BAKER, Samuel White. The Albert N'Yanza, great basin of the Nile, and explorations of the Nile sources. (2nd edition). London, Macmillan and Co., 1867.2 volumes. Original pictorial green cloth gilt. With double-portrait frontispiece, tinted lithographed frontispiece, 2 maps (1 folding) and 33 wood-engravings. XXX,371; X,372 pp. First published in 1866. - In 1861 Baker set out, accompanied by his Hungarian wife Florence von Sass, on a voyage to discover the source of the White Nile. They spent some time in the Sudan and in 1862 they set out from Khartoum and arrived in Gondokoro in 1863 where they met up with British explorers James Augustus Grant and John Hanning Speke, who informed them they had determined that the source of the Nile was Lake Victoria. The Bakers then continued southward to Juba on the White Nile. Finally in 1864 reached the shores of the Luta N'Zige, in what is now northwestern Uganda. Baker renamed it Lake Albert (Albert Nyanza). - A fine set.PMM 357; Hilmy I, p.49; Czech p.15; HowgegoIV, p.53-56. [Boeknr.: 8970 ]

€ 575,00

BAKER, Samuel White. Ismailïa: a narrative of the expedition to Central Africa for the suppression of the slave trade. Organized by Ismail, Khedive of Egypt. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1875.Original brown pictorial cloth with gilt vignette of a camel caravan on the upper cover (extremities of spine dam.). With engraved portrait, 2 coloured maps (1 folding) and many woodengraved plates. 542 pp. First American edition. - 'This work by the celebrated traveller and sportsman describes his extremely difficult and eventful journey to, and administration in, the Sudan. He was the first Englishman to take high office under the Egyptian government. Although well-equipped and accompanied by a substantial number of troops, he had to contend with the hostility of the slave-traders (who fought several pitched battles against him) as well as that of the terrain' (Blackmer Sale). Samuel Baker (1821-1893) was a British explorer, naturalist, and big game hunter, chiefly remembered for his exploration of central Africa and the "discovery" of the Albert N'yanza (Lake Albert), the source of the Nile River. With him was his wife, a voluptuous Transylvanian he had spirited away from a Bulgarian slave market under the nose of the local pasha, saving her from a lifetime in the harem. Taking the name Florence, she would never leave her husband's side (Howgego, The book of exploration, p.256). Florence Barbara Maria von Sass (1841-1916) must be one of the best-kept secrets in the annals of African exploration (Robinsin, Wayward women, p. 3-4).Hess & Coger 179; Ibrahim-Hilmy I, p.49; Czech p.11; Gay 2578; Scheybeler, Paolo Bianchi Collection, 25; Howgego IV, B10. [Boeknr.: 32256 ]

€ 275,00

CASATI, Gaetano. Zehn Jahre in Äquatoria und die Rückkehr mit Emin Pascha. Nach dem italienischen Originalmanuscript ins Deutsche übersetzt von K. von Reinhardstöttner. Bamberg, C.C. Buchner, 1891.2 volumes. Original pictorial cloth (extremities of spines sl. dam.). With coloured frontispiece, 4 folding maps (1 with small tears) and ca. 150 illustrations and plates (some in colours). VIII,340; 365 pp. First German edition; first edition was published in Milan in 1891 Dieci anni in Equatoria. - Ascending the Nile into southern Sudan, Casati (1838-1902) reached Meshra 'er Req on the Bahr el Ghazal tributary in 1880. In 1887 he discovered Ruwenzoni just 4 months before Stanley. He became Emin Pasha's companion, a German physician and explorer whose original name was Eduard Schnitzer. He actively assisted him in his scientific work supplying most of the information about the Unyoro and Lower Welle. An important first-hand account of Stanley's ill-fated Relief Expedition.Henze I, p.519-520; Kainbacher p.74; Howgego IV, C15. [Boeknr.: 11606 ]

€ 125,00

KIKKERT, J.G. Hoe ver we zullen komen, weet ik niet. Het avontuurlijke leven van Alexandrine Tinne (1835-1869). Naarden, Strengholt, 1980. Boards. With many illustrations, including some photographs by Alexandrine Tinne. 244 pp.. The Dutch explorer Alexandrine Tinne (1835-1869) was murdered by Tuaregs on the route between Murzuk and Ghat in Libia. [Boeknr.: 11172 ]

€ 25,00

PUCKLER-MUSKAU, Hermann Ludwig Heinrich. Mehemed Ali en deszelfs gebied. Door den schrijver der brieven eens afgestorvenen (prins Puckler Muskau). Nubië en Sudan. Amersfoort, W.J. van Bommel, Van Vloten, 1847. Contemporary half cloth. VI,305 pp. In 1846 a Dutch edition was published of the first part of this book on the dominion of Mohammed Alia dealing with Egypt: Aus Mehmed Ali's Reich. Stuttgart 1844. 'Pückler Muskau is one of the most interesting travellers of his period; he journeyed extensively in Europe and Africa. He was a keen observer and a witty and sensitive writer, ready to note all sorts of facts and impressions of men and manners, although his great interest was landscape and landscape gardening' (Blackmer 1362). 'A boastful, exuberant, miles gloriosus-like tale by this 'Prince'. A great friend and defender of Mohammed Ali' (Kalfatovic, Nile notes, 0343).Gay 2198 (French ed.); Ibrahim-Hilmy II, p.145; Kainbacher p.326; not in Tiele or Cat. NHSM. [Boeknr.: 31756 ]

€ 275,00

SPEKE, John Hanning. Les sources du Nil. Journal de voyage. Traduit de l'Anglais, avec autorisation de l'auteur par E.D. Forgues. 3me édition. Paris, Hachette, 1881.Original printed wrappers (sl. dam.), uncut. With 4 folding maps and 78 wood-engravings. 579 pp. First published in London in 1863: Journal of the discovery of the source of the Nile. - John Hanning Speke (1827-64), English army officer, big game hunter, whose claim to have located the source of the Nile was proved correct after years of dispute. Speke, together with captain Grant, were the first Europeans to cross Equatorial Eastern Africa. His account is one of the cornerstone books of African exploration.Ibrahim-Hilmy p.255; Czech p.260-261 (English ed.); Hess & Coger 417 (English ed.); Howgego IV, S53. [Boeknr.: 1758 ]

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WILLINK, Robert Joost. The fateful journey. The expedition of Alexine Tinne and Theodor von Heuglin in Sudan (1863-1864). Amsterdam, University Press, 2011. 8vo. Wrappers. With many illustrations (several in colours). 456 pp. This compelling, richly illustrated study recounts the last African journeys of the intrepid Dutch traveller Alexine Tinne (1835-1869). [Boeknr.: 33056 ]

€ 65,00

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