ALOFS, Luc, Wim RUTGERS, Henny E. COOMANS. (Red.). Arubaans akkoord. Opstellen over Aruba van vóór de komst van de olieindustrie. Ter nagedachtenis aan dr. Johan Hartog 1912-1997. Met medewerking van Alice van Romondt. (Bloemendaal, Stichting Libri Antilliani, 1997). 8vo. Cloth, with dust-jacket. With many photographic illustrations. 272 pp. [Boeknr.: 19471 ]

€ 35,00

ARUBA. Oranjestad. Hoofdplaats van Aruba. - Landschap op Aruba. Haarlem, Kleynenberg & Co, (ca. 1911). Tinted photographic plate, depicting a view of Oranjestad, printed on heavy paper. ca. 60 x 73 cm. From the series of school plates by J.F.Niermeyer, e.a. Platen van Nederlandsch-Oost en West-Indië, published between 1911 and 1913.- The photographs of the East were mostly taken by Jean Demmeni a French/Indo European photographer, the photographs of the West were taken by Julius Muller, Soublette et Fils, Eugen Klein a.o. Fine view of Oranjestad, capital of Aruba and view of a well with local people and cactus hedges. - (Small part of blank margin restored not affecting the image). [Boeknr.: 34490 ]

€ 125,00

ARUBA. Topographical map of Aruba. Nederlandse Antillen, KLM Aerocarto, 1963.4 coloured sheets, with legend and list of streets, roads, squares and other denominations. Ca. 69,5 53 cm. [Boeknr.: 36823 ]

€ 295,00

BOSCH, G.B. Reizen in West-Indië, en door een gedeelte van Zuid- en Noord-Amerika. Utrecht, N. van der Monde, 1829-1843.3 volumes. Half cloth, rebacked with the original spines laid down. With 3 engraved titles with nice oval views of 'De haven van Curaçao' (waterstained) by W.H. Hoogkamer, 'St. Thomas' and 'Gouvernements huis te Suriname' (browned) after J.M. Engelberts by J.B. Tétar van Elven. VIII,377; 430; X,424 pp. First edition. - Gerardus Balthazar Bosch (1794 - 1837), reverend and school-inspector on Curaçao (1825-1836), gives a very interesting account of his travels to St. Eustatius, St. Martin, Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Thomas and Suriname. With an emphasis on the Dutch properties in the West Indies. The author also discusses the Jews in Suriname and the Jodensavanne and he writes extensively about the slave population. - Very rare set.Tiele 171; Cat. NSHM I, p. 263; Sabin 6448; not in Suriname-Catalogus UB Amsterdam. [Boeknr.: 11442 ]

€ 950,00

BUISONJÉ, Paul Henri de. Neogene and quaternary geology of Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles). (No pl.), 1974. Wrappers. With 4 folding maps, 12 plates and 34 illustrations. 293 pp. - (Thesis). [Boeknr.: 36846 ]

€ 35,00

HARTERT, Ernst. Aus den Wanderjahren eines Naturforschers. Reisen und Forschungen in Afrika, Asien und Amerika, nebst daran anknüpfenden, meist ornithologischen Studien. Berlin, London, 's Gravenhage, 1901-1902.8vo. Original cloth, top edge gilt. With 3 maps and 10 plates. XIII,329 pp. First edition. - Ernst Johann Otto Hartert (1859 - 1933) was a widely published German ornithologist. He was employed by Walter Rothschild as ornithological curator of Rothschild's private Natural History Museum at Tring, in England from 1892 to 1929. He travelled in India, Africa, and South America on behalf of his employer. He visited Sudan, the Canary Islands, Sumatra, Malacca and India, the Caribbean, Morocco and Tenerife. - A fine copy.Henze II, p.464. [Boeknr.: 36814 ]

€ 275,00

HARTOG, J. Het oude Fort van Aruba. De geschiedenis van het Fort Zoutman en de Toren Willem III. Gedenkboek bij het tweehonderd-jarig bestaan van Fort Zoutman in 1996. Assen, Van Gorcum, 1995. 8vo. Boards. With many illustrations. 78 pp. [Boeknr.: 16132 ]

€ 20,00

HARTOG, J. Juwana Morto. Kustbatterij Aruba. Zutphen, Walburg Pers, 1987. Wrappers. With many photographic illustrations. 95 pp. [Boeknr.: 10653 ]

€ 20,00

MARTIS, Adi. De geschiedenis van Aruba tot 1816. Van zustereiland tot imperium in imperion. Volemdan, LM Publishers, 2018. Boards. With illustrations (several in colours). 224 pp. [Boeknr.: 36954 ]

€ 35,00

WESTERMANN, Jan Hugo. The geology of Aruba. Utrecht, Oosthoek, 1932. 4to. Wrappers. With large folding map and 3 plates. 129,(3) pp. - (Thesis). [Boeknr.: 36837 ]

€ 40,00

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