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SCHWARZ, Franz von. Turkestan, die Wiege der indogermanischen Völker. Nach fünfzehnjährigem Aufenthalt in Turkestan. Freiburg, Herder, 1900.Original pictorial cloth (1 hinge dam.).. With coloured frontispiece, folding map and 178 illustrations. XX,606 pp. Illustrierte Bibliothek der Länder und Völkerkunde. - The author stayed in Tashkent surveying astronomy and meteorology for 15 years, and describes Russian Turkestan. Yakushi p.348. [Boeknr.: 21472 ]

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SCHWARZ, Franz von. Turkestan, die Wiege der indogermanischen Völker. Nach fünfzehnjährigem Aufenthalt in Turkestan. Freiburg, Herder, 1900.Later half cloth, original pictorial wrappers preserved. With coloured frontispiece, folding map and 178 illustrations. XX,606 pp. Illustrierte Bibliothek der Länder und Völkerkunde. - The author stayed in Tashkent surveying astronomy and meteorology for 15 years, and describes Russian Turkestan. - (With library stamp).Yakushi p.348. [Boeknr.: 36025 ]

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SIRELIUS, Uuno Taavi. Über die Sperrfischerei bei den finnisch-ugrischen Völkern. Eine vergleichende ethnographische Untersuchung. Helsingfors, 1906. 4to. Original printed wrappers (sl. dam.), uncut. With 607 illustrations. (6),486 pp. - (Société Finno-Ougrienne). [Boeknr.: 24969 ]

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SOUMAROCOW, Alexandre. Théatre tragique. Traduit du Russe par Manuel-Léonard Pappadopoulo. Paris, Ant. Aug. Renouard, 1801.2 volumes. Original boards (rubbed). XIV,(2),328; 320 pp. Six plays written by the Russian dramaturge Aleksandr Petrovich Sumarokow (1717-1777): Sinaw et Trouwor, Sémire, Laropolk et Dimise, Khorew, Aristone and Martésie et Thalestris.Catalogue Russica S1773 [Boeknr.: 31707 ]

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SPENCER, Edmund. Travels in Circassia, Krim-Tartary, etc. , including a steam voyage down the Danube, from Vienna to Constantinople, and round the Black Sea. 3rd edition. London, Henry Colburn, 1839.2 volumes. Contemporary calf, rebacked with the original spines laid down, spines with green labels (sl. dam.). With folding map, 2 hand-coloured lithographed frontispieces, 2 woodengraved vignettes on title-pages, 2 pp. musical scores, 2 lithographed plates and 16 wood-engravings. XXII,392; XI,415 pp. First published in 1837. - In 1829 the Ottoman Turks were forced to cede Circassia to Russia, at this time the Circassians, who are Moslems, occupied almost the entire area between the main Caucasian range, the Kuban River, and the Black Sea. Edmund Spencer travelled from Vienna to the Black Sea, to Stamboul, Constantinople and extensively in the lands bordering that sea, including visits to the Crimea and to Circassia, the Adyghe Republic and the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic. - Tear in 1 leaf otherwise a very fine copy.Blackmer Collection 1580; Atabey Collection 1164; Abbey, Travel, 354; Cat. Russica 1826. [Boeknr.: 9638 ]

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St. PETERSBURG. Geheime geschiedenis van het Petersburgsche hof, sedert de regering der keizerin Elizabeth, tot den dood van den grootvorst Constantijn. Uit de nagelatene papieren van een oud staatsman. Uit het Hoogduitsch. Leeuwarden, Steenbergen van Goor, 1833.Contemporary half calf (extremities of spine sl. damaged; 1 hinge sl. damaged but firmly holding). With lithographed portrait. IV,396 pp. Court-life at St. Petersburg. - (Age-browned).Catalogue Russica G455; not in Muller, Bibliographie Neerlando-Russe; not in WorldCat. [Boeknr.: 13563 ]

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STODDARD, John L. Lectures. Volume VI: Berlin, Vienna, St. Petersburg, Moscow. Boston, Balch Brothers Co., 1902.Original half cloth. With numerous illustrations. 336 pp. John Lawsen Stoddard (1850-1931) was an American writer, hymn writer and lecturer who gained popularity through his travalogues. [Boeknr.: 13249 ]

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STRUVE, Johann Christoph Gustav von. Voyage en Krimée. Suivi de la relation de l Ambassade envoyee de Pétersbourg à Constantinople en 1793. Publié par un jeune Russe, attaché à cette Ambassade. Traduit de l’Allemand par L.A. Delamarre. Paris, Maradan, 1802.Contemporary tree calf, spine richly gilt. VIII,398,(2) pp. First French edition of Reise eines jungen Russen von Wien über Jassy in die Krimm und ausführliches Tagebuch der im Jahre 1793 von St. Petersburg nach Constantinopel geschickten russisch-kaiserlichen Gesandtschaft, Gotha 1801. - Johann Christoph Gustav von Struve was born on 26 September 1763 in Regensburg in the Kingdom of Bavaria during the Holy Roman Empire of German States to notable diplomat Anton Sebastian von Struve, the Russian ambassador to the Reichstag. His mother was Johanne Dorothea Werner of Sondershausen in the Thuringian States. In Stuttgart on 18 May 1793, Gustav married Sibilla Christiane Friederike von Hochstetter, the daughter of the noted German political leader, Johann Amand Andreas von Hochstetter and Elisabeth Friederike von Buehler. They had eleven known children. Gustav, as he was known, was a signer to the Treaty of Paris of 1814. 'A lively and detailed description of diplomatic ceremonial at its apogee' (Ömer Koç Collection I, 180). - Four leaves with small marginal stain, otherwise a very attractive copy.Atabey Collection 1182; Catalogue Russica II, 2908; not in Weber and Blackmer. [Boeknr.: 35204 ]

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TURCO-RUSSIAN WAR. Historical narrative of the Turko-Russian war. A history of the war commenced in april 1877, between Russia and Turkey; preceded by a summary of the events which led up to the outbreak of hostilities, including the Servian and Montenegrin campaigns of 1876. With chapters upon the constitution and resources of the two empires, their national habits and customs, and their relations with the remaining states of Europe. London, Adma & Co., (1886).2 volumes. 8vo. Contemporary half black morocco, spines richly gilt with red morocco title-labels. With chromo-lithographed title-page, 15 chromo-lithographed portraits and 31 chromo-lithographed plates and views, all finished with gum arabic. IV,480; 472 pp. First edition. - Narrative of the Russo-Turkish War, 1877-1878 and Serbo-Turkish War, 1876. The fine coloured plates depict i.a. Constantinople, the Danube, Matchin, Kizila, Kars, Plevna, Erzeroum, Kustendjie, the Bosphorus, Belgrade and San Stefano. - A fine set. [Boeknr.: 26443 ]

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VELUWENKAMP, Jan Willem. Archangel. Nederlandse ondernemers in Rusland 1550-1785. (Amsterdam), Balans, 2000. Wrappers. With maps and illustrations. 271 pp. Dutch entrepeneurs in Russia 1550-1785. [Boeknr.: 26181 ]

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VOLNEY, Constantin François de. Considerations sur la guerre actuelle des Turcs. Londres, 1788.Contemporary half calf, spine richly gilt, with black title-label (at foot of spine some small wormholes). With engraved title and folding engraved map. 140 pp. First Edition. - Constantin Francois de Chasseboeuf de la Giraudais, allias Volney, (1757 - 1820) travelled in 1783-85 in Syria and Egypt, for a great deal of the time on foot. Volney's account of his travels to the Levant had appeared the previous year, bringing him tremendous esteem and establishing him in the intellectual and literary world of 18th century Paris. This essay on the Russio-Turkish war of 1787-8 was decidedly pro-Russian; Catherine II presented Volney with a gold metal on its appearance (Blackmer p.369). - Bound with three other works not on the subject. - Fine.Atabey Collection 1304; Blackmer Collection 1749. [Boeknr.: 35195 ]

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WALLACE, D(onald) Mackenzie. La Russie. Le pays - les institutions - les moeurs. Traduit de l'Anglais par H. Bellenger. Paris, G. Decaux et M. Dreyfous, 1877.2 volumes. Original half cloth. III,431; 448 pp. First English edition published the same year. - Wallace's book had great success, going through several editions and being translated into many languages. He learned Russian and spent five years in Russia, from 1870-1875. 'His work is a classic treatment that examines every aspect of European Russia, with special emphasis on the rural scene' (Nerhood 302). - The standard authority on Russia before the 1917 revolution. [Boeknr.: 7947 ]

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WEALE, B.L. Putnam (Bertram Lenox SIMPSON). Manchu and Moscovite. Being letters from Manchuria written during the autumn of 1903. London, Macmillan and Co., 1904. Original red cloth. With many photographic plates (map missing). XX,552 pp. First edition. - With an historical sketch entitled 'Prologue to the crisis' giving a complete account of the Manchurian frontiers from the earliest days and the growth and final meeting of the Russian and Chinese empires in the Amur Regions'. [Boeknr.: 25154 ]

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WICHMANN, Yrjö. Wotjakische Sprachproben. Im Auftrage der Finnisch-Urgrischen Gesellschaft. Helsingfors, 1893-1901. 2 volumes. Original printed wrappers. XX,199; IV,200 pp. Journal de la Societé Finne-Ougrienne. - The Wotjaken live in the Russian Republic Udmurtien. Volume I: Lieder, Gebete und Zaubersprüche; Volume II: Sprichwörter, Rätsel, Märchen, Sagen und Erzählungen. Parallel Votyak and German texts. [Boeknr.: 31747 ]

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WINDHAM, Charles. The Crimean Diary and letters of Lieut.-General Sir Charles Ash Windham, with observations upon his services during the Indian mutiny and an introduction by Sir William Howard Russell. The whole edited by Major Hugh Pearse. London, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co., 1897.Original decorated cloth (spine faded), top edge gilt. With engraved portrait. X,272 pp. First edition. - Sir Charles Ash Windham (1810 - 1870) was a British Army officer and Liberal Party politician. Promoted colonel on 20 June 1854, Windham was assistant quartermaster-general of the 4th Division in Crimea and was present, but saw little action, at the battles of Alma River, Balaklava, and Inkerman. He was outspoken in his criticism of laggard British military leadership in the Crimea. Given command of the assault on the Great Redan at Sevastopol on 8 Sept. 1855, he personally rode back to ask for reinforcements after suffering heavy losses, but a retreat had been ordered. He was criticized by soldiers for his conduct but made a popular hero by William Howard Russell, correspondent of the Times, for having “saved the honour of the army. With preface by Charles Windham jr. and an introductory chapter by W.H. Russell, famous for his reports on The Crimean War for Times Newspaper. [Boeknr.: 35205 ]

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WITSEN, Nicolaas. Moscovische reyse 1664-1665. Journaal en aantekeningen. Uitgegeven door Th.J.G. Locher en P. de Buck. 's Gravenhage, Martinus Nijhoff, 1966-67. 3 volumes. Cloth. With portrait, 3 plates and 6 maps. Linschoten-Vereeniging LXVI-LXVIII. - Journal of Nicolaas Witsen (1641-1717), an expert on Russian affairs. [Boeknr.: 3732 ]

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ZADEH, Kemal Pascha. Histoire de la Campagne de Mohacz de Suleiman. Avec la traduction francaise et des notes par M. Pavet de Courteille. Paris, l’Imprimerie Impériale, 1859.8vo. Original printed wrappers, uncut. VII,199,(166) pp. L'histoire de la campagne de Mohacz due à la plume de Kemal Pacha Zadeh est rédigée avec beaucoup d'élégance. Ses appréciations sur la situation politique de l'Europe vis-à-vis de l'Empire Ottoman peuvent ne pas flatter notre amour-propre. Mais à ne faut pas oublier qu'au XVIe siècle la Turquie était une puissance réellement colossale, contre laquelle aucune des puissances occidentale n'était en état de lutter. Quant au reproche de fanatisme que l'on pourrait se croire en droit d'adresser à l'historien, il n'est personne qui ignore qu'à cette époque les écrivains chrétiens étaient loin de donner aux musulmans l'exemple de l'impartialité et de la modération. (Preface) [Boeknr.: 35265 ]

€ 600,00

ZEEBERG, Jaap Jan. Terugkeer naar Nova Zembla. De laatste en tragische reis van Willem Barents. Zutphen, Walburg Pers, 2007. Cloth. With many illustrations (some in colours). 254 pp. The dramatic last voyage of Willem Barentsz to Novaya Zemlya. [Boeknr.: 29707 ]

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ZORGDRAGER, Cornelis Gijsbertsz. Bloeijende opkomst der aloude en hedendaagsche Groenlandsche visschery .. Met byvoeging van de walvischvangst .. door Abraham Moubach. Nevens een korte beschryving van de Terreneufsche bakkeljaau-visschery. 2e druk. Amsterdam, Isaak Tirion, 1728.4to. Contemporary vellum. With title-page printed in red and black, engraved frontispiece (P. van Thol en R.C. Alberts, 1727), 6 folding maps and 11 engraved plates (1 folding after A. Salm by Van der Hem ). (36),392,(13),(2) pp. Second and best edition; the first edition was published in Amsterdam in 1720. - This classic work on the Greenland whale fishery is one of the most thorough and authoritative descriptions of the early 18th century. It is the most important and extensive Dutch work on whaling, including ample descriptions of the early discoveries and exploration in the northern regions, Greenland, Iceland, Spitsbergen, Nova Zembla, Jan Mayen and Strait Davis. Giving along with extensive natural history, geography, history, and economics, detailed lists of ships' outfits, lists of shipowners and captains, an extensive vocabulary, and copious other details. At the end an account of New-Foundland cod-fishing. - (p.101 with marginal tear without loss of text). - A fine copy of the most important and extensive Dutch work on whaling.Tiele 1241; Cat. NHSM II, p.899; Allen 177; Jenkins p.162; Sabin 106376. [Boeknr.: 1552 ]

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