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BEALS, Herbert K. a.o. (Ed.). Four travel journals. The Americas, Antarctica and Africa, 1775-1874. Edited by Herbert K. Beals, R.J. Campbell, Ann Savours, Anita McConnell, Roy Bridges. London, 2007. 8vo. Cloth, with dust-jacket. With illustrations and maps. X,404 pp. Hakluyt Society, 3rd series, 18. - This volume offers annotated texts with biographical and historical introductions of four previously unpublished travel journals from the period 1775-1874. [Boeknr.: 34641 ]

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CAMPBELL, R.J. (Ed). The discovery of the South Shetland Islands. The voyages of the brig Williams 1819-1820 as recorded in contemporary documents and the journal of midshipman C.W. Poynter. London, 2000. 8vo. Cloth, with dust-jacket. With 31 maps and illustrations. XV,232 pp. Hakluyt Society, 3rd series, 4. - This is the only first-hand account of a voyage, during which the Antarctic mainland was sighted for the first time. [Boeknr.: 34635 ]

€ 45,00

CHASE, Owen. The wreck of the whaleship Essex. A narrative account by Owen Chase, first mate. Edited, and with prologue and epilogue by Iola Haverstick and Betty Shepard. London, Constable Young, (1968). Blue boards, spine lettered (spine discoloured). With map and illustrations. 128 pp. The Essex, Captain George Pollard, sailed from Nantucket on August 12, 1819, for a sperm whaling cruise in the Pacific. A dramatic account told by one of its few survivors. The whaling ship was rammed by an angry sperm whale on November 20, 1820. On the sailors terrifying battle for survival the survivors had restored to cannibalism, and a relative of the captain was killed and eaten. Herman Melville used Chase's narrative as a source for his Moby Dick. [Boeknr.: 35575 ]

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CLOUD, Enoch Carter. Enoch's voyage. Life on a whaleship 1851-1854. Edited by Elizabeth McLean. Wakefield, Myer Bell, 1994. Cloth, with dust-jacket (rep. with tape). 381 pp. Enoch Carter Cloud sailed out of New Bredford on the whale ship 'The Henry Kneeland'. For nearly three years he kept a journal detailing the glory, hardships and dangers of life at sea. Edited by the author's great-great-granddaughter. [Boeknr.: 35587 ]

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DICKINSON, Anthony B. & Chesley W. SANGER. Twentieth-century shore-station whaling in Newfoundland and Labrador. Montreal, McGill-Queen's University Press, (2005). Boards, with dust-jacket. With many photographic illustrations. XVII,254 pp. The authors examine the modern era of the regions's shore-station industry from its beginnings in 1896 through subsequent cycles of decline and revival until its enforced closure in 1972. [Boeknr.: 35578 ]

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DOES, Willem van der. Storm, ijs en walvisschen. Een moderne Vikingtocht met Noorsche walvischvaarders naar de Zuidelijke IJszee. Voorwoord van C.M. Bakker. Batavia, Albrecht & Co., (1934). 4to. Original pictorial boards (soiled). With illustrations by the author. XV,374 pp. Storms, ice and whales. The Antarctic adventures of a Dutch artist on a Norwegian whaler. [Boeknr.: 35413 ]

€ 35,00

DOES, Willem van der. Storms, ice and whales. The Antarctic adventures of a Dutch artist on a Norwegian whaler. Translated by R. van Baak Griffioen. Introduction by J.C.A. Schokkenbroek. Cambridge, William B. Eerdmans, (2003). Boards, with dust-jacket. With illustrations by Willem van der Does. XXIII,391 pp. [Boeknr.: 29301 ]

€ 18,00

DONRAADT, W. Chr. Zij waren er bij. Eilanders op de walvisvaart. (Dokkum, H.H. v.d. Helm, 1972). Wrappers. With many illustrations.100 pp. Dutch whaling in the Antarctic in the 20th century. [Boeknr.: 35577 ]

€ 18,00

EDWARDS, Everett J. & Jeannette EDWARDS RATTRAY. 'Whale off'. The story of American shore whaling. With an introduction by Roy Chapman Andrews. New York, Frederick A. Stokes, 1932. Original decorated cloth, with dust-jacket (rep. with tape). With map and 21 photographed plates. XV,285 pp. First edition. - 'From 1640 to 1918 shore-whaling- the pursuit and capture of whales sighted from land, in small boats manned by whalemen-farmers- was carried on actively and profitably off southeastern Long Island. This book relates in straightaway, vigorous fashion the whaling adventures of Captain E.J. Edwards and his father'. [Boeknr.: 35574 ]

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FUCHS, Vivian & Edmund HILLARY. The crossing of Antarctica. The Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-58. Third edition. London, Cassell, 1959. Cloth (spine foxed). With many photograhic illustrations (several in colours). XV,338 pp. The 1955-58 Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition (CTAE) was a Commonwealth-sponsored expedition that successfully completed the first overland crossing of Antarctica, via the South Pole. It was the first expedition to reach the South Pole overland for 46 years, preceded only by Amundsen's and Scott's respective parties in 1911 and 1912. - (Some foxing).Headland 2142; Spence 491; Conrad p.394. [Boeknr.: 3802 ]

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(MARRA, John). Journal of the Resolution's voyage, in 1772, 1773, 1774, and 1775, on discovery to the southern hemisphere, by which the non-existence of an undiscovered continent, between the equator and the 50th degree of southern latitude, is demonstratively proved. Also a journal of the adventure's voyage, in the year 1772, 1773, and 1774. With an account of the separation of the two ships, and the most remarkable incidents that befel each. Interspersed with historical and geographical descriptions of the islands and countries discovered in the course of their respective voyages. London, F. Newbery, 1775.Contemporary calf, skilfully rebacked, spine lettered in gilt. With large chart, additional chart of 'Part of the tropical discoveries of the Resolution sloop, Captain J. Cook in 1774' and 5 engraved plates. (14),328 pp. First edition. - Preceding Cook's official account by some 18 months, this was 'the first account of Cook's second voyage and the first account of exploration within the Antarctic circle' (Davidson 81). This eye-witness account was written by the Irish gunner's mate on the Resolution whom Cook had picked up in Batavia during his first voyage. It contains many events not recorded in the official account by Cook and gives the reasons which caused Sir Joseph Banks and his twelve assistants to withdraw from the expedition at the last moment. Marra made an uncuccessful attemp to desert at Tahiti on May 14, 1774, during this second voyage. With the very rare additional chart showing the track of the Resolution from Norfolk Island to the New Hebrides. This book is actually the first book published, based on first-hand knowledge, relating to the Antarctic regions and the fine plates are the first depictions of the region. - A fine copy with the extremely extra folding engraved map.Beaglehole II, p.CLIII-CLV; Beddie 1270; Hill 1087; Roscove 214; Spence 758; Kroepelien 809; O'Reilly-Reitman 379; Hocken p.14; Conrad p.13; Sabin 16247 [Boeknr.: 33193 ]

€ 6500,00

MARTIN, Kenneth R. Delaware goes whaling 1833-1845. Greenville, The Hagley Museum, (1974). Wrappers. With many illustrations. 64 pp. On the whaling industry in Delaware especially the Wilmington Whaling Company. [Boeknr.: 35576 ]

€ 18,00

MAWSON, Douglas. Leben und Tod am Südpol. Leipzig, F.A. Brockhaus, 1921.2 volumes. Original printed boards (spines sl. faded). With 104 plates and illustrations including 5 panoramic views, 6 coloured plates and 7 maps. XVIII,292; VI,263 pp. First German edition; first published in English in 1915 The Home of the blizzard. - Account of the first Australian Antarctic expedition 1911-14. Mawson (1882-1958) recruited expedition members from Australian and New Zealand Universities and had 15 professional scientists among his staff. His expedition did great work, both in geographical exploration and scientific research. A seperate party, under George F. Ainsworth, spent 23 months on Macquarie Island, and made the first detailed scientific investigations there. The first radio contact with Antarctica was made 25 September 1912. The expedition took the first aeroplane to Antarctica which crashed in Australia on the outward voyage and was used without wings as an 'air tractor' sledge. The photographs were taken by Frank Hurley. - A good copy of 'one of the most gripping Antarctic stories'.Spence 775; Headland 1456; Conrad p.208. [Boeknr.: 1892 ]

€ 125,00

MORTON, Harry. The whale's wake. Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press, (1982). Boards, with dust-jacket. With many illustrations. 396 pp. This lively account of southwest Pacific whaling discusses the whales, whalers, whaling techniques, equipment, ships, crews, uses for whale products, and whaling from shore stations. [Boeknr.: 35585 ]

€ 35,00

MÜNZING, Joachim. (Ed.). Wale und Walfang.(Mit Vorwort von Gerhard Wietek). Hamburg, Altonaer Museum, 1975. Wrappers (discoloured). With 68 plates (4 in colours). 122 pp. Fine exhibition catalogue. [Boeknr.: 35582 ]

€ 20,00

NARBROUGH, John. An account of several late voyages and discoveries ... To which are added, a large introduction and supplement, containing short abstracts of other voyages into those parts, and brief descriptions of them. London, D. Brown, J. Round, W. Innys, T. Ward, 1711.Contemporary panelled calf, rebacked with the original spine laid down, spine ribbed and gilt, with red morocco title-label (1 hinge repaired; spine broken). With 3 large folding engraved maps (2 small tears) and 19 engraved plates (7 folding). XXIX,(7),223,(1) pp. Second edition; first published in London in 1694. - 'This second edition is preferred because it has the chart of the western and southern oceans, which was not included in the first edition and additional text relating to Greenland and to whales and whaling' (Hill p.525). Containing:I. John NARBROUGH's passage in the Batchelour through the Strait of Magellan and into the South Pacific to Chile, which was much read by later navigators.II. One of the earliest English accounts of Abel Janszoon TASMAN's voyage of 1642 from Batavia, during which he discovered Tasmania and New Zealand and visited Tonga and Fiji; based upon the account by Dirk Rembrantszoon van Nierop (Amsterdam 1674).III. Captains John WOOD and William FLAES, in the ships Speedwel and Prosperous, explored the Northeast Passage and visited Novaya Zembla. IV. The narrative of Friedrich MARTEN's , here first translated into English, was the first book on a voyage to Spitsbergen and Greenland, undertaken for whaling purposes.The editor of this work is believed to be Sir Tancred Robinson. In his lengthy introduction, he speaks of explorations towards the South Terra Incognita, suggets that the Dutch had made great discoveries there which they had never divulged, and also speaks of Ferdinand Magellan, Pedro Fernãndes de Quirõs, Sir Francis Drake, and others who had sailed the South Seas (Hill p.524). This compendium, a wealth of early voyages, includes an early account in of Tasman's famous voyage of 1642. Hill 1475; European Americana V, 711/183; Sabin 72186; Cox I, p.8; NMMC I, 31. [Boeknr.: 32826 ]

€ 3950,00

NICHOLS, William Henry. A journal of a whaling voyage to the South Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans, on board barque 'Emerald' of Salem, Joseph Dexter Master. 1838. Salem, Naumkeag Publications, 1973. Cloth, lettered in gilt, with dust-jacket (rep. with tape). With illustrations. 184 pp. The log of the whaling vessel as written by the cooper and ship's clerc in 1838. Edited by the grandson of the author of the Emerald's log. [Boeknr.: 35586 ]

€ 30,00

PONTING, Herbert George. Het eeuwige ijs. De Zuidpool-expeditie van Kapitein Scott. Een verhaal van den laatsen tocht naar de Zuidpool door kapitein Scott en diens tragische einde, benevens een beschrijving van het natuurleven in het eeuwige ijs. Vertaald door M.P.C. de Gruyter. Amsterdam, J.M. Meulenhoff, (1924). 8vo. Original decorated cloth (spine sl. dam.). With ca. 150 photographic illustrations by H.G. Ponting. 441 pp. First edition was published in London in 1921: The great white South: being an account of experiences with Captain Scott's South Pole Expedition and the nature life of the Antarctic. - Ponting was the first professional photographer to accompany an Antarctic expedition.Rosove 251; Spence 925; Conrad p.183; Headland p.249. [Boeknr.: 3857 ]

€ 35,00

RICHARDS, Rhys. Into the South Seas: the southern whale fishery comes of age on the Brazil banks 1765 to 1812. A review of the whaling activities of American, British, French, Spanish and Portuguese whalemen off Brazill and Patagonia before 1812. Paramata, Paramata Press, 1993. Wrappers. With illustrations. (8),128 pp. [Boeknr.: 35579 ]

€ 45,00

SCHOKKENBROEK, Joost C.A. Trying-out. An anatomy of Dutch whaling and sealing in the nineteenth century, 1815-1885. Amsterdam, Aksant, 2008. Pictorial boards. With 14 illustrations. 366 pp. This study describes and analyses a wide array of initiatives leading to the hunt, by Dutch whalemen, of whales and seals in Arctic waters, the temperate zones of the South Pacific and the waters of the Dutch East Indies during the major part of the nineteenth century (1815-1885) - an era neglected so far. A pioneering book focused on the men involved in the two maritime industries, be it on shore or aboard the whaleship. [Boeknr.: 33502 ]

€ 25,00

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