BELON DU MANS, Pierre. Les observations de plusieurs singularitez et choses memorables, trouvees en Grece, Asie, Judée, Egypte, Arabie et autres pays estranges. Paris, Hierosme de Marnef & la veufue Guillaume Cavellat, 1588.Small 4to. Contemporary vellum, written title on spine (soiled). With woodcut printerís device on title-page, woodcut portrait of Belon, large folding woodcut plate of St. Catherineís monastry, Mount Sinai (small tear), and numerous woodcut vignettes of costumes, natural history, etc. (map of Athos missing). (24),468,(2) pp. Fourth edition, first published in 1553. - Belon, a botanist and naturalist, travelled widely in the Levant from 1546 to 1549 as part of Gabriel d'Aramon' diplomatic mission to Constantinople. His account is rich in useful detail, not just relating to natural history, but also concerning local customs, from details of food to advise on safe travelling. Belon's work was praised by many other travellers (Koç Collection p.50). Leaving the diplomatix expedition at Ragusa in march 1547, Belon proceeded more leasurely by way of Corfu, Zante, Cythera and Crete, twice narrowly escaping from corsairs, and reached Constantinople in late April or May. After three month of exploiration of Constantinople and its enviromens, Belon joined the expedition of M. de Funel to Egypt, stopping at Gallipoli, Chios and Rhodos. In October he proceeded to the Holy Land, returning overland to Asia Minor and spent the winter with the Turks. In spring he went to Bursa and back to Constantinople. He also went part way with díAramon, when he accompanied Solimanís military expedition against Persia. Atabey Collection 94; Blackmer Collection 115 (ed. Paris 1554); Weber 156; Angus OíNeill, Koç Collection, 12a. [Boeknr.: 35537 ]

€ 3450,00

BINARK, Ismet & Halit EREN. World bibliography of translations of the meanings of the holy qur'an. Printed translations 1515-1980.Edited with introduction by Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu. Istanbul, 1986. Cloth, with dust-jacket. XCIX,8801,(36) pp. Research Centre for Islamic History, Art, and Culture. [Boeknr.: 16160 ]

€ 75,00

BROECKE, Pieter van den. Historische ende journaelsche aenteyckeningh, van't gene Pieter van den Broecke op sijne reysen, soo van Cabo Verde, Angola, Gunea, en Oost-Indien (aenmerckens waerdigh) voorghevallen is, &c. (Amsterdam, Joannes Janssonius, 1646).Oblong 8vo. Modern wrappers. With 7 (of 12) plates. 110 pp. (text set in two columns). Extracted from Commelin's collection of voyages. - 'Van den Broecke's journal provides considerable information about the establishment of the Dutch East India Company in India, about Indian cities, and their governors, and about commodities and trade' (Lach & Van Kley, III, p.452). He also sailed to West-Africa and Arabia where he in 1614 established the first Dutch factory at Aden. Between 1620 and 1629 he headed Dutch operations in Surat, from where he directed all of the VOC factories in Arabia, Persia, and India. - (Missing pl. 4,5,6,7,9; pp.89-96 missing but added in photocopy).Landwehr, VOC, 250. [Boeknr.: 31990 ]

€ 125,00

BROUWER, C.G. Al-Mukha. Profile of a Yemeni seaport as sketched by servants of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) 1614-1640. Amsterdam, d'Fluyte Rarob, 1997. Wrappers. With 6 maps and 22 plates. 508 pp. Thesis. - The first monograph on the legendary city of al-Mukha (Mocha or Mokka), the world's main coffee port in the 17th and 18th century. [Boeknr.: 19680 ]

€ 85,00

BROUWER, C.G. Cauwa ende Comptanten: De VOC in Jemen. Cowha and Cash: The Dutch East India Company in Yemen. 1614-1655. Amsterdam, D'Fluyte Rarob, 1988. Wrappers. With illustrations. 100 pp. [Boeknr.: 6263 ]

€ 25,00

DHOW. Arab sailing vessels. Three original watercolours showing traditional Arab sailing vessels off the coast with native fishermen, common in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean region. Signed by SCHLIEN.One plate is dated 1886. Seize ca. 24 x 19 cm and 2 others ca. 31 x 23,5 cm. - Decorative views. [Boeknr.: 31661 ]

€ 425,00

DOZY, R(einhart Pieter Anne). De Israëlieten te Mekka van Davids tijd tot in de vijfde eeuw onzer tijdrekening. Haarlem, A.C. Kruseman, 1864.8vo. Modern boards. With folding lithographed table. VI,214 pp. First edition. - History of the Israelites and Mecca, written by the Leiden scholar Reinhart Pieter Anne Dozy (1820-1883). This Orientalist marked the end of a specific period in Islamology in The Netherlands, the next phase was the religious historical one, which was dominated entirely by Snouck Hurgronje (Boland & Farjon, Islam in Indonesia, p.13). [Boeknr.: 30503 ]

€ 95,00

HOSPERS, J.H. A basic bibliography for the study of the Semitic languages. Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1973 - 1974. 2 volumes. Cloth. XXV,401; XII,108 pp. [Boeknr.: 35753 ]

€ 50,00

LAFFAN, Michael. Radn Aboe Bakar. An introductory note concerning Snouck Hurgronke's informant in Jeddah (1884-1912). Leiden, 1999. Wrappers. With portrait. (25) pp. - (Bijdragen KITLV). [Boeknr.: 35946 ]

€ 18,00

MICHAUD, (Joseph) & (Jean J.F.) POUJOULAT. Correspondance d'Orient (1830-1831). Bruxelles, N.J. Gregoir, V. Wouters et Cie, 1841.8 volumes in 4. Contemporary half calf, spines gilt. With folding map. First published in Paris in 1833-1835. - 'Michaud, the historian of the Crusades, and his secretary Poujoulat travelled together through Greece, Constantinople and the Archipelago to Jerusalem, where they separated. Poujoulat explored Syria and Michaud went on to Egypt, but they wrote regularly to each other, and these letters constitute in great part the voluminous Correspondance d'Orient. The first three volumes, dealing with Greece and Turkey, contain mostly Michaud's letters. Both Michaud and Poujoulat were interested in the contemporary state of the countries they visited than archaeology and antiquities' (Blackmer 1122). - A very fine set.Atabey Collection 807; Contominas Collection 465; Weber 211; Tobler p.151, Ibrahim-Hilmy II, p.33. [Boeknr.: 32445 ]

€ 475,00

MORRIS, Edward Joy. Notes of a tour through Turkey, Greece, Egypt, and Arabia Petraea, and to the Holy Land: including a visit to Athens, Sparta, Delphi, Cairo, Thebes, Mount Sinai, Petra, &c. With notes, and an appendix, by the English publisher. London, N. Bruce, 1843.Contemporary half calf, with red morocco title-label to spine. 142 pp. (text in double columns). First English edition. - 'A very interesting account of travels ca. 1837-1838 by the American legislator and diplomat. From 1850-1853 he was chargé d'affaires at Naples, and from 1861-70 he was American minister at Constantinople' (Blackmer 1156). - A very fine copy of a scarce book.Ibrahim-Hilmy II, p.45; Not in Atabey. [Boeknr.: 32248 ]

€ 950,00

PFANNMÜLLER, Gustav. Handbuch der Islam-Literatur. Berlin, Leipzig, Walter de Gruyter & Co, 1923. Original half cloth, spine lettered in gilt. VIII,436 pp [Boeknr.: 35752 ]

€ 45,00

WENSINCK, A.J. & J.H. KRAMERS. Handwörterbuch des Islam. Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1941. Cloth. With plates. VIII,833,6 pp. [Boeknr.: 13605 ]

€ 55,00

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