Cape Verde

BOWEN, Emanuel. Byzonder ontwerp van zommige der voornaamste Africaansche eilanden zo in de Middellandsche als Atlantische en Ethiopische zeeën. (No place, 1784).Engraved map by J. van Jagen, coloured by hand, featuring 7 small maps of islands of the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic and South Africa. Ca. 37 x 44 cm. First published by Emanuel Bowen, London 1747. Particular draughts of some of the chief African islands in the Mediterranean, as also in the Atlantic and Ethiopic Oceans. Depicting the Bay of Agoa de Saldanha and Table Bay with plan of the Dutch fortress, the islands of Cape Verde, Malta, Tenerife, St. Helena and Madera. - Fine. [Boeknr.: 34188 ]

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BROECKE, Pieter van den. Pieter van den Broecke's journal of voyages to Cape Verde, Guinea and Angola (1605-1612). Translated and edited by J.D La Fleur. London, 2000. 8vo. Cloth, with dust-jacket. With 2 plates and 7 maps. XV,139 pp. Hakluyt Society, 3rd series, 5. - This edition offers for the first time an English translation of those parts of Van den Broecke's original manuscript which describe the four trading voyages he made to Africa in the early seventeenth century. [Boeknr.: 34644 ]

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DAPPER, Olfert. Insulae promontorii viridis Hispanis issas de Cabo Verde, Belgis De soute eylanden. (Amsterdam, Jac. van Meurs, 1668).Engraved sea chart of the Cape Verde Islands. Beautifully embellished with a compass rose and two cartouches with cavorting cherubs and mermaids. Ca. 25 x 31,5 cm. From: Dapper, Naukeurige beschrijvinge der Afrikaensche gewesten. - Cape Verde or Cabo Verde is an archipelago in the central Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of West Africa. [Boeknr.: 34203 ]

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