BAESJOU, René. An Asante embassy on the Gold Coast. The mission of Akyempon Yaw to Elmina, 1869-1872. Leiden, Afrika-Studiecentrum, 1979. Wrappers. With folding map. 250 pp. - (African Social Research Documents). [Boeknr.: 35616 ]

€ 35,00

BENEZET, Anthony. Some historical account of Guinea, its situation, produce, and the general disposition of its inhabitants. With an inquiry into the rise and progress of the slave trade, its nature, and lamentable effects. New edition. London, J. Phillips, 1788.Original boards (rubbed), uncut. With woodcut on title-page depicting a medallion of a slave in chains with the text 'Am I not a man and a brother'. XV,131,(1) pp. First published in Philadelphia in 1771. - Contains an inquiry into the rise and progress of the West-African slave trade, 1442 to 1771, including a general account of Guinea, the Ivory-, Gold- and Slave-Coast, Benin, Kongo and Angola and chapters on the slave-trade by the Portuguese and English, and chapters on the treatment of the slaves in the North American colonies and in the West Indies. Benezet (1713-1784), a French-born Quaker and Philadelphia resident, was one of the chief early anti-slave trade agitators in the New World, his views influenced those of English abolitionists William Wilberforce and Thomas Clarkson. Appended is an extract from Granville Sharp's Representation of the injustice and dangerous tendency of tolerating slavery, first published in 1769 - An important, very early, comprehensive American indictment of the slave trade and slavery.Cardinall 377; Sabin 4689, Ragatz p.479; Hogg 1734; Work p.257; Afro-Americana 1084. [Boeknr.: 11460 ]

€ 495,00

BOUDYCK-BASTIAANSE, Jan Hendrik van. Voyage a la côte de Guinée, dans le golfe de Biafra, a l'ile de Fernando-Po, l'ile de Ste Hélène et autres iles dans le passage, a bord du brick-goelette, Le Lancier par le capitaine de frégate J.H. van Boudyck Bastiaanse. La Haye, Belinfante Frères, 1853.Later marbled boards, uncut. XXVI, 451 pp. From the library of the Groote Club, Doctrina & Amicitia, Amsterdam. - Journal by the Dutch lieutenant-commander Jan Hendrik van Boudyck-Bastiaanse (1793-1861) of a trip to the Gold Coast, West Africa, the islands Fernando-Po, St. Helena and other African Atlantic islands. - Scarce.Cat. NHSM I, p.124; Tiele 76; Cardinall 484. [Boeknr.: 36168 ]

€ 450,00

CRUICKSHANK, Brodie. Achttien jaren aan de Goudkust. Uit het Engelsch vertaald en met eene inleiding vermeerderd door D.P.H.J. Weijtingh. Amsterdam, Weijtingh & Van der Haart, 1855.2 volumes. Original printed wrappers (spines rep.). With large folding lithographed view of Elmina by W. Bartels. XVI,251; XIV,208 pp. First enlarged Dutch translation of Eighteen years on the Gold Coast of Africa, including an account of the native tribes and their intercourse with Europeans. London 1853. - This Dutch edition has an introduction by D.P.H.J. Weijtingh, dealing with the history of the Dutch possessions on the coast. Cruikshank served on the Gold Coast of Africa (Southern Ghana) from 1834-1854 and was a member of the first Legislative Council of the Gold Coast, as well as the first Collector-General of the colony. The work offers insight into the judicial system, music, religion, dance, and social customs of the native people.Cat. NHSM I, p.205; Gay 2865 (English ed.); Hess & Coger 6372 (English ed.); Cardinall 518 (English ed.); not in Tiele. [Boeknr.: 10188 ]

€ 475,00

CUIJLENBORG, Hans van. Het stinkende goud. Een liefde aan de Goud-, Tand- en Slavenkust. Historische roman. De Bilt, Haes, 2016. Wrappers. 128 pp. [Boeknr.: 35972 ]

€ 15,00

DALZEL, Archibald. The history of Dahomey, an inland kingdom of Africa; compiled from authentic memoirs; with an introduction and notes. London, T. Spilsbury and Son, 1793.4to. Later half calf, spine gilt. With folding engraved map after R. Norris, and 6 engraved plates by Chesham (one partly cut short and tipped in). XXXII,XXVI,(4),230 pp. First edition. - One of the first published descriptions of Dahomey. Dalzel was the former governor at Whydah), West-Africa, and at time of publication of the present work, governor at Cape-Coast-Castle. His official position enabled him opportunities of obtaining valuable and accurate information. Parts of the history are compiled from i.a. the memoirs of Robert Norris, who spent eighteen years in the African trade, and from the communications of Lionel Abson, Dalzel's successor as British governor at Whydah. 'His History was both a historical compilation and propaganda against the abolition of the slave trade. He argued that the slave trade saved African victims from human sacrifice and slaughter' (The Paolo Bianchi Collection 102). The plates are showing scenes with armed women with the King at their head going to war, a public procession of the King's women, victims for sacrifice, etc. The book is a polemic written in order to counter the charges of the British anti-slave trade movement and to prevent any further Parliamentary action being taken against the trade. - (Occasionally sl. foxed; small library stamp on title-page).Cardinall 396; Hogg 170; Work p.8. [Boeknr.: 11910 ]

€ 1950,00

DRAGTENSTEIN, Frank. Van Elmina naar Paramaribo. De slavenhaler. Zutphen, Walburg Pers, 2017. Wrappers. With illustrations. 176 pp. A true story of Jan Wils about the purchase on the gold coast and the transport to Paramaribo of 500 slaves with the slave ship De Coninck in 1686. [Boeknr.: 34568 ]

€ 20,00

GRAMBERG, J(an) S(imon) G(erardus). Schetsen van Afrika's Westkust. Amsterdam, Weijtingh & Brave, 1861.Original gilt- and blindstamped green cloth. With lithographed title-page with coloured vignette depicting Ennimir Koning van Oost-Wassa, and 8 folding coloured lithographed views and costume plates by C.C.A. Last after J.S.G. Gramberg (including frontispiece). 380 pp. First edition. - Gramberg (1823-1888) was the first European settler in Guinea who owned a plantation. He temporarily worked as a health officer in Africa and in the Far East. His work is splitup in 3 parts. The first part contains a concise description of West Africa: its history (with remarks on the Spanish and Portuguese properties) climate, geology, religion, education, flora, fauna etc, The second part contains his own travelogue, in which he gives descriptions of Elmina, Cape Coast, Accra, Ouidah and other places and Gramberg's own cotton plantation on the Pra River, on the road to British Komenda. The third part is dealing with the Dutch properties in West Africa. The fine folding plates depict i.a. Kleederdracht der Fantijnen; Kasteel St. George en Fort Coenraadsburg te Elmina; Fort William, vuurtoren te Cape Coast; Eene factorij aan de slavenkust (Golf van Benin); Plantage 'Gramberg' aan de Bossum-Prah rivier; Fort Batenstein te Boutrij. This is one of the most interesting of the Dutch 19th century books on West Africa. - A fine copy with beautiful coloured plates.Tiele 409; Cat. NHSM I, p. 206; Landwehr, Coloured plates., 287; Cardinall 537. [Boeknr.: 11444 ]

€ 1850,00

HAM, Gijs van der. Dof goud. Ghana en Nederland sinds 1593. Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, Nijmegen, VanTilt, 2016. 4to. Pictorial boards. With many coloured illustrations. 170 pp. [Boeknr.: 33961 ]

€ 25,00

HAM, Gijs van der. Dof goud. Nederland en Ghana, 1593 - 1872. Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, Nijmegen, VanTilt, 2013. 4to. With many coloured illustrations. 200 pp. [Boeknr.: 33354 ]

€ 25,00

ISERT, Paul Erdmann. Reis na Guinea en de Caribische eilanden in Columbien. Uit het Hoogduitsch. Dordrecht, De Leeuw en Kraf, 1790.Contemporary half calf, spine gilt (top of spine sl. dam.). With 2 engraved plates. VIII,418 pp. First Dutch edition; first published in Copenhagen in 1788 Reise nach Guinea und den Caribäischen Inseln in Colombien. - In twelve letters Paul Erdmann Isert (1756-1789), describes his voyage from Copenhagen to the Gold Coast and gives an account of the Danish settlements and considerable details of the customs of the natives. In 1786, he describes the voyage from Africa to the Danish West Indies with a cargo of 452 blacks who rose against the whites on the second day at sea, with a resulting loss of 34 of their number and 2 of the crew wounded after a heated battle. He gives good descrptions of St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John, Guadeloupe and Martinique. The complete round trip took four years. The book is a source work and, because of being one of the few accounts of a person actually making the Guinea voyage and because of the sensational nature of its contents, it has been heavily drawn on by writers on the slave traffic for nearly a century and a half (Ragatz p. 226). He was the first European explorer of Ashanti and is also known for his attempts to end the Danish-Norwegian slave trade. Cat. NHSM I, p.140 (later ed.); Cardinall 397; Sabin 35245; Cf. Gay 2812; Hough, The Beinecke Lesser Antilles Collection 405; Work p.11; Hogg 160; Not in Tiele. [Boeknr.: 27468 ]

€ 495,00

KAN, C.M. Nederland en de kust van Guinea. Utrecht, J.L. Beijers, 1871.Original printed wrappers. 57 pp. Treatise against the transfer of the Dutch West-Africa possession to Britain (realized in 1872). [Boeknr.: 15238 ]

€ 95,00

KOERT, Robert van. Afrikaanse Dutch Wax. Dutch wax design technology. Van Helmond naar West-Africa. Uniwax en GTP in postkoloniaal Ivoorkust en Ghana. (Helmond, 2007). 4to. Boards. With many coloured illustrations. 160 pp. On Dutch batiks made for West-Afrika. [Boeknr.: 30728 ]

€ 40,00

LENZ, Oskar. Skizzen aus Westafrika. Selbsterlebnisse. Berlin, A. Hofmann & Co., 1878.Old half cloth with paper label to spine. With folding map. (8),346 pp. First edition. - 'Eine Sammlung von untereinander selbstständigen Essays über die natürlichen und socialen Zustände jener wenig durchforschten und selten besuchten Küste, wie sich mir dieselben während einer dreijährigen (1874 bis 1877), im Auftrag der 'deutschen Gesellschaft zur Erforschung Aequatorial-Afrika's' unternommenen Reise dargestellt haben. Oscar Lenz (1848-1925) is 'einer der letzten aus der Heroenzeit der Afrikaforschung' (Hassert). - (Two margins restored; some foxing).Kainbacher p. 241; Cf. Henze III, p.211-217. [Boeknr.: 6240 ]

€ 75,00

PINCKARD, George. Notes on the West Indies: written during the expedition under the command of the late general Ralph Abercromby: including observations on the island of Barbadoes, and the settlements captured by the British troops, upon the coast of Guiana; likewise remarks relating to the creoles and slaves of the western colonies, and the Indians of South America; with occasional hints, regarding the seasoning, or yellow fever of hot climates London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1806.3 volumes. Later half calf, spines gilt, with red and green morocco title labels to spines. XXIV,448; XX,472; XIX,(1),456 pp. First edition. - 'The author was deputy inspector general of hospitals in the British army. He accompanied General Sir Ralph Abercromby to the West Indies and while not on service became well acquainted with the regions where he was stationed for the time being. He gives us interesting pictures of Plymouth in war time, of the agonizing delay while awaiting embarkation orders, of the break-up of the fleet in a storm, of a visit to slave ships, and intimate and varied accounts of colonial life in Barbados and along the Guiana coast as well as of the vicissitudes of soldier life in the colonies. He received unfavorable impressions of slavery. Urges emancipation, holding that abolition could be regarded as only a step in that direction' (Ragatz pp.231-232). - (Age-browned). - A fine set.The Beinecke Lesser Antilles Collection 600; Sabin 62893; Hogg 731; Work p.269; Afro-Americana 8226. [Boeknr.: 29000 ]

€ 1500,00

PREVOST, Antoine François. Reizen langs de westkust van Afrika, van Kaap Blanko tot Sierra Leona: vervattende de Engelse bezittingen, en koophandel, op de riviere Gambra, met de aardrykskundige- en natuurkundige historie der nabuurige landen. - Reizen naar Guinee en Benin, vervattende de kust van Sierra-Leona, tot aan Kaap Gonsalvo. 's Gravenhage, Pieter de Hondt, 1748.2 volumes. 4to. Contemporary half calf, spines gilt in compartments (top of spines rep.). With title-pages printed in red and black, 12 engraved maps (6 folding) and 43 engraved plates (13 folding) by J. van Schley. 435,(5); (4),532,(6) pp. Historische beschryving der reizen, volume IV-V, enlarged and improved Dutch edition of the French series started by Antoine François Prévost d' Exiles (1697 - 1763), usually known simply as the Abbé Prévost. This volume covers a detailed description of West-Africa with accounts of the English and Dutch possessions on the coasts and their slave trade. With fine engravings. - (Some minor foxing).Tiele 103; Cat. NHSM I, p.108. [Boeknr.: 7817 ]

€ 950,00

SHAW, Th. Excavation at Dawu. Report on an excavation in a Mound at Dawu, Akuapim, Ghana. (Legon), University College of Ghana, (1961). 4to. Cloth, with dust-jacket. With 55 plates and 178 illustrations. VIII,90 pp. Detailed report of the scientific excavation of a 24.ft. high midden mound in Akwapim (Ghana) which appears to have been in use for about four hundred years from a date in the 14th or 15th century. [Boeknr.: 26869 ]

€ 45,00

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