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LEDRU, André-Pierre. Voyage aux iles de Ténériffe, La Trinité, Saint-Thomas, Sainte-Croix et Porto-Ricco, exécuté par ordre de gouvernement Français, depuis le 3e Séptembre 1796 jusqu' au 7 Juin 1798, sous la direction du Capitaine Baudin, pour faire des recherches et des collections relatives à l' histoire naturelle. Ouvrage accompagné de notes et d'additions, par M. Sonnini. Paris, Arthus Bertrand, 1810.2 volumes. Original orange wrappers, uncut, in box, half morocco spine with red morocco title label. With large folding map, coloured in outline, by Tomas Lopez. XLVII,315,(1); 324,(1) pp. First edition; with the bookplate of Franz von Bambolt, Domherr zu Mainz. - Nicolas Baudin sailed from Le Havre with the ship Belle-Angélique to Tenerife. On arrival at Trinidad, Baudin found the island to be under British occupation and was refused perrmission to land. He therfore proceeded to the Danish colony of St. Thomas (in the Virgin Islands) where he remained for ten weeks. It appears, although Baudin is silent on the matter, that a transaction of slaves took place giving Baudin sufficient funds to purchase another vessel. He then stayed for nine months at San Juan, in Puerto Rico, where a vast collection of plants was acquired. Baudin himself was lauded as the greatest navigator and naturalist of all times, and the collection as the most magnificent ever brought to Europe (Howgego II, p.30). - A very fine copy.Ragatz p.227; Sabin 39687; Leclerc 3311; Chadenat 113 [Boeknr.: 36610 ]

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