillis returned to France, but died in Rome in 1855. Gillis is noteworthy for his systematic exploration of 16th century Constantinople. Among other achievements he rediscovered the vast 6th century Basilica Cistern built by Justinian. As the De topographia Constantinopoleos, the De Bosporo Thracio is not in any sense a travel memoir, rather an account of the archaeology and antiquities of the city and its surroundings (Angus O’Neill, Koç Colletion, p.56-57).Gilles' works are basic to an understanding of Constantinople in the 16th century (Atabey p.263).These works by Pierre Gilles are among the earliest to describe Constantinople and the Thracian Bosphorus, providing accurate and reliable information. They were edited and published posthumously by his nephew Antoine Gilles (Blackmer p. 147) . - (Small wormhole throughout; otherwise fine).Blackmer Collection 684-685; Atabey Collection 495-496 ; Angus O’Neill, Koç Colletion, 16-17 ; Göllner 1022-1023. [Boeknr.: 9682 ]

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GLAUBWURDIGES DIARIUM und Beschreibung dessen was Zeit währender Türckischen Belagerung der Kays. Haupt- und Residenz-Stadt Wienn vorgangen. Von einem Käyserl. Officier, so sich vom Anfang biß zu Endt darinnen befunden warhafftig verzeichnet und zusammen getragen. Regensburg, Paul Dalnsteiner, 1683.4to. Old green paper spine. With small woodcut of Mercury on title and a large woodcut tailpiece. (16) lvs. One of several editions to appear in the same year. An English translation appeared the following year in London A journal: or a most particular account of all that passed in the late siege of Vienna. Written by a principal officer, who was in the town during the whole time of the siege. And sent by authority to the Imperial Commissioner at the Dyet of Ratisbonne. Translated out of High-Dutch (sic) by His Majesties special command.- At the end: Specification, was über den so eylends flüchtigen Aussbruch der Türckischen Armee von der Statt Wienn, auss dem Läger in die allhiesige Zeughäuser überbracht worden, und noch zu überbringen verbleibet. - (Browning).Apponyi 1038; Sturminger 1096-1100. [Boeknr.: 35301 ]

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GOODELL, William. Forty Years in the Turkish Empire; or Memoirs of Rev. William Goodell, D.D., late missionary of the A.B.C.F.M. at Constantinople. By his son-in-law E.D.G. Prime. New York, Robert Carter & Brothers, 1876.Original decorated green cloth, lettered in gilt (spine ends sl. dam.). XII,489 pp. First edition.- William Goodell was the first American missionary in Constantinople. These memoirsof his life in Turkey written by his son-in-law differ from his own book The old and the new (1853) in providing a more detailed and less circumstancial account of Goodell‘s personal life, his friendship with ambassador Porter and his efforts on behalf of the Armenian and the Greeks (Blackmer p.151).. Goodell arrived in Constantinople in 1831 to establish a mission for the Armenians, although he had been in the Middle East since 1823. His great work was the translation of the bible in Armeno-Turkish; the New Testament portion was published in Malta in 1831, the Old Testament in Smyrna in 1842. He was a close friend of the US ambassador James Porter. He also established two army schools for Turkish troops. Finally he returned to the US in 1865. This book is mainly concerned with the life of the mission. Blackmer Collection 703; not in the Atabey Collection. [Boeknr.: 35723 ]

€ 150,00

GORDON, Charles George. General Gordon’s letters from the Crimea, the Danube, and Armenia. August 19, 1854, to November 71, 1858. Edited by Demetrius C. Boulger. London, Chapman and Hall, 1884.Original red cloth, spine lettered in gilt. XIII,205 pp. Charles George Gordon (1833-1885) was a British soldier and administrator. After the Crimean War broke out Gordon was ordered on active service, and landed at Balaklava on the 1st of January 1855. The siege of Sevastopol was in progress, and he had his full share of the arduous work in the trenches. He was attached to one of the British columns which assaulted the Redan on the 18th of June, and was also present at the capture of that work on the 8th of September. He took part in the expedition to Kinburn, and then returned to Sevastopol to superintend a portion of the demolition of the Russian dockyard. After peace with Russia had been concluded, Gordon was attached to an international commission appointed to delimit the new boundary, as fixed by treaty, between Russia and Turkey in Bessarabia; and on the conclusion of this work he was ordered to Asia Minor on similar duty, with reference to the eastern boundary between the two countries. While so employed Gordon took the opportunity to make himself well acquainted with the geography and people of Armenia, and the knowledge of dealing with eastern nations then gained was of great use to him in after life. - A nice copy. [Boeknr.: 35194 ]

€ 95,00

GOSSIP, Robert. Turkey and Russia, their races, history, and wars. Embracing a graphic account of the Great Crimean War and of the Russo-Turkish War. Edinburgh, Thomas C. Jack, 1879.4to. Original pictorial blue cloth gilt, spine later half blue morocco gilt, a.e.g.. With 2 folding coloured maps of Turkey and Russia and 26 tinted lithographed plates. XII,798 pp. First edition. - From the contents: Foundation of the Ottoman Empire, The earliest conflict with Russia, The rise of Russia, Alliance and enmity, The wars of Catherine the Great and the Napoleanic period, The Crimean war, A twenty years' interregnum, The Russo-Turkish war. [Boeknr.: 29748 ]

€ 275,00

GREENE, Frances Vinton. The Russian army and its campaigns in Turkey in 1877 - 1878. New York, D. Appleton & Company, 1879.2 volumes. 8vo. Original decorated green cloth. With three plates (two folding), illustrations, and an atlas with 26 maps, plans and plates (some double page). XIV,(2), 459 pp. First edition. - Firsthand accounts, as well as those written and previously published by various Russian officers and commanders. The companion atlas volume offers maps of the battles, as well as illustrations of fortifications used by both Russian and Turkish forces. An account of the Russo - Turkish war, including a description of the Russian army, narratives of the campaigns in Bulgaria and Armenia, and a discussion of the defense and attack of fortified positions. The author, appointed US military attaché in Moscou in 1877, accompanied the Russian army headquarters during the Russo - Turkish war, observing several engagements, including those at Shipka Pass, Plevna, and Philippopolis (now Plovdiv). He received two Russian decorations for bravery at Philippopolis. [Boeknr.: 35190 ]

€ 1250,00

GRIMM, August Theodor von. Wanderungen nach Südosten. Berlin, Alexander Duncker, 1855-56.3 volumes in 1. Later half calf. (8),223; VIII,229; (2),200 pp. Part I Die Taurische Halbinsel; Part II Die orientalische Frage, geschichtlich entwickelt. Der Bosporus und die frankischen Vorstadte; Part III Constantinopel. August Theodor von Grimm (1805-1878) a German writer, musicion and state council in service of the Russian Tsars paid attention in his writings to social aspects in Russia. - (Stamp on title-page). [Boeknr.: 28281 ]

€ 450,00

GROTHE, Hugo. Auf türkischer Erde. Reisebilder und Studien. 2. Auflage. Berlin, Allgemeiner Verein für Deutsche Litteratur, 1903.Original red cloth. With 22 photographic illustrations. 456 pp. Albert Louis Hugo Grothe (1869 - 1954) was a German cultural politician, scientist, geographer and orientalist. [Boeknr.: 36050 ]

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GUINEMENT DE KÉRALIO, Louis Félix. Histoire de la guerre des Russes et des Impériaux contre les Turcs, en 1736, 1737,1738 et 1739, et de la paix de Belgrade qui la termina. Paris, Debure l’aîné, 17802 volumes. Contemporary half calf, spines richly gilt. With 12 engraved folding maps. VI,304; 324(4) pp. Second edition, first published in 1772; with armorial bookplate with motto Fata viam invenient. - Louis-Felix Guinement, chevalier de Kéralio (1731-1793) was a French soldier, writer and academic. 'He married Françoise Abeille and their daughter was the feminist writer Louise-Félicité de Kéralio. He followed a military career, then he became professor at the Ecole Militaire. He wrote several works on the Russio-Turkish wars and he also wrote on tactics and the art of war' (Atabey p. 285). - A very attractive set.Atabey Collection 542; not in Blackmer. [Boeknr.: 35201 ]

€ 2950,00

HAMLEY, E. Bruce. The story of the campaign of Sebastopol written in the camp. Edinburgh, London, W. Blackwood and Sons, 1855.Original red embossed cloth (spine damaged; 1 hinge weak). With folding plan of Sevastopol, 4 coloured lithographed plates (1 folding) and 5 tinted lithographed plates (1 folding) after E.B. Hamley by M. & N. Hanhart. XV,339 pp. First edition. - Edward Bruce Hamley went out to the Crimea as adjudant to Colonel Richrad Dacres,commanding the batteries in the First Division. On the death of General Strangways at Inkerman, Dacres was promoted to chief command of the artillery, Hamley becoming his aide-du-camp. Originally submitted to Blackwoord’s as a serie of letters, with work probably represents the most vivid published portrayal of the siege. The attractive lithographs are from the author’s own sketches. Includes descriptions of the charges of the Heavy Brigade and of Florence Nightingale in her hospital. - (Some spotting).Abbey, Travel, 236; Bibl. Russica 125. [Boeknr.: 1849 ]

€ 375,00

HAMMER-PURGSTALL, Joseph von. Umblick auf einer Reise von Constantinopel nach Brussa und dem Olympos, und von da zurück über Nicäa und Nicomedien. Pesth, Adolph Hartleben, 1818.4to. Original wrappers (soiled), uncut, in modern half green cloth box with red morocco titlelabel. With large folding map and 2 folding plans. X,182 pp. First edition. - This is the second of Hammer's purely topographical works; it describes a journey made in 1804. Von Hammer was trained as an interpreter at the Oriental Academy in Vienna. He was send to the Austrian Embassy in Constantinople in 1799 and soon began to undertake various missions. In 1800 he visited the Austrian consulates in the Levant in order to prepare reports. In 1801 he accompanied the Anglo-Turkish expeditionary force to Egypt (Atabey p.291). - (With library stamp on titlepage).Atabey Collection 555; Weber 51; Not in the Blackmer Collection. [Boeknr.: 20911 ]

€ 675,00

HAWLEY, Walter A. Asia Minor. London, John Lane The Bodley Head, 1908.Original blind stamped brown cloth. With 2 folding maps and many photographic plates. X,329 pp. First edition; with armorial bookplate of John Cretton. - Walter A. Hawley was an American traveller who travelled in Asia Minor mainly by train. [Boeknr.: 36069 ]

€ 85,00

HEINE, Maximillian. Bilder aus der Türkei. St. Petersburg, J. Brieff, 1833.Original boards (spine rubbed). With lithographed title-page. XII,(2),233,(2) pp. First edition. - Maximilian Meyer Heine (1807 - 1879) was a German doctor, who served with the Russian Army during the Russo-Turkish War and who later became a Russian state councilor. He was the youngest brother of Heinrich Heine, the famous German romantic poet. - (Some waterstains, browned).Weber 209. [Boeknr.: 5013 ]

€ 375,00

HELLWALD, Friedrich von & Louis Constantin BECK. Die heutige Türkei. Schilderung von Land und Leuten des Osmanischen Reiches .. vor und nach dem Kriege von 1877/78. 2. vielfach verbesserte Auflage. Leipzig, Otto Spamer, 1878.2 volumes in 1. Modern half cloth. With 2 double-page coloured maps, 10 plates and 220 woodengravings. VIII,478; VIII,496 pp. With bookplate of Sefik E. Atabey; Bibliothek der Länder- und Völkerkunde. - Volume I European Turkey, Volume II Asian and Arabian Turkey. Fine illustrated account.- (With library stamp on titlepage; 1 tear rep.). [Boeknr.: 36044 ]

€ 95,00

HOEFNAGEL, Joris (George). Sanctonicolaum vulgo S. Nicolas oppidum in superiore Hungaria prope Zolnochium quod ipsi met Turcae (adventante Ser. Maximiliano) igne cremarunt ac dereliquerunt. Anno domini 1595, die 20 Octobris. Cologne, 1617.Engraved bird's-eye view of the fortified city of Törökszentmiklós, many of the buildings are going up in flames or have already been destroyed, with Ottoman cemetry in right-hand corner. Ca. 33 x 43,5 cm. In: Braun & Hogenberg, Theatri praecipuarum Totius Mundi Urbium Liber Sextus Anno MDCXVII.Sankt Niklas wurde in 1330 - 1333 in der papstlichen Zehntenliste angefuhrt. Ein Urkunde von 1559 erwahnt den Ort als oppidum und castellum, Landstadt und Kastel. Bei dem Feldzug von 1552 nahmen den Turken die Festung an. I davor und das Bad mit den halbkugelformischen Kuppel. Ziemliech zelten erscheinen auf ungarischen Ansichten turkische Friedhofe; hier ist ein solcher mit kuppelbedeckten kleinen Grabaufbouten (Turbe) im Vordergrond zu zehen. (Erzsebet p. 60 - 63)Joris Hoefnagels made many landscape drawings during his travels in Europe. These later served as the models for engravings for Ortelius' Theatrum orbis terrarum (1570) and Braun's Civitates orbis (Cologne, 1572-1618). Hoefnagel worked on the Civitates his whole life and may have acted as an agent for the project, by commissioning views from other artists. He also completed more than 60 illustrations himself. He enlivened the finished engravings with a Mannerist sense of fantasy and wit by using dramatic perspectives and ornamental cartouches. Due to the topographical accuracy he heralded the realist trend in 17th-century Netherlandish landscape art. His son Jacob reworked in 1617 designs of his father for the sixth volume of the Civitates, which was published in Cologne in 1618. Volume 6 contains a homogeneous series of images of cities in Central Europe (in Austria, Bohemia, Moravia, Hungary and Transylvania), which are very consistent in their graphics. The views are in perspective, and only in a few cases, isometric and stand out through the accuracy of the information, the particular attention to the faithful representation of the territory, the landscape, the road conditions and the power of observation and refinement of interpretation [Boeknr.: 35362 ]

€ 950,00

HORNBY, Emilia Bithynia. Constantinople during the Crimean War. London, Richard Bentley, 1863.Later half calf, spine gilt. With chromo-lithographed frontispiece and 4 chromo-lithographed plates after Mary Walker (with small waterstain not affecting the image). XVI,500 pp. First edition. - Emily Hornby and her husband travelled to Turkey in 1855 on his appointment as Judge Consular Consort of Constantinopel. Her father had lived in Constantinopel twenty five years earlier. Initially she was looked after by a women destinated to become a close friend, who was the English wife of the dragoman of the writer Alexander Kinglake. The Hornby’s took their first Christmas dinner at the British Embassy, where she met Florence Nightingale. Her account of her stay in the city took the form of letters. In it wrote of a range of experiences in an entertaining way, including a visit to a harem. (Theakstone p. 135). This book is based on her book In and around Stamboul, 1858. The plates are after Mary Walker, who was resident in the Levant for over forty years and a friend of the author. Her brother was chaplain to the English community at Constantinople and later Salonica. She produced several illustrated books of her travels (Atabey p.311). Blackmer Collection 829; Atabey Collection 594; Robinson, Wayward women, p. 264-65; Tuson pp. 142-143.. [Boeknr.: 10699 ]

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