ARMSTRONG, Harold. Turkey and Syria reborn. A record of two years travel. London, John Lane the Bodley Head, 1930.Original green cloth (spine sl. discoloured. With folding map and 21 photographic illustrations. XIII,270 pp. First edition. - Written by Captain Harold Armstrong, during his time as a delegate of the Commission of Assessment of War Damage. [Boeknr.: 36085 ]

€ 65,00

CARNE, John. Letters from the East; written during a recent tour throught Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, The Holy Land, Syria and Greece. Second edition. London, Henry Colburn, 1826.2 volumes. Later half calf, with marbled boards. With coloured acquatint frontispiece depicting the Camp of Hassan, a Bedouin chief. XVI,352; X,351 pp. First edition published the same year. - John Carne (1789 - 1844) traveller and author left England on 26 March 1821. He visited Constantinople, Greece, the Levant, Egypt and Palestine. In the later country he was taken prisoner by Bedouins, but was relaeased in safety. On coming back to England he commenced writing for the New Monthly Magazin an account of his travels under the title Letters from the East. - (Stained). - Rare.Atabey Collection 198; Blackmer Colletion289; Abbey, Travel, 377; Ibrahim-Hilmy I, p.120; Tobler p.148; Weber 186. [Boeknr.: 35715 ]

€ 675,00

CARNE, John. Recollections of travels in the East; forming a continuation of the Letters from the East. London, Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley 1830.Later half calf, with marbled boards. XII,348 pp. First edition. - The Recollections concern Syria, Egypt and Palestine in the Ottoman period. They are a continuation of Letters from the East.Blackmer Collection 290; Weber 187; Tobler p.148; Ibrahim-Hilmy p.120.. [Boeknr.: 35716 ]

€ 475,00

DAPPER, Olfert. Naukeurige beschryving van gantsch Syrie, en Palestyn of Heilige lant; behelsende de gewesten van Fenicie, Celesyrie, Kommagene, Pierie, Cyrestika, Seleucis, Kasiotis, Chalibonius, Chalcis, Abilene, Apamene, Laodicis, Palmyrene, etc. Benevens de landen van Perea of Over-Jordaen, Galilea, byzonder Palestijn, Judea en Idumea. Vertoont in een bondigh ontwerp van 's lants benamingen, bepalingen, verdeilingen, steden, vlieten, bergen, gewassen, dieren, zeden en aert der inwoonders, bestiering, godsdiensten en geschiedenissen. Amsterdam, Jacob van Meurs, 1677.2 volumes in 1. Folio. Contemporary mottled calf, spine gilt in compartments with red and black morocco title-labels. With engraved allegorical frontispiece, dated 1678, title-page printed in red and black, 8 folding or double-page maps, 30 mostly double-page plates, 34 half-page engravings in text, and added a double-page plate 'Salamonis Templum' not called for in the index. (10),262,(6); (2),581,(7) pp. First edition; with bookplate of N. Six. - Olfert Dapper (1636 - 1689), a Dutch physician and scholar, never left Amsterdam. He is a typical example of an armchair traveller. His books on Asia, Africa, China, Syria and Palestine, and the Greek Archipelago are based on accounts of earlier travellers. His work on Syria and Palestine offer a wealth of information on the geography of places of religious significance and a rich iconography. Dapper's 'works are of especial importance because of the fine plates, which include maps, plans, beautiful views and costumes' (Blackmer). Including i.a. a fine large panoramic view of Jerusalem and an issue of Jansson's 6 sheet map of the Holy Land. - Without pp. 123-126, obviously they were never added in our copy, otherwise a very handsome copy . of an abundantly illustrated description of the LevantTiele 301; Cat. NHSM I, p.257; Tobler p.212; Rohricht p.275/76; Blackmer Collection 449 (German ed.); Atabey Collection 324; See Hamilton, Europe and the Arab world, pp.86-.93. [Boeknr.: 36414 ]

€ 3250,00

DELITZSCH, Friedrich. Assyrische Lesestücke mit den Elementen der Grammatik und vollständigem Glossar. Einführung in die assyrische und semitisch-babylonische Keilschriftliteratur für akademischen Gebrauch und Selbstunterricht. 5. neu bearbeitete Auflage. Leipzig, J.C. Hinrichs, 1912. 8vo. Original printed boards. XII,183 pp. - (Assyriologische Bibliothek). [Boeknr.: 24705 ]

€ 45,00

FORBIN, Louis Nicolas Philippe Auguste de. Voyage dans le Levant en 1817 et 1818. 2me édition. Paris, Delaunay, 1819.Contemporary calf, spine richly gilt. With engraved coat of arms of the L'Imprimerie Royale on titlepage. (12),460 pp. First edition published the same year; dedication Au Roi printed in civilité; with bookplate of Eugéne Pison. - Text volume to accompany Forbin's illustrated atlas work on the Levant which could be purchased separately. - Forbin travelled to Milos, where his son-in-law Marcellus had negotiated the purchase of the recently discovered Venus de Milo, and from there to Athens, Constantinople, Asia Minor, Syria and Palestine. From Jaffa he travelled overland to Alexandria and visited Egypt (Blackmer p.133). - ("Plan du Saint Sepulcre a Jerusalem" missing).Blackmer Collection 614; Atabey Collection 447; Comtominas Collection 268; Koç Collection 209; Weber 70; Chadenat II, 5370; Tobler p.144-145. [Boeknr.: 35735 ]

€ 275,00

JOLIFFE, T(homas) R(obert). Reis in Palestina, Syrië en Egypte, gedaan in het jaar 1817. Met vele bijvoegselen en ophelderingen uit de nieuwste uitlandsche reisbeschrijvingen verrijkt, en ingerigt tot een nuttig gebruik voor bijbellezers. Met eene voorrede van E.F.K. Rosenmuller. Uit het Hoogduitsch vertaald. Amsterdam, G. Portielje, 1822.2 volumes. Contemporary half calf. With folding engraved map and 3 engraved plates (1 folding) after J. van Meurs by D. Veelwaard. XXIV,248; XII,307 pp. First Dutch edition; first published in London in 1819: Letters from Palestine, descriptive of a tour through Galilee and Judea, Syria, and Egypt; with some account of the Dead Sea and the present state of Jerusalem, written in the year 1817. - The letters are written to various personages, containing historical as well as descriptive details. - (Some marginal foxing and offsetting of the plates).Rohricht p.349; Tobler p.143-144; Ibrahim-Hilmy p.332; Blackmer Collection 878; not in Tiele or Cat. NHSM. [Boeknr.: 33392 ]

€ 295,00

KRAYENBELT, J(an). Het Heilige Land. Reis door Egypte, Palestina en Syrië. Rotterdam, Wenk & Birkhoff, 1892.8vo. Contemporary half morocco, spine gilt, a.e.g. With plan of Jerusalem and 12 photolithographed plates by Emrik & Binger. 343, XXII pp. First edition. - Adaptation of Carl von Orelli's Durch's heilige Land. Tagebuchblätter. Basel 1878 (Rohricht 594). - Travel account of Egypt, Holy Land, Syria and Turkey. - Fine. [Boeknr.: 33364 ]

€ 125,00

LAMARTINE (DE PRAT), (Marie Louis) Alphonse de. Souvenirs, impressions, pensées et paysages, pendant un voyage en Orient (1832-1833), ou notes d'un voyageur. Bruxelles, Louis Haiman et Comp., 1835.4 volumes. Sm.8vo. Original marbled boards, with paper title-labels to spines. First edition published in the same year. - Lamartine (1790-1869), with his wife and daughter, travelled in his private yacht in style of an Ottoman prince, presenting costly gifts to his hosts. He was known in the East as l'Emir Français. Lamartine left his family at Beirut and went on to the Holy Land alone, he returned to France overland via Constantinople and the Danube valley. He spent 16 months in the Levant.Cf.Blackmer Collection 942 and Atabey Collection 659; Tobler p.153; Rohricht 1776; Europa und der Orient p.336. [Boeknr.: 16354 ]

€ 225,00

MICHAUD, (Joseph) & (Jean J.F.) POUJOULAT. Correspondance d'Orient (1830-1831). Bruxelles, N.J. Gregoir, V. Wouters et Cie, 1841.8 volumes in 4. Contemporary half calf, spines gilt. With folding map. First published in Paris in 1833-1835. - 'Michaud, the historian of the Crusades, and his secretary Poujoulat travelled together through Greece, Constantinople and the Archipelago to Jerusalem, where they separated. Poujoulat explored Syria and Michaud went on to Egypt, but they wrote regularly to each other, and these letters constitute in great part the voluminous Correspondance d'Orient. The first three volumes, dealing with Greece and Turkey, contain mostly Michaud's letters. Both Michaud and Poujoulat were interested in the contemporary state of the countries they visited than archaeology and antiquities' (Blackmer 1122). - A very fine set.Atabey Collection 807; Contominas Collection 465; Weber 211; Tobler p.151, Ibrahim-Hilmy II, p.33. [Boeknr.: 32445 ]

€ 475,00

MILLS, Dorothy. Beyond the Bosphorus. London, Duckworth, 1926.Original blue cloth (sl. discoloured). With portrait of the author and 34 photographic illustrations. 224 pp. First edition. - Lady Dorothy (1889-1959) was a glamorous society gal, daughter of the Earl of Orford. Although never quite shaking off her former image - touring Istanbul in a chauffeur-driven Ford - she nevertheless earned herself a reputation as one of the most daring and adventurous of all those crowds of ladies travelling between the two world wars (Robinson, Wayward women, p.187). After leaving Constantinople the author continues her journey visiting Ankara, South Anatolia, Syria, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Jordan and Iraq. [Boeknr.: 36068 ]

€ 95,00

PORTER, J(osias) L(eslie). The giant cities of Bashan; and Syria's holy places. London, T. Nelson and Sons, 1877.Contemporary calf, gilt fillets, with coat of arms (High Harrogate College), spine richly gilt. With lithographed frontispiece and 6 lithographed plates. V,371 pp. First published in 1865. - Porter spent 10 years in Syria and travelled extensively throughout Syria and Palestine. Very popular description of the massive buildings to be found in Bashan and an account of his theory explaining their construction. Porter believed that the aboriginal inhabitants of the country, before its occupation by the Jewish tribes, had constructed these buildings. - An attractive copy.Blackmer Collection 1334; Rohricht p.468; Tobler p.189; Not in the Atabey Collection. [Boeknr.: 2125 ]

€ 165,00

PORTER, J(osias) L(eslie). The giant cities of Bashan; and Syria's holy places. London, T. Nelson and Sons, 1867.Original pictorial green cloth gilt (waterstained). With lithographed frontispiece and 6 lithographed plates. V,371 pp. First published in 1865. - Porter spent 10 years in Syria and travelled extensively. Very popular description of the massive buildings to be found in Bashan and an account of his theory explaining their construction. Porter believed that the aboriginal inhabitants of the country, before its occupation by the Jewish tribes, had constructed these buildings. - (Foxing).Blackmer Collection 1334; Rohricht p.468; Tobler p.189; Not in the Atabey Collection. [Boeknr.: 31715 ]

€ 95,00

POUJOULAT, Baptistin. Voyage a Constantinople, dans l'Asie mineure, en Mésopotamie, a Palmyre, en Syrie, en Palestine et en Égypte. Bruxelles, N.J. Gregoir, V. Wouters et Cie, 1841.2 volumes in 1. Contemporary calf, spine gilt. With wood-engraving on title-pages. 234; 304 (=300) pp. Second edition, first published in Paris 1840-1841. - Volume I contains the letters written to Michaud, November 12, 1836 to September 14, 1837; Volume II contains the letters written to his brother from October 1837 to April 1838, followed by a summary of events in Syria from January 1838 to February 1841.The letters describe mainly Asia Minor and Syria and include accounts of the Kurdish-Turkish Wars and a long description of Palmyra. Poujoulat is a very interesting and penetrating observer (Blackmer p.282)). Blackmer Collection 1341; Atabey Collection 982; Contominas Collection 573; Weber 313; Hilmy II,133. [Boeknr.: 25900 ]

€ 650,00

WITTMAN, William. Travels in Turkey, Asia-Minor, Syria, and across the desert into Egypt during the years 1799, 1800, and 1801, in company with the Turkish army, and the British military mission. To which are annexed, observations on the plague, and on the diseases prevalent in Turkey, and a meteorological journal. London, for Richard Phillips by T. Gillet, 1803.4to. Contemporary calf (rubbed; rebacked), with green morocco lables on spine. With folding frontispiece, folding map, folding facsimile (Turkish passport; with tear, foxed), hand-coloured plan, 4 engraved plates (foxed) and 16 hand-coloured military and civilian lithographed costume plates. XVI,595 pp. First edition; with armorial bookplate of Mrs. Hamilton Nisbet. - Wittmann, a surgeon and physician, accompanied the British military mission which set out from Constantinople in 1799 and travelled overland to Egypt to take part in the campaign against the French. Others on the same mission included the young Joseph Hammer, later to become known as the great orientalist von Hammer-Purgstall, and William Stratton (Koç Collection 182). With fine handcoloured costume plates. Blackmer Collection 1832; Atabey Collection 1344; Contominas Collection 807; Lipperheide p.340 (German ed.); Tobler p.136/37; Weber 647; Ibrahim-Hilmy II,p 339; not in Abbey. [Boeknr.: 9325 ]

€ 1850,00

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