New Hebrides

HARRISSON, Tom. Savage civilisation. London, Victor Gollancz, 1937. Original blue cloth. With maps (1 folding), illustrations and photographic illustrations. 461 pp. Tom Harnett Harrisson (1911 - 1976) was the officially ornithologist of the Oxford expedition to the New Hebrides. When the rest of the Oxford party left Santo Island for home in 1934, Harrisson got to Malekula, Vanuatu, where cannibalism was still widespread. [Boeknr.: 1343 ]

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LYNCH, Bohun. (Ed.). Isles of illusion. Letters from the South Seas. (New Hebrides). London, Constable and Company, 1923. Cloth (soiled). XVI,334 pp. [Boeknr.: 29378 ]

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PATON, Frank H.L. Lomai of Lenakel. A hero of the New Hebrides. A fresh chapter in the triumph of the gospel. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1903.Original cloth, lettered in gilt (sl. faded). With map and many photographic illustrations. XII,315 pp. Francis Hume Lyall (Frank) Paton (1870-1938), Presbyterian missionary and theologian, was born on the island of Aniwa in the New Hebrides (Vanuatu). Together with his wife Clara Sophie, sister of Rev. Johannes Heyer, he served at Lenakel on the west coast of Tanna from 1896 until 1902 [Boeknr.: 10890 ]

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PATON, James. John G. Paton, missionary to the New Hebrides. An autobiography. Edited by his brother. 5th edition. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1894.Original blue cloth. With portrait (map missing). VIII,493 pp. First edition published in London in 1889. - John Gibson Paton (1824-1907) came to the mission station, together with his wife Mary Ann Robson, at Aneitym, New Hebrides, in 1858. The pair were soon sent on to establish a new station in the island of Tanna, the natives of which were then entirely untouched by Western civilisation. They were thus the first white residents in an island full of naked and painted wildmen, cannibals, utterly regardless of the value of even their own lives, and without any scence of mutual kindness and obligation (DNB). Ferguson 13921a. [Boeknr.: 18880 ]

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PATON, (Margaret) Whitecross. Letters and sketches from the New Hebrides. Edited by her brother-in-law Jas. Paton. 5th edition. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1905.Original green pictorial cloth gilt. With map and 24 illustrations. XI,382,(2) pp. First published in London in 1894. - Margaret Paton was the second wife of pioneer missionary John G. Paton, she went to the Pacific in 1865. They settled on the island of Aniwa. She was 'a woman of great piety and strong character. She showed literary ability in her 'Letters and sketches' (DNB). The book was edited by her brother in law, James Paton. - A fine copy.Robinson, Wayward women, p.168/169. [Boeknr.: 8775 ]

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SPEISER, Felix. Südsee/Urwald/Kannibalen. Reisen in den Neuen Hebriden und Santa-Cruz-Inseln. 2. durchgesehene Auflage. Stuttgart, Strecker und Schröder, 1924. Pictorial cloth (discoloured and sl. dam.). With 2 maps and 132 photographic illustrations. XII,356 pp. First edition published in Leipzig in 1913. - Felix Speiser (1880 - 1949) was professor of ethnology in the university and director of the ethnographical museum of Basle. In 1910 he went to the New Hebrides where, for a year and a half, he carried out his well-known fieldwork. [Boeknr.: 17293 ]

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