DREIJER, G.K. De ondergang van 'De Sperwer'. 2e druk. Den Haag, (1947). Pictorial boards. With illustrations by G. Douwe. 190 pp. Juvenile of the shipwreck and involuntary visit to Korea (1653-1666) has long been known as the earliest report in a western language on the land, people and customs of Korea and became very popular in most languages. [Boeknr.: 21821 ]

€ 15,00

HALL, Basil. Account of a voyage of discovery to the West Coast of Corea, and the great Loo-Choo island. Philadelphia, Abraham Small, 1818.Modern boards, spine half cloth. With 2 engraved maps. 201 pp. First American edition, published the same year as the first English edition - This expedition took Lord Amherst's embassy to China and explored the relatively little-known East China Sea and the Yellow Sea. Visits were made to Korea and the Ryukya Archipelago. Korea had been sketchilly explored by Europeans, but it was not until this 1816-1817 expedition of the Alceste and the Lyra, under Captain Murray Maxwell and Basil Hall, that detailed information was obtained about the Ryukyus. On the homeward passage the Alceste was wrecked in Gaspar Strait off Sumatra (Hill p.266). Basil Hall, a Scottish naval officer (1788-1844), accompanied Lord Amherst's embassy to China. During the return voyage Hall interviwed Napoleon at St. Helena (Howgego II, p. 272). This is one of the first accurate descriptions of Korea by an European, - (Browned). Cordier, B.J., col. 469; Cordier, B.S., col. 3009; Hill 750; Löwendahl, Sino-Western relations, 802. [Boeknr.: 31609 ]

€ 395,00

HAMEL, Hendrick. Het journaal van Hendrick Hamel. De verbazingwekkende lotgevallen van Hendrick Hamel en andere schipbreukelingen van het VOC-schip De Sperwer in Korea (1653-1666). Vertaald, ingeleid en van toelichtingen voorzien door Henny Savenije. Rotterdam, Ad. Donker, (2003). Wrappers. With illustrations. 168 pp. [Boeknr.: 19159 ]

€ 18,00

HOVE, H.J. van. Hollanders in Korea. (Utrecht, Het Spectrum, 1989). Wrappers. With illustrations. 162 pp. [Boeknr.: 8894 ]

€ 15,00

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