EISENSTEIN, Richard von. Reise nach Konstantinopel, Kleinasien, Rumänien, Bulgarien und Serbien. Beschreibung mit Erörterungen, um zu Reisen und Unternehmungen auszuregen. Wien, Karl Gerolds Sohn, 1912.Original decorated cloth. With 6 maps (1 folding) and 458 photographic illustrations. 416 pp. First edition. - A fine illustrated copy. [Boeknr.: 36057 ]

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ORTELIUS, Abraham. Transilvania. Hanc ultravel Transilvaniam. quae et panno dacia, et dacia ripensis, vulgo sibemburgen dicitur, edidit Vienne, Anno 1566 ... Ioes Sabucus Pannonius. (Antwerpen, Christoffel Plantijn, 1592).Handcoloured engraved map of Romania by János Zsámboky, with 2 decorative cartouches. Ca. 31 x 43,5 cm From Ortelius, Abraham. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. - The first map of Transylvania was published in 1532. It was the work of Johannes Honterus (1498-1549). Around 1532 he often traveled to his native Transylvania, gathering information that was to serve in his design of a map of Transylvania, one that he engraved and printed in Basel, and the very first one of the region to be printed. The only known copy of the map survives in the National Library of Hungary. It is known that Honter was not pleased with the map - he tried to get back all copies that he had sent to friends and other scientists. His plan was to improve the map before reprint and distribution. Dedicated to the leadership of Brasov, it was the basic design for all later maps of Transylvania, up to the early 18th century. Abraham Ortelius made the map famous by beautifully engraving it in copper, based on the ‘Transilvania’ - map from Johann Sambucus, who made a remake of the map of Honterus. (Engelmann 1982, p. 41 - 43)The map of Sambucus does not show the whole region, its focus is Siebenbuergen, the part inhabited by Transylvanian Saxons. Hungarian / Secler names are mentioned for the major cities and the Rumanian population is indicated by generic names. This work is based on the map of Johannes Honter, a Saxon of the city of Kronstadt (today Brasov, Romania) in Transylvania in the Kingdom of Hungary. Born in 1527, Abraham Ortelius started in Antwerp while still a teenager as a colorist and a mapseller. Afterwards he made the change from colorist, map seller and collector with a modest reputation to one of the most succesfull publishers of the century. While his friend Mercator turned to maps as a way of understanding the world, Ortelius saw them as merchandise to be sold as quickly as possible. - Fine. [Boeknr.: 35367 ]

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