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ANDERSEN, Hans Christian. A poet’s bazaar. From the Danish by Charles Beckwith. London, Richard Bentley, 1846.3 volumes. Sm.8vo. Polished calf, inner dentelles, a.e.g., bound by Zaehnsdorf, London. With engraved frontispiece portrait. IV,295;IV,312; IV,291 pp. First English edition. - Hans Christian Anderson (1805-1875), best known for his fairy tales, was also a travel writer. In 1840 he began a journey that took him to Italy, Malta, Greece and the Ottoman Empire. From Constantinople, we went north along the shores of the Black Sea and made his way back to Vienna by sailing the Danube. In 1842 he published this chronicle of his travels. A Poet's Bazaar is a vivid, colourful and highly personal account that easily carries the reader along to then-exotic ports of call in another age of travel. - A very fine set. [Boeknr.: 35711 ]

€ 625,00

AUGUSTINOS, Olga. French Odysseys. Greece in French travel literature from the Renaissance to the Romantic era. Baltimore, London, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994. Cloth. With illustrations. XIII,345 pp. [Boeknr.: 36101 ]

€ 45,00

AULDJO, John. Journal of a visit to Constantinople, and some of the Greek islands, in the spring and summer of 1833. London, Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman, 1835.Original boards (spine later half cloth), with paper label on spine. With 2 illustrations after William Gell and 7 etched plates by George Cruikshank after sketches by the author (browned due to the quality of the paper). XII,259 pp. First edition. - 'A very interesting account of several months' visit, written in a lively style. Nothing seems too trivial for the author's notice; he gives detailed descriptions of costume and of all sorts of manufactures including jewellery, silks, perfumes etc.' (Blackmer p.13). His Journal is a lively account of several months' visit to the Levant, with interesting descriptions of all sorts of manufactures (Contominas Collection 21).Blackmer Collection 56; Atabey Collection 42; Weber 225. [Boeknr.: 22712 ]

€ 375,00

BAEDEKER, Karl. Konstantinopel. Balkanstaaten, Kleinasien, Archipel, Cypern. Handbuch für Reisende. 2. Auflage. Leipzig, Karl Baedeker, 1914.12mo. Original red cloth with gilt lettering. With 18 maps and 65 plans (some folding). LXXIV, 484 pp. Second edition, first edition was published in 1905. - Karl Ludwig Johannes Baedeker (1801 - 1859) was a German publisher whose company, Baedeker, set the standard for authoritative guidebooks for tourists. The first edition included Constantinople and the western portion of Asia Minor, together with Cyprus. The second edition was extended with the Balkans and the Aegean islands.Contominas Collection 25. [Boeknr.: 35714 ]

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BARTHELEMY, Jean Jacques. Reise des jungen Anacharsis durch Griechenland vierhundert Jahr vor der gewöhnlichen Zeitrechnung. Aus dem Französischen. Berlin, Libau, Lagarde und Friedrich, 1789-1793.7 volumes. Original embossed cloth, spines lettered in gilt. With 7 portrait frontispieces and 34 plans and maps (mostly folding). First German edition. - This famous and influential work was first published in French in 1788, Voyage du jeune Anacharsis en Grèce. Numerous editions and translations appeared throughout the 19th century. Although there had been earlier attemps to popularize what was known of Greek antiquity, none was so immediately succesful and influential as Barthelemy's Anacharsis, which played an important part in the development both of neo-classicism and philhellenic sentiment in France (Contominas p. 17). - (Age-browned). - A fine set.Fromm 2082; Cf. Blackmer Collection 83 and Atabey Collection 67; Eutiner Landesbibliothek 0085 (later ed. only). [Boeknr.: 33119 ]

€ 795,00

BELON DU MANS, Pierre. Les observations de plusieurs singularitez et choses memorables, trouvees en Grece, Asie, Judée, Egypte, Arabie et autres pays estranges. Paris, Hierosme de Marnef & la veufue Guillaume Cavellat, 1588.Small 4to. Contemporary vellum, written title on spine (soiled). With woodcut printer’s device on title-page, woodcut portrait of Belon, large folding woodcut plate of St. Catherine’s monastry, Mount Sinai (small tear), and numerous woodcut vignettes of costumes, natural history, etc. (map of Athos missing). (24),468,(2) pp. Fourth edition, first published in 1553. - Belon, a botanist and naturalist, travelled widely in the Levant from 1546 to 1549 as part of Gabriel d'Aramon' diplomatic mission to Constantinople. His account is rich in useful detail, not just relating to natural history, but also concerning local customs, from details of food to advise on safe travelling. Belon's work was praised by many other travellers (Koç Collection p.50). Leaving the diplomatix expedition at Ragusa in march 1547, Belon proceeded more leasurely by way of Corfu, Zante, Cythera and Crete, twice narrowly escaping from corsairs, and reached Constantinople in late April or May. After three month of exploiration of Constantinople and its enviromens, Belon joined the expedition of M. de Funel to Egypt, stopping at Gallipoli, Chios and Rhodos. In October he proceeded to the Holy Land, returning overland to Asia Minor and spent the winter with the Turks. In spring he went to Bursa and back to Constantinople. He also went part way with d’Aramon, when he accompanied Soliman’s military expedition against Persia. Atabey Collection 94; Blackmer Collection 115 (ed. Paris 1554); Weber 156; Angus O’Neill, Koç Collection, 12a. [Boeknr.: 35537 ]

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CARNE, John. Letters from the East; written during a recent tour throught Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, The Holy Land, Syria and Greece. Second edition. London, Henry Colburn, 1826.2 volumes. Later half calf, with marbled boards. With coloured acquatint frontispiece depicting the Camp of Hassan, a Bedouin chief. XVI,352; X,351 pp. First edition published the same year. - John Carne (1789 - 1844) traveller and author left England on 26 March 1821. He visited Constantinople, Greece, the Levant, Egypt and Palestine. In the later country he was taken prisoner by Bedouins, but was relaeased in safety. On coming back to England he commenced writing for the New Monthly Magazin an account of his travels under the title Letters from the East. - (Stained). - Rare.Atabey Collection 198; Blackmer Colletion289; Abbey, Travel, 377; Ibrahim-Hilmy I, p.120; Tobler p.148; Weber 186. [Boeknr.: 35715 ]

€ 675,00

CHANDLER, Richard. Travels in Asia Minor, and Greece: or, an account of a tour made at the expense of the Society of Delettanti. 3rd edition. London, Joseph Booker and R. Priestley, 1817.2 volumes in 1. 4to. Contemporary polished calf with gilt fillet (inner hinges strengthened)., spine richly gilt in compartments with green title-label. With 8 engraved maps, plans and charts (4 folding). XXIV,328; XV,(2),343 pp. Travels in Asia Minor first appeared in 1775, his Greek travels in 1776; with armorial bookplate of Henry Edward Bunbury. - The Society of Dilettanti commissioned Chandler (1738-1810), to undertake a tour of exploration in Asia Minor, this was the first mission organized by the Society, and the other members of the party included the architect Nicholas Revett and the artist William Pars.The party spent two years in the East, from 1764 to 1766 . The Travels are based on Chandler's daily journal of local customs and everyday life. His keen attention to the details of contemporary life in the places he visited makes this account highly readable, while simultaneously providing a vivid picture of the eighteenth-century traveller's conditions. - Except some minor foxing, a very fine copy.Blackmer collection 318; Atabey collection 216; Contominas Collection 139; Weber 552/554. [Boeknr.: 26270 ]

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CURZON, Robert. Visits to monasteries in the Levant. 5th edition. London, John Murray, 1865.Original brown cloth, spine lettered in gilt. With folding plan and many woodengravings. XXI,(1),367 pp. First published in 1849. - Curzon's (1810-73) well-known work, a valuable and entertaining account of his long sojourn in the Levant, beginning with his travels in 1833, and including his long period of diplomatic service with Stratford Canning in Constantinople. The plates in this work are after drawings by Preziosi (Atabey p.159). One of the most charming books of travel ever written (DNB). Curzon is one of the most interesing travellers of this period (Contominas p.102).Blackmer Collection 436; Atabey Collection 301; Weber 415; Tobler p.155; Ibrahim-Hilmy p.151. [Boeknr.: 35734 ]

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(ELIOT, Charles Norton Edgcumber). Turkey in Europe. By Odysseus. London, Edward Arnold, 1900.Original blue cloth, spine lettered in gilt. With 2 folding coloured maps. 475 pp. First edition. - Sir Charles Norton Edgcumbe Eliot (1862 - 1931) was a British diplomat, colonial administrator and botanist. He describes the Turks, the Greeks, the Bulgarians and Serbs, the Albanians and Vlachs, and the Armenians. [Boeknr.: 36070 ]

€ 95,00

FORBIN, Louis Nicolas Philippe Auguste de. Voyage dans le Levant en 1817 et 1818. 2me édition. Paris, Delaunay, 1819.Contemporary calf, spine richly gilt. With engraved coat of arms of the L'Imprimerie Royale on titlepage. (12),460 pp. First edition published the same year; dedication Au Roi printed in civilité; with bookplate of Eugéne Pison. - Text volume to accompany Forbin's illustrated atlas work on the Levant which could be purchased separately. - Forbin travelled to Milos, where his son-in-law Marcellus had negotiated the purchase of the recently discovered Venus de Milo, and from there to Athens, Constantinople, Asia Minor, Syria and Palestine. From Jaffa he travelled overland to Alexandria and visited Egypt (Blackmer p.133). - ("Plan du Saint Sepulcre a Jerusalem" missing).Blackmer Collection 614; Atabey Collection 447; Comtominas Collection 268; Koç Collection 209; Weber 70; Chadenat II, 5370; Tobler p.144-145. [Boeknr.: 35735 ]

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FRANKLAND, Charles Colville. Travels to and from Constantinople, in the years 1827 and 1828: or personal narrative of a journey from Vienna, through Hungary, Transylvania, Wallachia, Bulgaria, and Roumelia, to Constantinople; and from that city to the capital of Austria, by the Dardanelles, Tenedos, the plains of Troy, Smyrna, Napoli di Romania, Athens, Egina, Poros, Cyprus, Syria, Alexandria, Malta, Sicily, Italy, Istria, Carniola, and Styria. London, Henry Colborn, 1829.2 volumes. Contemporary half calf, spines ruled in gilt and with morocco-labels (sl. rubbed). With two coloured aquatint frontispieces, 4 engraved maps (2 folding), 11 woodengraved plates, and 14 aquatint engravings (including 3 folding panoramas). XIV,373; VIII,310 pp. First edition. - Charles Colville Frankland (1797 - 1876) was an English Captain who spent 15 month travelling in the Levant. He took leave and went in a caleche with two horses from Vienna through Hungary and Bulgaria to Istanbul. After an excursion to the Troad and Izmir he returned to Vienna via Syria, Alexandria and Athens. The fine plates include costumes and views of Constantinople, Nauplion, Smyrna, Damascus, Beirut, etc and are after drawings by the author. - Fine.Atabey Collection 460; Blackmer Collection 628; Weber 174; Abbey, Travel, 26.. [Boeknr.: 28599 ]

€ 2750,00

GARDNER, Ernest Arthur. Ancient Athens. 2nd edition. New York, London, Macmillan Company, 1907.Original decorated cloth gilt, top edge gilt. With numerous plans, plates and illustrations. XVI,579 pp. The first edition was published the same year. - A fine copy. [Boeknr.: 8787 ]

€ 45,00

HAMMER-PURGSTALL, Joseph von. Umblick auf einer Reise von Constantinopel nach Brussa und dem Olympos, und von da zurück über Nicäa und Nicomedien. Pesth, Adolph Hartleben, 1818.4to. Original wrappers (soiled), uncut, in modern half green cloth box with red morocco titlelabel. With large folding map and 2 folding plans. X,182 pp. First edition. - This is the second of Hammer's purely topographical works; it describes a journey made in 1804. Von Hammer was trained as an interpreter at the Oriental Academy in Vienna. He was send to the Austrian Embassy in Constantinople in 1799 and soon began to undertake various missions. In 1800 he visited the Austrian consulates in the Levant in order to prepare reports. In 1801 he accompanied the Anglo-Turkish expeditionary force to Egypt (Atabey p.291). - (With library stamp on titlepage).Atabey Collection 555; Weber 51; Not in the Blackmer Collection. [Boeknr.: 20911 ]

€ 675,00

HUTTON, Edward. A glimpse of Greece. London, The Medici Society, 1928.Original brown cloth, spine lettered in gilt, top edge gilt. With folding coloured map and many photographic plates. XII,342 pp.. Special edition of 25 copies only, signed by the author. - Scholarly account of the author's observations on his travels with Norman Douglas. - Fine. [Boeknr.: 36716 ]

€ 95,00

IRUMBERRY, Charles Marie d'. Voyage a Constantinople, en Italie et aux iles d’Archipel, par l ‘Allemagne et la Hongrie. Paris, Maradan, an 7 (1799).Contemporary half calf, spine with black morocco title label. (4),331,(1) pp. First edition. - Charles Marie d' Irumberry, count de Salaberry, from an aristocratic family of Basque origin, left France after the start of the revolution, and travelled for a year in the Levant (1790-1791). In his account, written in the form of letters, he compares the self-mutilation of the dervishes with the flagellants of Spain and Italy (Koç Collection 170). Irumberry travelled in the Levant from 1790-1791 and developed into a firm Turcophile (Blackmer p.183). - A very fine copy.Blackmer Collection 863; Atabey Collection 607; Weber 625; Chadenat, 4400. [Boeknr.: 35729 ]

€ 725,00

LAURENT, Peter Edmund. Recollections of a classical tour through various parts of Greece, Turkey, and Italy, made in the years 1818 & 1819. London, G. and W.B. Whittaker, 1821.4to. Later half calf, spine gilt with red morocco title-label. With facsimile and 4 hand-coloured aquatint plates. XII,317,(5) pp. First edition. - Laurent was a native of Picardy who came to England at an early age and taught modern languages at Oxford and the Royal Naval College, Portsmouth. Starting from Venice with two Oxford companians in 1818 he visited Greece and the Ionian Islands returning home the following year via Naples, Rome, and Florence. This account of his travels consists of 'extracts from my journal, relating more particularly to Turkey and Greece' (Preface). With a chapter on Constantinople. - Age-browned otherwise a fine copy.Blackmer Collection 959; Atabey Collection 680; Weber 103; Abbey, Travel, 204; Tooley, Coloured Plates, 293. [Boeknr.: 18452 ]

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LÜDEKE, Christoph Wilhelm. Beschreibung des Türkischen Reiches nach seiner Religions- und Staatsverfassung in der letzten Hälfte des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts. Leipzig, Johann Friedrich Junius, 1771.Contemporary calf, gilt fillets on boards, spine richly gilt. With folding map, folding panoramic view of Seraglio Point and folding plan of Constantinople. (20),434,(8) pp. First edition. - Lüdeke (1737-1805) was the first Lutheran pastor in Smyrna, from c. 1758 to 1768. Although the title gives no indication of the fact, this work is the first of three volumes; its successors appeared under the same imprint in 1778 and 1789, and this volume was itself reprinted in 1780. Lüdeke's observations which include chapters on the churches of Greece and Armenia, are heavily invluenced by his evengelical background, but he was a learned man ... (Koç Collection 140). - Rare.Engelmann II, p.991; Not in Weber and the Blackmer and Atabey Collection. [Boeknr.: 21570 ]

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MEINERS, Christoph. Recherches historiques sur le luxe chez les Athéniens, depuis les temps les plus anciens, jusque'a la mort de Philippe de Macédoine; mémoire traduit de l'Allemand. Suivi du Traité du luxe des dames Romaines par Nadal .. Paris, Adrien Egron, 1823.Contemporary half calf. VIII,198,(1) pp. First published in German: Geschichte des Luxus der Athenienser von den ältesten Zeiten an bis auf den Tod Philipps von Makedonien, 1782. On luxury, weath, manners, and customs in classical Athens and Greece by Christoph Meiners (1747 - 1810) a German philosopher and historian. - (Foxed). [Boeknr.: 33125 ]

€ 95,00

MICHAUD, (Joseph) & (Jean J.F.) POUJOULAT. Correspondance d'Orient (1830-1831). Bruxelles, N.J. Gregoir, V. Wouters et Cie, 1841.8 volumes in 4. Contemporary half calf, spines gilt. With folding map. First published in Paris in 1833-1835. - 'Michaud, the historian of the Crusades, and his secretary Poujoulat travelled together through Greece, Constantinople and the Archipelago to Jerusalem, where they separated. Poujoulat explored Syria and Michaud went on to Egypt, but they wrote regularly to each other, and these letters constitute in great part the voluminous Correspondance d'Orient. The first three volumes, dealing with Greece and Turkey, contain mostly Michaud's letters. Both Michaud and Poujoulat were interested in the contemporary state of the countries they visited than archaeology and antiquities' (Blackmer 1122). - A very fine set.Atabey Collection 807; Contominas Collection 465; Weber 211; Tobler p.151, Ibrahim-Hilmy II, p.33. [Boeknr.: 32445 ]

€ 475,00

MORRIS, Edward Joy. Notes of a tour through Turkey, Greece, Egypt, and Arabia Petraea, and to the Holy Land: including a visit to Athens, Sparta, Delphi, Cairo, Thebes, Mount Sinai, Petra, &c. With notes, and an appendix, by the English publisher. London, N. Bruce, 1843.Contemporary half calf, with red morocco title-label to spine. 142 pp. (text in double columns). First English edition. - 'A very interesting account of travels ca. 1837-1838 by the American legislator and diplomat. From 1850-1853 he was chargé d'affaires at Naples, and from 1861-70 he was American minister at Constantinople' (Blackmer 1156). - A very fine copy of a scarce book.Ibrahim-Hilmy II, p.45; Not in Atabey. [Boeknr.: 32248 ]

€ 950,00

POUJOULAT, Baptistin. Voyage a Constantinople, dans l'Asie mineure, en Mésopotamie, a Palmyre, en Syrie, en Palestine et en Égypte. Bruxelles, N.J. Gregoir, V. Wouters et Cie, 1841.2 volumes in 1. Contemporary calf, spine gilt. With wood-engraving on title-pages. 234; 304 (=300) pp. Second edition, first published in Paris 1840-1841. - Volume I contains the letters written to Michaud, November 12, 1836 to September 14, 1837; Volume II contains the letters written to his brother from October 1837 to April 1838, followed by a summary of events in Syria from January 1838 to February 1841.The letters describe mainly Asia Minor and Syria and include accounts of the Kurdish-Turkish Wars and a long description of Palmyra. Poujoulat is a very interesting and penetrating observer (Blackmer p.282)). Blackmer Collection 1341; Atabey Collection 982; Contominas Collection 573; Weber 313; Hilmy II,133. [Boeknr.: 25900 ]

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POUQUEVILLE, François Charles Hugues Laurent. Grèce. Paris, Firmin Didot, 1861.Contemporary half red morocco, spine gilt, with gilt coat of arms on both sides of the city of Utrecht. With 2 folding maps and 112 steelengravings of Greece. 448 pp. First published in Paris in 1835; part of the series L'Univers. - 'Pouqueville has produced as his last work a history of ancient Greece. The plates are of especial interest' (Blackmer p.284). - A fine copy.Blackmer Collection 1348; Contominas Collection 582; Andres 605. [Boeknr.: 33122 ]

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POUQUEVILLE, François Charles Hugues Laurent. Travels in the Morea, Albania, and other parts of the Ottoman empire, comprehending a general description of those countries; their productions; the manners, customs, and commerce of the inhabitants: a comparison between the ancient and present state of Greece: and an historical and geographical description of the ancient Epirus. Translated from the French by Anne Plumptre. London, Henry Colburn, 1813.4to. Later half straight grained morocco, spine gilt in compartments, with red morocco title-label, marbled boards. With engraved frontispiece, folding map (backed with linen) and 6 engraved plates (with offsetting). XII,482 pp. First complete English translation (a heavily abridged edition was published in 1806). - This wotk is the first and probably the best of all Pouqueville's books on Greece. Pouqueville had joined the French expedition to Egypt as a medical man attached to the scientific commission. On his return to Italy in 1798 he was captured by privatters who landed him at Navarino. He was imprisoned at Tripoli for ten months and later was taken to Constantinople and confined to the prison of the Seven Towers for two years. Although officially a prison of war he was able to move about during his stay in Tripoli; he studied modern Greek and mingling with the Greeks, was able to make notes of his observations. He returned to France in 1801, produced his medical thesis on the plague, and wrote up this account of his experiences in the Levant. This work contains a great deal of information on popular customs, superstitions, songs, etc. (Blackmer p.283). Including an ample description of Tripoli, Constantinople and Albania. - (Title-page soiled, old waterstain to lower outer corner, sporadic light foxing). - A scarce edition.Blackmer Collection 1344; Atabey Collection 989: uncommon; Koç Collection 185a; Contominas Collection 575; Weber 5.) [Boeknr.: 22442 ]

€ 2500,00

RICHTER, W. Die Sklaverei im Griechischen Altertume. Ein Kulturbild nach den Quellen in gemeinfasslicher Darstellung. Breslau, Ferdinand Hirt, 1886.Original embossed cloth, gilt lettering. 168 pp. An overview of the origin, extent and condition of slavery in the pre-Hellenic age. - A nice copy. [Boeknr.: 19541 ]

€ 45,00

RIETSTAP, Johannes Baptista. De wereldbol. Nieuwe serie, bevattende de belangrijkste land en zeereizen van de laatste tijden. Arnhem, J. Voltelen, 1882. 8vo. Original decorated embossed cloth. With coloured plate of Vigo and 2 maps. 475 pp. Reizen van Nordenskjöld naar Spitsbergen, de Poolzee en de Jenissei, en opsporing van den noordoostelijken doortocht met de Vega. - Reizen van de Willem Barents naar de IJszee. - Reizen van mevrouw Barssey naar Konstantinopel, de Ionische eilanden en Cyprus. - Reis naar het land der zigeuners, door Victor Tisso. etc. [Boeknr.: 36244 ]

€ 45,00

SCHUBERT, Gotthilf Heinrich. Reise in das Morgenland in den Jahren 1836 und 1837. Neue Auflage. Erlangen, J.J. Palm und Ernst Ente, 1839-1840.3 volumes. Contemporary half calf, spines gilt and lettered in gilt. With large folding engraved map. XVIII,532; XIV,591; XX,576 pp. First published in 1838. - Schubert (1780-1860) travelled in Turkey (first volume devoted largely to Constantinople), Greece, Egypt and the Holy Land in 1836-37 with the artist Johann Martin Bernatz. - (Some foxing). - Fine set.Blackmer Collection 1510; Atabey Collection 1110; Tobler p.228; Weber 317. [Boeknr.: 28262 ]

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SOMER, Jan. Zee en landt reyse, gedaen naer de Levante, als Italien, Candien, Cypres, Egypten, Rhodes, Archipelago, Turckyen: en wederom door Duytslant. Waer in veele aenmerckens waerdige saken verhaelt worden. Desen tweden druck vermeerdert met de maniere van leven, gods-dienst, ceremonien, wetten, en krijghs-handel der Turcken, en hoe wreet sy met de slaven handelen. Beschreven door een Christen slaaf, die 13 jaar aldaer ghevangen heeft geweest. Amsterdam, Joost Hartgers, 1649.4to. Modern boards. With woodcut vignette on title-page and 6 half-page engravings. 47 lvs. First edition published the same year. - Jan Somer (ca. 1560-1640) a Dutchman from the province of Zeeland claims that he started his voyage in 1590 and returned in the autumn of 1592. There are several inconsistencies in the text, however, which make a large part of his itinery doubtful. It is conceivable that Jan Somer never travelled at all, but is one of the many plagiarists of his time. Somer was widely read, however, and had the reputation of being a famous traveller who wrote excellent accounts of his extensive journeys (Koster, To Hellen's noble land, 13). Including accounts of Alexandria, Cairo, the Red Sea area and Turkey. The treatise on the Turcks is a translation of B. Georgiewitz's De Turcarum moribus epitome, 1544. - A fine copy.Tiele 1014; Cat. NHSM I, p.255-256; Ibrahim-Hilmy II, p.244; Tobler p.86. [Boeknr.: 15953 ]

€ 1750,00

SOURTZINOS, Giorgos Ch. Corfu. A journey through the ages. History - monuments - museums - historical and archaeological places - engravings. 3rd edition. Corfu, Historical Folkloric Society of Corfu, 2008. Folio. Original boards, with dust-jacket. With numerous coloured illustrations. 177 pp. [Boeknr.: 36630 ]

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